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Funny How All My Exs Wanna Know What I'm Doing!😂😂
Can't Believe My Quaa Did That To Me😕
I Gotta Get Back To My Business Shit, My Boss Shit💯
Got Tired Of Hustling Soo I Got A Job But... This Job Shit Pay Too Slow😕
Some Days I Wanna Just Quit My Job But......... I Got Bills To Pay😒
It's Some Things You Just DON'T Do😒
But When You Take My Kindness For Weakness & Wanna Be Petty & Make it Seem Like NOTHING i Say About It Matters.. Its Time To GO!😒
I Got No Problem Apologizing, Even If It Takes Swallowing My Pride When I KNOW For A Fact You're Wrong & I Just Don't Wanna Argue
Word Of Advice, Log Off Twitter Bruhh.. It's The Only Way You Can Win, Killing Em With Kindness Don't Work On Twitter @HandsomeAnHeavy
I Looked At @BarackObama Page & It Scared Tf Outta Me😂😂😂
R.I.P. Lil Phat, We Ain't Forget About You My Nigga✊🏾💯
All That Pressure, They Bout To Bring That Old "Idgaf.. Fuck You & Everybody Else" Meek Mill Back!!!!!😂😂😈👌🏾💯
Drake🔥 But I'm On Meek Side✊🏾 I Know What My Nigga Capable Of!💯
Yall Act Like Meek Mill Can't Rap All Of A Sudden, Yall Seen That REAL Mad Meek When Snupe Died, What Yall Think Bout To Happen Now?
Everybody Turning 21 Before Me & Shit😂😂 I Feel Like The Youngest Person Out Of Class Of 2013, It's Cool Tho..#JustWaitOnItIt
Yall Wanna See King?😏
It's Crazy Cause.. Keraun Look & Sound Just Like Deray Davis😳
That Nigga Keraun Taking Over With The Videos & Shit, I See This Nigga Everywhere I Look
Happy Birthday To The BEST QB Ever! Tom Brady! #PatriotsNation😏
Bitches With Babydaddy Drama Always Tryna Take Another Bitch Side, EVERY Babymama Ain't Dependent On A Nigga! It's A Difference
That "What 1 Man Won't Do.. Another 1 Will" Shit IRRELEVANT, Just Cause Future Aint With Ciara Dont Mean He Aint Taking Care Of His Kid, Tf!
Russell Wilson A Stepdad.. cool, But Posting Pics Of Him & Future Son Is Some Hoe Shit, That Ain't Nun But A Publicity Stunt
Yall Got Future Fucked Up, Yall Gonna Get That Boy Russell Hurt.. you Can Play About ANYTHING in The World But When It Comes To Your Child..
Yall Know When My Feelings Hurt Cause I Turn Into A Damn Philosopher & Shit😂😂😂😒😔
Learning Lessons Make You More Cold Hearted Bruhh.. Especially When You Gotta Experience The Shit Through Pain😒
My Biggest Pet Peeve Is When Somebody Wastes My Time, Especially When They Don't Even Deserve That Shit!😒
It's Only Soo Many Times A Person Will TRY to Make Things Right Until.. That Shit Makes That Same Person Lose All Interest!😒
Took Time Out To Make A Snapchat Video & She Viewed It & Didn't Even Respond😒😕
Gimme Some Good Loveeeee, Somebody Rockin Knockin The Bootsss🎤😩😂
You're The Same, My Candy Rainnnn🎤😩😩😂
Myyyy Lovee, Do Youuu... Everrr.. Dreammm Of... Candyyy Coateddd Rainnndrops🎤😩🎶
Girl You Know I Love Ya & I Care For Ya, I Got Some New Shoes & A Bag Of Hair For Ya
I Wanna Get My Face Rode.....💦😂😏🙈
When Somebody Sends You A Snapchat Video & You Viewing it & Somebody Calls You On FaceTime & FUCKS UP THE WHOLE VIDEO!!!😡😡
I'm Sending Snapchat Videos To Everybody Tonight😂😂
I Get Jealous Soo Fast😒
I Work Soo Much Now, I Miss..... High School
Mann.. I'm Still Tryna Figure Out How This "Credit" Shit Work😒 How tf Can I Build Credit With No Credit? & Why It Takes 6 Months😒
Akon Making Power Moves👌💯
I'm Hungry Af😩
Never Told Her Or Let Her Know It But She The Best💦🙈💕
What's Crazy Is.... if The Whole Meek vs Drake Shit Would've Never Happened & Meek Put Out That "Wanna Know" Yall Would've Been On His🍆😂😂
It's Like... My Ex Is My Bestfriend💕
I Feel Like I'm More Closer To My Ex Than Her Boyfriend😕 She Tells Me Everything😏
Its Only A Hand Full Of Real People On Twitter....

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