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and you tell me that you needed time, but you pushed me away
missin your arms around me
left my purse aka my life inside nicks apartment and didn't realize until just now lol ok lol lindsay lol okay okaY
I hate taking ubers alone SOS
so so so proud of my babe @miapfirrmann πŸ’–
would be so dangerous if anyone got a hold of mine and @haileybaldwin's conversations hahahahahahha
v weird how speaking your mind and being strongly opinionated makes you intimidating lol
y'all can't be lindsay af lets all be hoodie af
β€œ@xxcantbreathe: @lindsaydemeola Im gonna put "lindsay demeola is obsessed with me" on my resume” πŸ˜‚
obsessed w all 121,448 of u whether you like it or not
@lindsaydemeola you're a very intimidating 4 foot female who doesnt take no ones shit
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sry can't hear u over your extremely unnecessarily huge ego
It's show day, tonight I'll be performing in Los Angeles! it's going to be a night to remember πŸŽ₯🎀 tickets londonrichardsmusic.comOk
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such a cunt. you are such a cunt. and you think it's cute. it's not.
this is actually summer packed into a pint sized container
just gotta keep telling yourself that you're too awesome to be in a relationship. no one can handle your awesomeness bc too awesome.
remember that annoying kid from iCarly, nevel papperman? this is him now. feel old yet?
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only b naughty 4 ur man
You probably don't remember half the shit I did for you
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"i'm so pretty i don't even understand it"
playing beethoven on the piano is so relaxing
really wish people understood how good of a human being i actually am lol everyone has this awful idea of me and it's not accurate at all
@lindsaydemeola because you're one of the only people in Los Angeles/ the world without ulterior motives
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why do people always think they owe me for the things i do for them? i do good things for good people. no repaying needed.
im really not in the mood for halloween this year
i had a really witty sentence for this to be a reaction pic but i forgot it
if i don't take the parking ticket off my windshield maybe it'll blow away and it'll be like it never happened
this is the whitest white girl thing i'll ever say but nothing is more upsetting than losing givenchy lip liner
hate sleeping alone
does it bother anyone else that water tastes SO good but it literally has no taste like what
i am the laziest of all the lazy
you ain't really fuck with me way back then.. how about now?