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Ehh.. Back To My Feelings I Go😒😒
#MentionThatPersonYouLoveOnTwitter <> if I Do That.. I'd Prolly Get Her In Trouble, You Know How That Playa Shit Go😒😒
Been Raining All Day Soo I Just Been Chillin, Sleeping.. Watching Movies & Shit.. I Feel Like A Depressed Bitch Without Ice Cream
People Be Like "Why You Don't F/w Me?" Like.. You Suppose To Stop Living Your Life & Think About Them, Bitch Obviously Yeen That Special.!
Ain't Nobody Talk To Me.. All Day, Feels Weird But I Guess..
No You Ain't lol <>"@darylinp: i'm a go da fuck off."
Idk If I Should Tweet.. Or Just Stroll..
Nopeee, No You Don't lol <>"@TyanaLondon_: I need a nap 😴👏"
You Got Some Black People That Don't Like White People, Some White People That Dont Like Black People & People That Dont Like People #Webbie
Don't Impress Me, Be Regular.. Cause All That Fake Extra Shit Is Awkward For Me Cause I See Where You Going With It... Soo The Shit Be Corny
A Lot Of Emojis irritates Me, Like.. Using More Than 4 Is Too Damn Much.. Damn Bitch I Get It Already!
Me & Shy People.. Don't Really Get Along Cause Everything That I Say Or Do Might Be Embarrassing To You, Soo Get Yo Tensed Ass From Round Me
I See Straight Through Excuses!
Girls Love Saying They Look "Ratchet" When Lookin REGULAR.. If Your Natural Look Is Ugly.. Then Bitch You Just Ugly, Ratchet Aint The Word
They Fine Af In Pics But Soon As You Facetime/ooVoo They Ass.. They Wanna Be Like "Sorry For The Ratchetness" , Nah Bitch You Just UGLY!
How Tf You Gonna Give S/o's On IG With 400 Followers? 😒😒
Bitches Love Giving S/o's & Shit On Instagram.. Filling Up My Damn Feed With Ugly People, I Guess I Gotta Unfollow Some Mfs!
"@King_Tre3536: “@LilCamo_: Can't Stop Thinking About You.....”@EvaLaNena31 😘💕💗😍💯" <> Check Yall Out, Yall Too Cute lol
That Bitch Nancy Grace Irritating Af Bruhh
I'm Starting To Like Juice More Than Anything
Lic #2 , Wussuh? lol <>"@LashaLay_:@LilCamo_ crackieeeee"
Mann... I Need Some More Minute Maid Juice, That Shit Better Than Everythinggggg
Lemme Chill Before I Get In Trouble, Baee Don't Care If These Bitches Ugly Or Not... I Shouldn't Even Be Thinking Bout Em
Bitches Be Going From 100 To 0 Real Quick Lmaoo
Some Of These Girls Be Fine Af In Their Avi But Soon As You Go To Their Pics... Shit Be Tragic
Can't Stop Thinking About You.....
I Guess We Just Don't Reply To Kik Msgs Nomo, Don't Even Read Em.. Just Look At it & Close The App Huh, Ohh Ok
It Wasn't this Many Dancing Ass Niggas 5 Years Ago Bruhh
Kevin Hart's Gf In Ride Along Tho >>>>>>>>> That Muthafcka Soo Finee Manee.. Who That Is?
Aww.. Thanks Love lol <>"@_PrettyandDOPE_: Lawd oomf so damn fine , I mean damn .."
I've Cut People Off & Got Cut Off Myself.. That's The Way Shit Go, Dwelling Over Shit & People Is Just Not Me Bruhh #HoeGoPlay
I Just Be Chillin Tho.. Peepin Shit
I've Grown Enough To Realize That Lack Of Communication Turns Into Animosity... ALWAYS, Know That Shit
I'd Be Lying If I Said I Didn't Miss You, But Fuck You
Real Shit Tho... White Friends & Fat Girls Be The Best Friends You Can Have Bruhh
A$ap Ferg Verse On Hella Hoes >>>>>>>
I Got.Hella.Hoes... I GOT HOES.!
Money Talks, Bullshit Can Run A Marathon
It Makes No Sense To Unfollow Me, You're Gonna See Me On Your TL Regardless
Born In This World With Tears, Ima Die Laughing...
Trend When We Want Cause My Followers Loyal👌💯
I Feel Like Fighting Bruhh, For No Reason Tho
Jitt Got All The Sense
I Wonder Who Gonna Miss Me When i'm Gone
Suppose To Be Moving In A Week, it's Just Alot On My Mind Bruhh
I Been Feelin Soo Laid Back Lately Like... I Hate That Shit Bruhh, I'm Usually Live Af But... It's Like Somethings Affecting My Mood
I Thought It Was Legal To Beat Yo Hoe
No Tears Today, Nothing But Kisses & Hugs.. For Niggas & Thugs Who Missing From Pistols & Slugs
This Year Going By Faster Than Any Other Year.. EVER