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Liliana B
I don’t know what took me so long to get into Sons of Anarchy like I’m just questioning my whole existence tbh
No-one's lonely in San Francisco, especially if they live in the Bae Area.
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Me when I write two lines of mobile CSS and things look pretty ok
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Like how much Drake is too much?… It's never enough tbh
Wait, so @ToysRUs pulled all of the Breaking Bad figures from their shelves and still sells Barbie? Hmmmm...I wonder what is more damaging?
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'Studying' is the perfect time for cleaning the house/ rearranging the furniture/ embarking on building a new house from scratch.
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I need to do timesheets or I'm not gonna get paid and then how am I gonna turn up? #ThingsYouHearInAgencies
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I fear one day @dbeadle88 is just going to find me buried underneath old pizza boxes and bottles of Coopers Pale Ale #StudyLife
I like to write things down on a notepad but I can see the pages filling up pretty damn quick daily...
I've just been introduced to timesheets, I've never had to complete these before. Anyone have any tips on how to manage them effectively?
"Learn WordPress in 24 hours" Walk into the sea and don't stop.
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I've just raised a pink chocobo in Final Fantasy XIV and I'm basically done with gaming because nothing will top that.
“All I wanted to do was eat the chicken that was smarter than the other chickens.”
Grabbing a quick dinner from The Chicken Specialist in my hood and the lady serving me looks and sounds like Red from OITNB 👌
30% people wanting to hire artists: hey I don't understand what you do but I do understand one thing - I expect it and I expect it for free
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"Learn Ruby in 24 Hours" Hours 1 - 16 are spent running "bundle install".
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Can every person in PR update to Yosemite now so I never have to deal with your 20mb+ attachments ever again?
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CHAMPAGNE PAPIIIIIIIIIII there better be some side shows tho because there's no way I'm going to Future Music Festival...
Getting a coffee stain on my white jumper within 5 minutes of wearing it is basically why I can’t be trusted
pretty much spent my entire Sunday doing this. I have no regrets.…
@Uber_Melbourne coincidence that At least two, probably more, of your #UberCHOPPER winners have 2k+ and 70k+ followers respectively?
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Mia Freedman - Defends Blackface, Compares Gay Folk to Paedophiles, Victims Blames Abuse Survivors.... What a class act o.0
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When you order a jug of beer and the bartender asks how many glasses you need and you lie and say 2.
I wish my irl friends played MMOs with me and we had our own little guild 😔
Women in computing: the 60s pioneers who lit up the world of coding | The Guardian… | #adalovelaceday
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It's Ada Lovelace Day, which aims to raise the profile of women in science, technology, engineering and maths. #ALD14
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Alien: Isolation, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and now FF XIII on steam - all these amazing games released while I need to study :(
Trying not to be jealous of my dad's adventures in Morocco right now but it's kinda hard with all the amazing photos he's uploading 😢
😂😂😂 @Boots_33_3@LilianaB______ Next time you hear it, just yell “Snake… Snake?… SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!!!” and see who reacts the hardest.
Someone in the studio has the Metal Gear Solid enemy alert sound as their msg tone and I want to find them and be BFFs
you dudes are stupid if you think jokes can be done on twitter. all the best jokes are happening on japanese vine
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Awesome first day at my new gig. I am all about that agency life tbh
I wonder how many calories I burn when I run away from my problems
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A dude in the FFXIV guild I’m in is a bartender at Laundry Bar. Worlds colliding. I can’t even.
"The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it."
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Reading a reddit thread where someone is asking re: the history of Jetz & Pzor without just facepalming is kinda hard...
Filling in the eyebrows with a pencil or powder helps eliminate the imperfection that pertains to everything human.
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The fact that everyone is talking about a social network they can't access mostly shows how stultifyingly boring Facebook has become.
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Ok Friday night, I’m ready. It’s been good but stressful week.
Getting an event invite on FB: can't tell if they genuinely want me to attend or if it is just out of politeness. #AnxietyProblems
I'm really enjoying Bates Motel. These netflix recommendations are on point 👌