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i feel physically sick over how many thoughts are drowning in my brain right now
you can't just jump in and out of my life whenever it's convenient for you to have me around.
want to curl into a ball and cry but also want to put heels on and dance
it's insane how we unknowingly change the direction our lives are going
i am the princess of genovia
can't wait for you to realize what a huge mistake you made because when you come crawling back to me, i'm gonna laugh in your face
Okay, I had a fan reply which makes me sick because she is only 13 maybe 14 years old, depending on her bday date.
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@OshMackenzie: @lindsaydemeola oh hey, THATS ME!!!! 😂😂” wait.. it is? 😏😇
a guy has never made me feel as upset and worthless as i do right now. first time for everything i suppose
if driving to urth didn't take at least 20 minutes i would be here every day :(
i want you to fall apart like i did
going to sleep forever wake me up when the bullshit is over bye
went from knowing every detail about your life to not knowing a thing at all
“I am more than these bones. I feel love, I feel alone. I just wish you would come home.” // 11:08 pm 🌿
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who's going to my talented friend @LondonRichards's show in LA next week? I AM! u don't wanna miss it. tickets here
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want me to call you? go to and join my event IT'S FREE :) earn as many entries as you can! 💖
i wonder about twitter boys w long hair does it smell nice is it soft can i touch it
You are not accidental. The world needs you. Without you, something will be missing in existence and nobody can replace it.
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sooooo sleeeeeepy
here's a pretty boy for you all to stare at.. you're welcome
you're 400 times better than the people who stoop low enough to make you feel bad about yourself. you're rad, own that shit.
i get put down every single day by people i know, & some i don't. but that doesn't stop me at all and it shouldn't stop you either
people act like i can't relate. i spent 19 and a half years of my life hating myself. i'm not saying it's easy, but it's possible
the strength to love yourself comes from within. fuck what anyone else has to say about it.
everyone deserves to be confident in themselves dude. everyone.
he calls me just to sing to me
want to punch you in the face but also want to kiss the fuck out of you
fuck this boys are so dumb i'm done i'm going to live under a rock goodbye
will claw ur eyes out 4 five dollars
kisses & cuddles pls :(
the littlest things make me fall more in love
views from the 6 😍😩
I don't want to get into a relationship until I know it's gonna be something solid. I'll be single before I look stupid again
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why be in a relationship if you can't trust the other person
just want to drop all responsibilities and travel the world