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Liliana B
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Spotify premium - because an obnoxious ad for an EDM playlist whilst listening to @Interpol and @nickcave is just painful. #TurnDownForAngst
Dropped in to the @_BarkingBird studio this afternoon, such an awesome space 👌
Join @Apple live for the main event: Stream - Add to iCal reminder via -
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Driving down the east coast of Tasmania today, pretty much perfect little weekend away!
Who can i contact at @Uber_Melbourne re: event sponsorship/partnership? I thought I had a contact on here....
For designers: ‘Cheetyr’ website lets you search Photoshop, CSS shortcuts
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Realising Ricky Gervais can't empathise with a partner wanting to see your naked body when you're physically absent
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The leaked nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence + others reflect how as men, we continue to shame women's sexuality even while objectifying it.
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But you can't really call it a 'World Tour' if you're only playing in the US and UK. /butthurt Australian fan rant over
Don't get me wrong, I understand the challenges of not being able to play in *every* single country due to various reasons e.g. politics/war
Bands really need to stop calling it a "world tour" if they're actually not playing in a lot of countries... Lookin' at you Interpol 😒
"She makes me feel like I have a reason to be here." I'm not crying, it's just really dusty in here k #mydogismyhome
Hiiii I'm done hibernating for the winter 🐻
Spending the afternoon studying over a few ciders at Bimbo Deluxe
“As someone who studied rocket science I can tell you that coding is not rocket science.” This is perfect
Last chance to RSVP for "Break into #Melbourne #UX" tonight w/ @seekjobs @symplicit & @HiserUX. Beer & wine for all!
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Trying not to be sad that this is the last day I'll get to spend with @PsymanSays for a while before he leaves for Silicon Valley again 😢
For all of you keen #melbourne #digitalmarketing folk, we have a free info session on TONIGHT for our 10-week course
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shopping rule #1: if it’s not black put it back on the rack
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I need to talk a lot less with my hands 😔 sometimes I notice people are actually looking at them and not directly at me when I’m speaking.
You're better at things than you think you are.
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Dreary Sunday in Melbourne but the alleyways are always colorful ✨
And so it begins... Happy Friday everyone! (@ Lucky Coq - @LuckyBimbo in Windsor, VIC)…
It's finally happened. I've finally heard a Weeknd track that I didn't like.
Going with work colleague to get her eyebrows done, for emotional support. Hoping one day her brow game will be as strong as mine
If you're a female arguing against feminism, I'd like to see a note from your father or husband so I know you have permission to speak.
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I have 3 betacoins for Mailbox, who wants one? DM me your email address whilst I'm feeling generous.
So 1 out of 234 Melbourne cabbies passed the new knowledge test. Sounds about right.
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Melbourne the world’s most liveable city… Again! (for the fourth consecutive year)…
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This time I wasn’t hurt, only caused me to miss my train but that’s cool, they’re only 3 mins apart. Suits have like zero chill.
The first time the guy caused me to get crushed by the doors as they closed on me… Wtf is wrong with people?! What’s the fucking rush?
This is my 2nd time this week catching a train and the 2nd time a guy has haphazardly cut in, in front of me as I’m stepping on.
Palestinians are tweeting people in #Ferguson to tell them how to deal with tear gas. Basically tells you everything.
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Pretty girls are ruining my life.
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We're searching for a volunteer #PR & #SocialMedia person to join our team. Please share & RT #HumberPR @humberPRcmte
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