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Lindsay Pearce
On again tonight with my favorite show and my favorite cast. Come see #FTRBaz tonight at 8pm :) Discount code: Australia20 ( @ftrlive @dbahollywood
No I dont think its rude to stand up to people here or anywhere for that matter & live your truth. Be brave. Be bold. Protect your friends.
β€œ@scotchbing: @lindsayhpearce il take the shout out from ya even if negative..ur still one my favorite voices iut there #bigfan” #byefelicia
Good morning, from my gargantuan bruise and I. We work hard at For The Record.
Just a sensible bowl of popcorn with @danthehartman after #FTRBaz, TV and listening to @jkaib running lines.
#fbf with @caserface4 and @milehighrichie during #tapjaggedlittlepill sitzprobe. Big kids.
Come see O-Ren Ishii on October 16th. She's as bloodthirsty as ever. #FTRTarantino 8pm, DBA Hollywood, tickets at (#FTRBaz to follow the rest of the weekend)
Oh you know we can't let you go. Come see the cast of #FTRTarantino come back and get bloody, get sexy, and get down with the boogie for 5 encore performances every Thursday (#FTRBaz still running Fri-Sun). You ready? @dbahollywood @ftrlive
Cannot wait to be back and see the green light this weekend. 8pm. Friday/Saturday/Sunday. @dbahollywood #FTRBaz 🍸
β€œ@PoutyScouty: πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ@SomeOldPhotosos: Young Johnny”” UGH SO BEAUTIFUL
#fbf to these beautiful babes and so much dancing. #NoVacancy @michellemedoff @michelleraitzin
So damn excited to be singing alongside some greats & finally getting to meet my crush @ScottAlanNet ! Get yo tix!…
Songwriter Scott Alan Will Return to Rockwell Table and Stage in November...… @ScottAlanNet
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#tbt to shadow puppets at @danthehartman 's birthday party.
Laughs and #dumbbuttkid antics. @greatamericanforcefield @milehighrichie #happybirthdayrichie πŸ’›
These boys are the best boys. @milehighrichie @chadskala #happybirthdayrichie #turndownforwhat
If you want to use social media to strike me or a friend, remember, I own a sledgehammer. #riseabove #afterihityou
I correct myself. This CHICK'S a dick "@scotchbing I hope ur on the final season o glee ur soo good.unlike that annoying fat one who u beat”
Let's agree, this guy's a dick. β€œ@scotchbing I hope ur on the final season o glee ur soo good.unlike that annoying fat one who u beat”
Coppertone Richie. @milehighrichie
Fantastically foxy men sporting felines. @danthehartman @milehighrichie #richiesbirthdaybonanza
It's this beautiful boys birthday today. Happy birthday @milehighrichie . I am the luckiest to know you. You enrich every life you walk into, and you are and continue to become a beautiful, beautiful human being. Marry me. πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸŽŠπŸŽˆ
My mother just called vaginas "the bat cave." #carryon #textingCarol
This is our interview crew today. This hair game is amazing. @roygbeard @dangerbang @saint_luke
Spying on this babe while he interviews for @ftrlive #FTRBaz @constantinerousouli
I really really like these kids. After show nonsense. @alannnnnna @rory051385 @christopherorne @greatamericanforcefield
#mcm J.D. Heathers. Obviously. OOF. 😍 #woof #meow
That moment in World War Z when the young scientist slips and shoots himself in the face and I'm just like πŸ˜±πŸ˜«πŸ˜­πŸ˜“
A little party never killed nobody. Come on down and let's misbehave tonight at #FTRBaz !! @ftrlive @dbahollywood (discount code: Satine20) 8pm πŸΈπŸŽ‰
"I wish I had done everything on earth with you." Back tonight at #FTRBaz at 8pm! I hope to see you all there! Tickets at (discount code is Satine20)!! @ftrlive
These two. @lindseygort @greatamericanforcefield #RomeoandJuliet #FTRBaz #sinfromthylips @ftrlive @dbahollywood