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Liliana B
mrw I read a message in the housemate group chat
*worthy - I still can't believe we can't edit tweets yet...
Dogapalooza today was pretty much the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon and support a worth cause 👌�nf
Door Slammer 👋🏼 #lushsux
"Instagram DM Journalist"
Talking about weddings, it must feel amazing to find that one person that you feel like you could hang with. For the rest of your life.
When friends have no chill but u love it tho
My best friend and I during last weekend's @wolfgang2242 Sundays at @drmorsebar 🐶💕💛 (photo credit @ryrysumthing)
I like how Australia has this rapid deploy method. It's very startup. Just ship the minimum viable prime minister, and iterate, iterate!
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Current view from my hotel window: Hooters, KFC, and Maccas. Bless you Sydney 🙏🏻
Where can I buy a fascinator in Melbourne that's not going to cost me my firstborn?
"Ft. Drake" actually means: this is Drake's song now.
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Sydney folks, I am coming to visit this weekend and was wondering if the Opal card is compulsory or if you can still buy a regular ticket?
Shout out on a Father's Day to everyone with no dad/ a shitty dad who finds the whole thing a drag. It's not your fault.
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Drunken @shorebuck snapchats are my favourite thing. Followed by hungover snaps 🙏🏻
where is the lie tho
Nicki Minaj was only 32 when she asked Miley what's good…
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ME: *pulling up to date's house* I had a really great time tonight DATE: *climbing off of my bike pegs* I didn't
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You’ve misspelled “human rights lawyer” there, Associated Press. #ajeretrial #FreeAJStaff…
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And I'm just like that's cool, check out these dick pics I got in response to my ad looking for a room
I think my real life nightmare is being 40 and still doing the sharehouse thing. Meanwhile all my friends are having babies.
Sometimes you just feel stuck in the middle with life but then there are times it feels as though you're moving backwards
Good work Melbourne. I see they have cancelled 'Operation YOUR PAPERZ VERE ARE ZEY'
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¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Pretty much my life atm
I wish someone loved me as much as startups hate including vowels in their names.
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I just posted an ad on gumtree looking for a room. Praying for my inbox not to be filled with creepy messages 🙏🏻
#vscocam #streetart #melbourne #graffiti
I don't appreciate how "Netflix & chill" has become code for hooking up like maybe I just wanna watch Planet Earth without any expectations.
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"I don't have a TV" is the new "I don't have a landline"
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Enjoying being alone and getting lost with the only point of direction being the next interesting thing that catches my eye 👌🏼
That feeling of calmness and freedom, observing the world around you from a different perspective
It's been such a long time since I motivated myself to get out there and shoot that i forgot how therapeutic photography is for me
This weekend was pretty rad 👌🏼
#melbourne #streetart #vscocam #graffiti
[on a speed date] ME: ok ok shut up we only have 5 minutes and i have like 300 digimon cards to show you
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"Security notice, video surveillance in use on these premises" 💀 seems legit
Today was a good day ☺️
banksy released a romhack of final fantasy 7 where aeris' default name is "the middle class" and sephiroth is named "the one percent"
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Photowalk around Richmond was just rad. What a beautiful day! Treating myself with a cheap & delicious crispy pork roll and a beer 🙌🏻

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