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Lindsay Pearce
#fbf The Gerber Baby.
"I sang by the piano..." Finally back at #FTRBaz the 24th (tonight). I've missed this. @ftrlive @dbahollywood
Words are starting to fail me, but my pen is not.
#tbt to when @marilyndays captured how much I love my dear friend @ronithemonster . #yinandyang #areyouagoodwitch #orabadwitch
so excited!! "@Deadline: Mary McCormack & Alicia Witt Join ‘House Of Lies'; Lindsey Gort In ‘Self Promotion’"
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My friends are really making waves. @mollyjmccook @traciethoms, @Kwashin3 @Parrettnathan @JFoOntheGo work hard n play hard. Take note, folks
Dis girl is laying down dem vocals. And damn. @corbinmreid @milehighrichie
First ride to set this morning. Please enjoy the zit on my cheek. #coolman #hospitalgown
He knew. That's a wrap! Thank you for the best week ever 💛
You guys, my friends made a hilarious short for #crashthesuperbowl called #girlsonly. PLEASE watch.…
My wizard friend @stevemazurek took my old little vintage shoes and vamped them up, full on glittered them out for my Daisy Buchanan costume for #FTRBaz. I'm thrilled. He's going to get a thousand hugs and sloppy wet kisses.
I don't want to leave this trailer or this couch! Last day of filming, late call, wearing all my favorite things (shirt gifted by @michaelnlevine, and tattoo by @romeolacoste), reading Julie and Julia, gulping coffee. Thank you, life. This has been perfect.
Singing her lungs out. This girl. This damn woman. @sarahpetrella
The undeniable and gorgeous @sarahpetrella singing a sexy song about a sexy man last night. This girl is unreal. So lucky to call her a friend.
Know who likes to screw with you and make you break character on set for fun? Patrick Dempsey, that's who. #clown
Giggly camera crew view.
Call time 6am? No prob. Cappuccino, breakfast burrito, H2O and sides.
Jesus, people. Just because someone is in the spotlight doesn't mean they stop being a SOMEONE. Take your ignorance somewhere else. Grow up.
When your oldest family friend calls you in need of love and hugs, you answer. I love you @beachbrooke6 . Forever and always in all ways.
Itchy the bright-eyed cat.
I sing, he films, then we drink. That's our friendship.
Essential trailer selfie. Wonder what I'm filming today and next week 😉
Starting the show off with a bang and some F-bombs (disclaimer!) Language, Tarantino. Language. #PulpFiction #Pumpkin #HoneyBunny #FTRTarantino @ciaranjmccarthy @ftrlive @dbahollywood
We took no prisoners last night. #ftrtarantino #onfire #goteam (stolen from @ben_jamin21 💛)
Oh we back, motha-f***ah. We back. #FTRTarantino @dbahollywood @ftrlive
#FTRtarantino is BACK... Five Thursday evening performances beginning tonight! TIX: @…
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Pearce vs. Gort. Tonight. 8pm. #FTRTarantino Encore. Don't miss it. We have swords and we know how to use them. @lindseygort @ftrlive @dbahollywood
And #tbt to the utter hams in this photo. #FTRBazLuhrmann last year with some of my favorite people on Earth. I think it goes without saying that we are LIVING in this picture.
Lindsay Pierce, Payson Lewis & More to Reunite for BARE Concert at Rockwell: Table & Stage, 11/16...…
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*Pearce "@BroadwayWorldLA: Lindsay Pierce, Payson Lewis & More to Reunite for BARE Concert at Rockwell Table & Stage…
#tbt to last years #FTRBazLuhrmann and dancing Roxanne with these Baldwins in Palm Springs.
Oh what a beautiful mornin'.
Tomorrow. #FTRTarantino is back. I can already hear the screaming. 🔫🔪💊💉🚬💰
Cool sky, Sierra Nevada. Cool sky.
This was the morning everything was berry themed. My tea and Greek yogurt were no exception. #meow
My baby wolf and baby deer are very sleepy. #gabbypup #junopup
Warning (passive tweet): You don't get to judge my decisions or the people I chose to surround myself with. Thank you and goodnight
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Where you invest your love, you invest your life.
Hit me like a man. #word
Forgot to mention that @lindsayhpearce is singing the song 3 steps up. Listen to her belt it out! WERRRK BETCH
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