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Liliana B
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Getting my vote out of the way early because who’s got time to vote hungover on the weekend
Had to RSVP to our agency's xmas party today
My awkwardness levels have been on point this month. Good going self confidence!
Yo Twitter! I'm looking for a Copywriter based in Melbourne who specialises in SEO copywriting - If you know anyone, get in touch. Thanks!
I smell like Voltaren gel and whiskey. I have become my grandma. Monday has not been kind to me.
music is fantasy; bobby shmurda is actually very accommodating to guests at his trap house in real life
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*deletes your messages out of my phone to symbolically erase you from my life*
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Walking home alone in the evening and looking over your shoulder every 2 minutes to check if you’re being followed #justgirlythings
Scored pre-sale tickets to see my Queen @FKAtwigs next year 🙏
Reached baller status at cafe. They get the cup ready while I’m still in line. I don’t even need to speak. They already know what’s up.
japan & australia…tokyo on sale nov 22, australia presale tomorrow, general onsale friday
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Watching the last ep of Peaky Blinders like
tfw you want beers but you're still hungover from the night before
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“When you meet someone extremely charming, be cautious instead of dazzled.”…
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Just received my first grades this week - a high distinction is a nice way to kick things off 🙏
I guess all the late nights and beautiful weekends that I've locked myself away in my room studying are paying off.
Pushing the boundaries of how many times I can get away with dry shampoo spraying my hair before I have to actually wash it.
Can someone come and dutch braid my hair? I will pay you in beers <3
why do the lone gunmen look like they are about to drop the most fire mixtape of 2001
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When you can't tell if someone is shy or just a complete arsehole 😒
Spending my Melbourne Cup day off working on a unit final assignment so I think I deserve a beer or 5 rn
This is what a screenshot of "mansplainin" looks like.
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If dogs realised that humans have bones hidden under their skin then all hell would break loose.
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Turning up late to a function and the bar tab has ended…
I managed to have a conversation today without accidentally insulting anyone so you could say it's been a good day.
Sometimes you just need a 3km walk home on a boozy Friday night whilst eating some greasy pizza to figure out where your life is at.
Every agency has got that one dude who looks like Justin Vernon
Hillvale #dailyfilm is now ready for online order within Australia. Available in 2, 5 or...
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Gerge cant believe Twisty the clown has never heard of bozo
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I don’t know what took me so long to get into Sons of Anarchy like I’m just questioning my whole existence tbh
No-one's lonely in San Francisco, especially if they live in the Bae Area.
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Me when I write two lines of mobile CSS and things look pretty ok
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Like how much Drake is too much?… It's never enough tbh
Wait, so @ToysRUs pulled all of the Breaking Bad figures from their shelves and still sells Barbie? Hmmmm...I wonder what is more damaging?
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'Studying' is the perfect time for cleaning the house/ rearranging the furniture/ embarking on building a new house from scratch.
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I need to do timesheets or I'm not gonna get paid and then how am I gonna turn up? #ThingsYouHearInAgencies
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I fear one day @dbeadle88 is just going to find me buried underneath old pizza boxes and bottles of Coopers Pale Ale #StudyLife
I like to write things down on a notepad but I can see the pages filling up pretty damn quick daily...
I've just been introduced to timesheets, I've never had to complete these before. Anyone have any tips on how to manage them effectively?
"Learn WordPress in 24 hours" Walk into the sea and don't stop.
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I've just raised a pink chocobo in Final Fantasy XIV and I'm basically done with gaming because nothing will top that.
“All I wanted to do was eat the chicken that was smarter than the other chickens.”