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November 11th♏️
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It's My Birthday.......😏
Finally About To Be 21 Tho!!!!!
Us Niggas & Female Periods Don't Get Along😒 I'm Dyingggg.. I Need It💦
Ayye Y'all.. How Bout I Just Figured Out How To Put A Ringtone On My IPhone Tho... 😂 I Feel Exclusive & Shit
That Rice & Cabbage Nigga Got All These Faggots Coming Out The Same Closet Bruhh
The Fact That I Was Moving Out Anyway & Was Waiting On My Check Cause My Apartment Already In Progess😏
I Just Want The Love Of My Life Right Now, Laying Beside Me💕
Gotta Find Some Type Of Balance, Mann I'm Losing My Mind Bruhh
Mann.. If I Acted Out Every Emotion That I Feel Right Now... Alotta Mfs Would Be Dead
Most Family Ain't Even Family
My Mama Ain't Die For This
I'm Starting To Feel Like Fuck Everybody Bruhh
Life... Ain't What It Used To Be
They See Me Tryna Move Out & Get My Own, Now They Wanna Come At Me Sideways & Kick Me Out😕
I Really Wanna Fuckkkkkkkk That Bitchhhhh, I Wanna See How Freaky She Can Beeee😏😂
Add Me On Snapchat Y'all: CamoBigDawg
It's A Cold World, Streets Colder... Gotta Keep A Burner!🔫💯
Ainn Even Been On Twitter That Much, Yall Know I Been Planning Some SHITTTTT
Imaa Let Yall Niggas Shine But When It's My Turn.. Imaa Set The Standard Soooo HIGH
Pocket Full Of Money & Ainn Had A Edge Up In 4 Months, I Just Feel I Haven't Accomplished Nothing To Look Like My Regular Self
i Just Don't Feel Like It, It's Like I'm In Grind Mode...
I Could Be Dressing Up Everyday.. Taking Full Pics & Shit, Posting Shit On Here & IG. Going Out.. Being In The Public Eye. But....
For Some Reason.. I Be Looking Based On How i Feel
surety bonds & security deposits😒😒
Scorpio Seasonnnnnnn😏
Mann... I Need Another Job Cause Churches Chicken Ain't Wussuh Nomo😒
Class Of 2013... We The Only Ones Winning🙌😏💯
I Heard That... When They Hating On You & You Upload Pictures Chillin.. Like It Don't Bother You.. It Make Em MORE Mad😂😂#HoeGoPlaylay
When You Wake Up Next To Baee>>>>😍💘😏
"She Wants Me To Lift Her Up But I Need Her.. To Help Me Stand"
I Hate Giving People Attention
It's Some........ Slow Ass People On Twitter Bruhh, Who Let Yall Mf's Tweet? lol
I Hate Mexicans That Act Like White People lol
Baby Lets Gonee Have Rich Sexxxxxx
We're Only Getting Older Babyy.. & I've Been Thinking About It Lately, Does It Ever Drive You Crazy... Just How Fast The Night... Changes🎤🎶😂
Off Work, Just Closed The Store........... Gotta Open It Back Up In the Morning, Damn.. My Life Soo Hectic
I'm Going To Sleep On This Note😂😂 Goodnight Twitter
The Nigga Wasn't Shit To The Last Bitch But You Thought You Fixed Him Cause He With You?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
You 17... Ya Babydaddy Bout 26, These Hoes Be Buckinn
How Can You Complain Bout A Nigga & Knew He Wasn't Shit From The Jump?
The Way The Girls Babydaddy Be Set Up...... I'm Convinced That These Bitches Will Talk To Anybody
I Do Dirt By My Lonely.. Fuck A Homie, 3 Can Keep A Secret As Long As 2 Are Dead
I Wish She WOULD Call Up Another Nigga, Fck Around & Get Her Ass Shot

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