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Liliana B
Surround yourself with people who will push you toward the right answers, instead of tearing you down for not having found them yet.
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I wish @55_kumamon would come and visit me 😢
Can anyone recommend any nice boutique hotels in the city or outskirts? #Melbourne
"Either you run the day, or the day runs you." - Jim Rohn
But I'm seriously so stoked to be taking charge of my future 👊
Received an offer from Swinburne yesterday and one from Martin College today. I think I need a beer before I make any serious decisions.
If I die bury me inside the south melbourne market dim sims store
Guess which loser just received their offer into Digital Media Technologies at Swinburne?
Alejandro Cegarra, winner of the 2014 Oskar Barnack Newcomer Award, took some amazing images in Caracas - #abandoned
😂😂😂 @jzellislis: Best. Stack Overflow. Answer.…wQh
Why do bros on CoD multiplayer still freak out over chicks playing with them? Why is this still a thing?
When a guy asks for nudes, send him this picture.
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Calling all photographers - we're looking for people to capture the event this weekend, in return you get 2xVIP passes and Printed Program.
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Current ‘living alone’ status: re-watching all 7 seasons of The Shield. @MichaelChiklis + @TheKennyJohnson 👌
english tourist: mate could i bum a fag american tourist: uh what? excuse me? group of aus tradies: *immediately burst into insane laughter*
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Urgh so guess who’s sitting on the pavement waiting for a locksmith… I need a beer.
Looking forward to this tonight! Not bad for a Monday 👌 RT@nathan_bobikk: A Gothic
If like me you loved Bartkira and want to get involved in the new project; Bartle Royale, hit up @ryan_humphrey for details. T'will be epic.
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Yes! 😻 RT@beibadgirll: my#mcmm every monday 😍�
Our first event is next week! If you can bring a certain sumpin' sumpin', email #thepushau #girlgang
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If any of you are interested in joining me @astor_theatre for a very gothic anniversary tomorrow:… #Batman #TheCrow
We now have Leica T Lenses in stock. Get them at our webstore!
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