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Life Is Hard 😔
I Wonder When Is My Life Gonna Start....
......... I Want A Life Partner
It's Crazy How People SWEAR They F/w You.. On ANY Kinda Level But Ain't Never There Until You Contact Them First😒
Correction, I Got Hoes.. Everybody Got Hoes But.. Ainn Interested Soo I'm Choosing To Be Lonely
Got No Gf Or No Hoes, Mann.. Ainn Got No Choice But To Be In My Feelings
The Way Twitter Works.. You Can't Even Quote Song Lyrics Without Bitches Thinking You Subtweetin😂�#HoeGoPlayay👐
It's Boring... My Phone Dry & Y'all Ain't Talkin Bout Shit, I Might As Well Turn On Some Music
A Nigga Shoot One Time & He Out Of Ammunition😂😂 You Want Him On Yo Team Tho.. Ok
I Never Got The Point Of Bitches Getting Mad Cause A Nigga Cum Too Fast, Like... Why Y'all Fuckin With These 1 Time Bustin Ass Niggas?😂😂
Some Of These Hoes Don't Even Know That They Hoes Bruh
Don Trip 👌💯
How Can You KNOW Who These Hoes Fucked & Still Wanna Eat The Box?😂 Hell Nahh Bruh
You Ain't.. You Ain't.. You Ain't SHIT😂😂@ronekiaaaa@LilCamo_o_ remember Im grown.😂👌"
It's Crazy That I Just Turned 20 & Never Ate Pussy Before, I Been F.ckin With Hoes All My Life.. I Couldn't Even Take The Risk😂
Ima Suck On That Pussy Like Noodles
Mouth All Wet, I Ate It Until It Numbed Up😺👅💦
Pussy Juice All On My Thigh💦
One Thing I Hate Is When I Say Something To Somebody Directly & They Be Like "EVERYBODY This & That" , Man Don't Compare Me To Everybody -_-
Martin To Pam: *Sniffs* You "Is That Your Breath?........ Smelling Like Boiled Baloney?"😂😂😂
She Love Giving Head Cause She Ain't Got No Walls!
Got Soo Many DM's.. Mann I Wish Y'all Just Mention Me Or Ask For My Kik Or Something.. I Always Respond, I Just Don't Like Dm'n
He Green Af 😂😂😂😂😂
Ain't Nobody Calling Me, Texting Me Or NOTHING.. Shit Just DRY... In This Cold Ass Weather, Tf Everybody Doing
My Mama Eyes Used To Change Colors, Soo I Wonder If My Son Gonna Have That Trait Too😏
I Want A Son 😏
Having Someone's Full Attention Is A Privilege, Mfs Don't HAVE To F/w You....
Everybody Venting To Me Today, This Is Crazy....
If Anything... J.Cole Putting His Album Out On The Same Day As Wayne To Get A Buzz Off Him, Let's Be Real
Jay z & Kayne West Together Couldn't Even Outsell Wayne, I Fucks With J.Cole HEAVY But Ain't No Fuckin Way He Can Outsell Wayne
Delete Your Twitter, Clown "@Track_King21: Sorry Wayne but Jcole gonna sell more on opening day. The carter V going to be subpar"
The Shit You Laugh About Be The Same Shit Other People Cry About
It's Crazy How You Can Say Some Shit With No Meaning Behind It & Not Know What Kinda Effect It Has On The Person You Said It To...
I Wanna Go Fuck Em Up But I Used To Do The Same Shit Until I Grew Up, Smh
Bestfriend Called Me Crying, She Got Hurt.. Smh I Told Her That Niggas Gonna Be Niggas, You Cant Put Your Trust In Lil Boys That Ain't Ready
I Know It's Hard To Move On When You Can't Get That Special Attention From Nobody Else... But At Some Point You Gotta Realize Who Tf You Is
It's TOO Many Out Here That Act Just Alike For You Not To Peep That Shit Out, Soo I Be Wanting To Know What It Is Up Front & Where We Going
Stress Over NOBODY When They Can Easily Be Replaced!
You Can't Make Somebody Want You, Either They Do Or They Don't, They'll Come Around... If Not.. Fuck Em, Somebody Else'll Want That Spot
I Feel Like.. Ainn Gotta Beg For Attention, Either You With Me Or Against Me, Them Mind Games Childish Af
People Act Like They Ain't Single Because They WANT TO BE 😒
Y'all Go Follow Keam😂😂 >&g@keamboyoy<<
Ayye.. But I Can Tell Y'all That The Fat Bitch Pregnant Right Now, Keam Say It Ain't His But............... We Know😂😂
51.) That's It Y'all😂😂.. I Would Tell Y'all Bout The Ride Home But........... Y'all Gotta Wait For Part 2 😂😂
50.) Suu-Yung Been Kidnapped One Too Many Times😂😂
49.) This Nigga Jerry Was Tryna Put Suu-Young In The Car, I Was Like Hell Nah.. Bitch This Ain't Rush Hour! TF
48.) Soo We Finally Get Outside From All The Commotion, & Put Keam In The Car
We Had To Get Tf Out That Shit, It Was CRAZY!
47.) We Threw Some Cold Ass Water On Keam Like The ALS Challenge, He Woke Up Like He Just Got Baptized😂😂