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Ain't Nobody Ask You Shit Bout Your Boyfriend But You Steady Makin The Shit Known That You Got One✋😂
Girls Always Tryna Throw Their Boyfriend Up In A Conversation, "I Was With My Boyfriend.. " Uhh.. Idgaf Bitch, Ion Want You✋😂😂
The Fact That I Didn't Understand & Didn't Even WANT To... Made Me Realize How Selfish I Really Am, & I Still Don't Give A Fuck!
You Can't Have Everything You Want & Once You ACCEPT That... You'd Become A Better Person
The Bad Things.... You Gotta Look Back At & Just Use It As Motivation For Your Future
Remember When ALL I Used To Talk About Was MaKayla, MaKayla This.. MaKayla That.. Shit Was Everything Mann, Tf The Love Go😣
Just Give Me #Oomf & I'm Good😍😏
A Lot Of Options, But Only ONE Person I Want Tho.....
"No Zig Zag.. You Ain't Getting No Drig Drag" Aha.. I Should Be A Muthaf.ckin Rapper Or Some😂😂😂😂
It's Like... The Realest Niggas Don't Even Have Twitter Accounts Frfr
What's The Point Of Giving Somebody Attention That Don't Want It?
I Feel Like... If You Argue.. Then You Still CARE, Cause If You Didn't.. You Wouldn't Even Waste Your Breath Frfr
I Don't Have NO Time To WASTE Time
Check Out All These New Curry Fans Tho, Where Yall Was At When He Was Playing Beside Monta Ellis? ....
Lemme Get Off Twitter 😂😂
Being Single Ain't ALL That Fun When You Realize... You Sleeping By Yourself Tonight
Bout To Order This Large Stuffed Crust Pepperoni Pizza Just For Me, Cause Im High.. Hungry & I Got A Check👌😂
Mannn.. What Would The World Be Without Skittles?😂😏
It's Like Everybody That I Cut Off ...Tryna Come Back & Talk To Me Now.... ALL At Once.. Wtf?😂😂
I Just Somebody To Build From Scratch With
You Can Say What You Want About Me But You Can't Call Me No Broke, Dusty Nigga! On Ma!🚫😈👌💯💰
No Gf... I Just Be Workin & Stackin My Money💰😏
Fuck Up Some Commas Yeahh!
Just Watched My Layo Graduate At UWF😏
Real Niggas Make The World Go Around!
Today Was My ONLY Day Off This Week But They Called & Said They Need Help, Shidd.. Ainn Turning Down No Money! & It's Payday.. Fuck It😂
Girl Gone Come To My Job & Order Some Jalapeño Peppers With A Box Of Popeye's On Her Lap, I Said Hell Nah! It's Churches Or Nun!😂😂 Tf? FOH
Hate Wasting Attention On Somebody😒
I Hate Being Ignored😒 Cause Ion Go Out My Way To Talk To Nobody Soo When I Do.... Bitch You Should Feel Special!
I Wanna Go To Somebody Graduation...
Payday Tomorrow Bihh! 💰
Who Tf Would Steal A Toothbrush Bruhh😒
Bruhh.. Who Tf Stole My Toothbrush Mann??? This Shit Don't Make No Sense!
40 Hours In A Week, What They Know Bout It!
No Wcw, ..Dreika Tho😍 That's WCE😂😂😊😏
Real Street Nigga, You Know That!
King Up Touchin Everything He See! Bruhh.. It's Too Early😂😂
I Want Some Pizza ...
It Feel Like One Of Them Nights That You Pull Up At Ya Homie House, Smoke & Play Madden😂😂😂
People Just Don't Know How Good They Got It
Lebron & That Pass >>>>>>
I Be Wanting Somebody To Come Home To After Work😐
Nahh... Ion Fuck With Spirits, Fuck That Nigga Charlie!😂😂😂
Why I Keep Seeing This "Charlie Charlie" Shit???? Tf Is Charlie Charlie
Ain't No Stoppin, Fuck We Need Brakes For!
&& They Hating But What's To Hate For??
See Some People They Wasn't Madeee For It, That Rollie Fit My Wrist Like It Was Madeee For It!

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