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Liliana B
Just slayin' Ifrit like nbd and they were like "we can't let you die, we won't get a sweet bonus" the game rewards you for helping newbies
Why @FF_XIV_EN is my favourite MMO: first time raiding a dungeon with high level players and none of them called me cunt or booted me 🙏
💁💁💁 @msethjonesne@LilianaB______ Hello yes I’m currently studying my PhUgh in I Can’t Even.
"the struggle to stay relevant" - and other uni assignments by Liliana B
My "walk past you like we never met" game too strong
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Now Melbourne has its own world class conference for entrepreneurs, innovators, makers and founders: #startupvic
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Using a Windows 8.1 PC after years of being a Mac user got me like
>mfw the 'new email' notification dings and I've been waiting on something super important to come through all day
Just what my day needed to get me out of this slump: TWRK – Volume Five Mixtape (Diplo & Friends Edition) -… #np
Does anyone know if you can change an existing Creative Cloud plan into a CC student plan? Or do you need to cancel the current plan? @Adobe
😪 send me some *snaps (missliliana) *not your dick
mate sends "turnt time" playlist on spotify and now i cant sleep, Laundry Bar is open tonight yeah?
So this was super nice to stumble across! Great to see when your efforts putting something together are appreciated.
"he's like visual basic, but worse"
Just in time for @photokina, Leica Camera announces the latest products to join the Leica family: #DasWesentliche
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Smashed out all the Leica Oz photokina press releases today. I need a beer.
Quitting MS Word: “Do you want to save the changes to this document before exiting?” What is this, Saw VII? I can’t handle the stress.
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My next phone 😍 'Panasonic puts a 1-inch sensor and a Leica lens on new CM1 Android smartphone'…4
Up to episode 7 of The Leftovers and it’s making about as much sense as all my past relationships 👍
Get Organized With The Best Free Calendar Apps For Mobile:
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damn boy are u the new u2 album because everyone keeps talking about u and i don't care about u at all
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Stumbled across a rap battle in Hosier Lane today. I love you Melbourne.
About to go wandering in the city. I have 12 shots. Let's do this!
Thanks @SheaHisself for the nomination! Here's one of my favourites #cinephilephoto (nominating those tagged) ✌️
‘CODE’ explores low percentage of women, minorities in computer science
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Receiving the 'Shipped' status email from Evatech for my custom built PC got me like
My friend let me borrow his old camera and I'm a little bit excited👌
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Spotify premium - because an obnoxious ad for an EDM playlist whilst listening to @Interpol and @nickcave is just painful. #TurnDownForAngst
Dropped in to the @_BarkingBird studio this afternoon, such an awesome space 👌
Join @Apple live for the main event: Stream - Add to iCal reminder via -
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Driving down the east coast of Tasmania today, pretty much perfect little weekend away!
Who can i contact at @Uber_Melbourne re: event sponsorship/partnership? I thought I had a contact on here....
For designers: ‘Cheetyr’ website lets you search Photoshop, CSS shortcuts
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Realising Ricky Gervais can't empathise with a partner wanting to see your naked body when you're physically absent
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The leaked nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence + others reflect how as men, we continue to shame women's sexuality even while objectifying it.
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