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Today is...... Boring
Drake Don't NEVER Respond To Shit, That Nigga Just GOT To Be The Bigger Person EVERY Damn Time... He The Real MVP😂😂
Niggas Stealing Tweets & Shit...... That's How Trending Topics Get Old, Quick
They Give The Twitter World A Funny Ass Trending Topic & It's A Never Stop Roasting Session😂😂
#MeekBeLike Ain't Nobody Even Die In The Titanic, I'm Just Telling The TRUTH
When You Love Somebody But Let Your Raw Reactions Get The Best Of You & Say Shit You Shouldn't Say & Regret Saying Em😞
Yall Sleeping On Roscoe Dash But That Nigga Shit Bout To Be Fireee lol
Yo Bitch Like To Get Cute & Go To The Movies Mane.. My Bitch Like To Get Fine & Go To The Gun Range😈💯😏
"These Niggas Getting Shot.. For Being Honest" #Future
Somebody Tell Meek To Put The Bottle Down & Get His Ass Off Twitter Before He Tell The TRUTH About EVERYTHING😂😂
That Nigga Meek Green Af lol
I F/w Meek Music Wayyy More Than Drake But What He Doing Is Some Hoe Shittttt
A Real Homie Wouldaa Called Meek Up Like "Delete All That Shit Bruhh" , What Nigga Bout To Let His Nigga Get On Twitter & Do Some Hoe Shit?
That Nigga Meek Then Went Hollywood, Airing Another Nigga Out For Publicity Ain't No Street Nigga Shit
Real Shit Tho, Famous Or Not... I'd Never Air Another Nigga Out Via Social Media, Like.. You Basically Lowkey Dry Snitching....
Meek Airing Niggas Out On Twitter... That's Just Some Shit That You Don't Do *FutureVoice*
This Nigga Meek Wilding For Twitter & Shit, Just Call That Nigga Up.. What You Airing That Man Out For The Fans For???
They Been Waitin On Me To Do A Tbh On Facebook for Years😂😂
A Shot Of Xclusiv Vodka Got Me Right😏
I Been Going Through Some Thangs, Blowing Through Some Change💨
I Bet Mfs Still Texting My Old Phone & Don't Even Know I Gotta New One With A New # , Ahaa
Ehh.. Enough Twitter For Me Tonight, Goodnight People
You Know Shit Real When Getting Money Don't Even Make You Happy Nomo😔 it's Gotta Be More To Life Than This
Mf Ain't Text Back All Day & Wanna FaceTime Me Now Like I'm Sweet, *PressesDecline*
Ainn Even Got No Blunt😒
It's One Thing To Be In Your Feelings, It's Different When You Don't F/w Nobody Enough To Talk About It😔
Need A Girl To Take My Mind Off Shit😔
Just Wanna Move To Another State & Start Over😔
Just Feel Like I'm Not Good Enough, For Nothing Like
In My Feelings, Heavy😔
I Stopped Fckin W/ Everybody, I Just Feel Like.. They Can't Do Shit For Me
I Can Honestly Say.. I Don't Have Any Hoes😕
I Cut Everybody Off, Soo I Really Can't Even Complain About Nobody Fckin With Me, It Comes With it
Tonight Is Soo Dry Like
I Wanna Leave Her Alone But She Taste Sooo Good👅💦 Omfg
My Block List Soo Damn Longgg
I Hate When Mf's Try To Preach Shit Over The Internet & Can't Say It In Person
Niggas Know I Keep It 💯, I Don't Sugarcoat
I Work Wayyy Too Much To Be In A Relationship, To Have Consistent Hoes & All That, I Just Need A Bestfriend With Benefits😛😏
Left The Streets Alone, Everybody I Grew Up With Dead Or In Jail😕
Another Day, Another 64 Dollars.. Life Gotta Get Better Than This😕
Another Day, Another Dollar
I Can't Even Front .. Ima Jealous Ass Nigga & I Got No Problem Letting A Mf Know! Bitch You Ain't Bout To Be Hurtin Me lol
I Be Trippin Sometimes.. I'm Sorry, I Just Need To Know That I Got Your Attention lil Ladyyy😏
When I Crush... I Be Crushing Soo Hard Mann That Shit Like Love To Me😍💘😂
Where The *BitesLip* Emoji At??? I Need One.. Asap🙈😂😂
Got Money But I Feel I'm Struggin Cause I Want It ALL
I Love Money , in A Church.. Paying My Tides With Drug Money
I Hate Them Niggas That Grew Up Living Good, With Their Momma & Daddy.. Got EVERYTHING They Ever Wanted & Claim To Be A Hood Nigga😒
I'll Fck The Shit Outta Her Lil Ugly Bad Ass😂😂😂

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