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Real live to I motherfuckin die
Detroit here I come I'm almost there
Chillin wit my guyz in dc we turnt up
Gettin high at the moment
Ive been up for 24 hours workin #NoSleep
Niggas will back stab they man just to get on a bitch that pussy powerful ✨
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Detroit in 4 more days
I got alot of shit on my mind right now i need to smoke
How you go make tacos without no cheese or lettuce that ain't no taco #MyGirlCantCookForShit
We get high over here #OffTop
Detroit In a couple weeks im geek
9 times outta 10 your enemies were friends at one time
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Just got done choppin it up wit my bro @LilRell1Hunna we got some major shit in store for y'all boys!
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I got a lot on my mind right now pray for me
Don't trust a soul cause you never know who will turn they back on you
I'm into making money i ain't into making friends
Broke niggas die slow while the rich get richer