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♛F̷resh P̷rince ♛
In case anyone was wondering Shabazz napier had 25 points tonight 😌
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Bradley cooper is awesome man 😂😂👏
Jimmy fallon and bradley cooper tho 😂😂
Nice first win for the heat i see deng and the others starting to find their spot #HeatNation
Its not your fault that they hover...
When that bad bitch on twitter with 10K followers and only following 236 people finally lets you in her dms
Is american horror story really that good? Is it even scary at least?
What type of tea babies drink? That would be TIT TEA my friends
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@David___C: What type of tea babies drink? That would be TIT TEA my friends” bruh 😂😂
lawwwdcd Lil Terio bout to have a heart attack
Twitter gonna go off at teerio just watch
Why teerio aint got a bra one?
You lyin if you tell me you aint hitting the schmurda in yo living room right now
Bruhhhhh why thug dressed like a broke Jehovah witness ?
So she makes a sextape and ends up on live television. smh no wonder girls don't wanna do nothing but get on vine and twerk some
That shower rod mimi tell us!
She sound like nicki tho
My brain cant comprehend the stage it straight up looks like these bitches getting boogy in heavem
Ciara probably at home withh the baby crying
Heading out no more tweets bbl
I got a feeling Mike Brown daddy can rap.....
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Twitter going UP ona Tuesday 😂💪
I might tweet 1000 tweets a day but the only one with the curse word in it is the one my parents gonn mention to me smh
They took robin thick off real husbands of hollywood too? Damn
When Young Thug said "Abili b idubababidiblybabida da beginning"
Fuck birdman came to do on stage? He did tat gay handshake and thats it? He aint even do the hand rub or nothing smh
Birdman and young thug a couple now
Whats the point of having a show about HIP HOP awards and censoring every curse word.
Watch everybody stop singing along when young thug's verse com on
Who that loud uneducated thot?
Snood dogg the host? really?
Iggy coming for you snoop
BET awards looking meh this year
Why dafuq he came on with those goggles man
They didn't promote the BET Hip-Hop Awards good enough cause if I wasnt just scrolling through channels,wouldn't have knew it was coming on
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Blake griffin a fool 😂
Shia labeouf is amazing 😂😂😂👌👏
@LiLdavid29: Wtf is he wearing man @willsmith bruh you not gonna get him under control?”😂😂😂😭. He look like a clown
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Wtf is he wearing man @willsmith bruh you not gonna get him under control?
I would beat some sense in that kid if he was my son. Even hobos got more aspirations then that
Daryl wont ever find beth back?
LMFAO, Fam didn't know Tyrese was a Super Negro tho...
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