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Liliana B
30/07/2105 #NeverForget goodnight sweet prince
Happy that I got to celebrate some rad achievements with people that I love tonight #🙏🏻
Submitted all of my current unit assessments for grading but I'm too sick for a celebratory beer 🎉d
So stoked to see a Portuguese film on the @MIFFofficial lineup, will definitely be going along to see Horse Money…
I have my chicken soup and feeling like I am one lucky girl 😻
If someone brought over some chicken soup to my bedside table, I'd love them forever probs.
Tfw it's almost 3am and you're writing a discussion paper on Polymorphism
I'd really like to be pleasantly surprised rather than continuously disappointed for a change. I guess that's the thing with expectations.
It's a 'sit down in the shower for over an hour and analyze your life' type of Saturday morning
EXEC 1: wat if we made space jam 2 EXEC 2: omg can u imagine EXEC 1: i literaly am incapable of imagination. that is why i said space jam 2
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I think that's the best part of a relationship. When you live together and they make you breakfast when you're hungover. I miss that...
I need Maccas but I think I'm still too drunk from last night to ride my bike. The struggle is too real rn
Why is @MeekMill being mean to @Drake. Drake don't deserve this. Drake was probably at home drinking almond milk not being mean to nobody.
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Meek Mill 2 subtweets away from Drake making one of the greatest albums of the century ..
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Did @MeekMill Get Hacked ? Do @Drake Write His Own Lyrics? Will Bill Cosby Ever Go To Jail? Tune In Next Time On Dragon Ball Z
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Just back on Twitter coz I heard someone's talking shit about @Drake
[kids party] "This bouncy castle is twice the price of last year" Dad no "That's.." Please no dad "..Inflation for you" *kids start crying*
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Just a little bit cold 😱❄️
👋🏼 Hi!
Seeing my favourite funny person @arjbarker at the Comics Lounge tonight 🙏🏻💖
you wouldnt believe this idiot i just saw on tinder, the phone program you use to find people to have sex with
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You have to do what you like, and what your pocket likes: wise words from abuela 😉
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when ur flakey internet doesn't drop out during @Chet_Faker pre-sale
#tbt to that time when I was the only child 👨‍👩‍👧 was good while it lasted
Now off to stuff my face at the night markets with ribs and beer to celebrate.
I managed to find jeans today that fit my thick butt and thighs without being loose at the waist so you could say it was a good day.
men are scared of feminism cos they realise if women no longer give a shit about their income/status they have nothing to offer tbh lmao
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Keen af to see @Oscarkeysung tonight 🙏🏻
My dad now follows me on Instagram. Goodbye Internet.
Tom Brady: So I said "It isn't flat!" and they were all "Yes it's flat!" and I'm like "No it's not!" Christopher Columbus: I hear ya, man
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breaking: man performs base share of housework. wins medal. congrats to man #bestboyfriend
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tfw you are slowly turning into the internet
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It feels like a tragedy to see immense beauty in the soul of someone who believes they have none
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If you missed @Oliver_Mol's Take 5 this morning, stream it in full here:… Killer songs and crazy good stories await.
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So the internal wiring at the new house is screwed and I can't connect to the internet, good times for me when i have assignments due...
#melbourne #vscocam
From last nights @vnamagazine launch at @juddyroller 🙏🏻
Gay marriage is wrong. Marriage is a holy union between two strangers who meet on national television.
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When you see your new neighbours for the first time and they're even better than you could have hoped for
Tonight I went to see Bill Moran recite poetry at a bar, I think I finally understand love at first sight.
Wow: Austin now has a mostly-female city council - mansplaining how to work with women begins.…
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