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"@Free_PoBoy: @LilCamo_ Awww When You Was My Bf 😍" <> ....Ikr lol
Where Them Scorpios At? 👀😏👌
S/o To My Nigga @iii_DiggHer, Yall Go Press That Follow Button!
Ima Be....... 20 In A Couple Months, I Can't Believe It
😂😂😂😂 <&@iii_DiggHergHer: Camo be on shit ima side nigga kmsl😭"
Paul Tryna F/w My Olee Lady & Shit 😂😂
Since When Did Having A Kid Become A Bad Thing? It's Really A Blessing
Everybody Got A Child Except Me Tho😒
My Nephew Name Is Really "King" Tho lol.. That's The Best Name Ever 😂😂
My Piss Coming Back Dirty, I'm Just Being Honest
Fuck It.. I Give Up! Where The Fuck Is The Pills At! 😠😣😞😞
I Hate When People Steal My Tweets.. Cause I Be Passionate About My Thoughts 😂😂
You Can't Trust A Bitch That Wear Pants With Cuts In Em.. They All Act The Same, Stuck Up W/ No Boyfriend... Fine Af But Miserable
A Nigga Sick... & Ion Fuck With Medicine Sooo ima Just Thug This Shit Out 👌😔
Ion Even Get Sick Soo.. Ion Know Wtf Goin On
My Face, Neck & Chest Hot... Ion Think The Shit Just A Headache Nomo, A Nigga Over Here Dying
I Got One Them Headaches... That You Can't Move Your Head Too Fast Or Open Your Eyes All The Way 😞
All She Tweet Is "Baee" This & "Baee" That, We Don't Give A FUCK About YOU Or Yo BAEE! #HoeGoPlay
idk Bout Yall But I'm Ok With Being A Side Bitch...😂😂
I'm Following Everybody Back Today👌💯
GoodMorning Mentions? RETWEEET Say It Back👀#Favv For A Follow💯 ❌No FollowBack 👣🚶🏃 👎 Will Get You Unfollo#HoeGoPlayeGoPlay
Yall Act Like Mayweather Ain't Suppose To Hug That Wild Ass Boy, Ain't No Way I'll Let Him Try Some Slick Shit, I'll Hug That Nigga Too 😂😂
Floyd Making $14,815 Per Second? $888,890 Per Minute? $2,666,667 Per Round? Mann.. Fuck A Education! Where Do I Sign Up For Boxing?😂😂😂
Yall Tweet Something With #HoeGoPlay In It & Ima Retweet, Turn Up! 👌💯😂😂
#HoeGoPlayGang , Yall Wanna Take Over Twitter Tonight?
It's.... Cuffing Season 💏💘
It's Cool Outside Tho........... Damn I Been Waiting For This Kind Of Weather!
Maidana Ain't Really Whoop Broner Like Yall Say, Minus The Knockdowns.. The Shit Was Close Af.. Yall Just Be Hating
I Need.... A Titty Fan Sign 😍
I Got Mayweather Tonight , I'm Taking All Bets.. PayPal, Credit Cards.. Money Grams, Food Stamps, People Life... Everythang😂😂
It's Fight Night.. Who Yall Got? I'm All Mayweather
S/o To My Nigga @Money_Talks300 , Go Follow Him ! 💯
I Wish My Babymama Would Have A Muthafckin Gay Dude As A Bestfriend, These Gay Niggas Ain't Fully Gay.. They Be Tryna Fuck Ya Lady Lowkey
Gay Niggas Always Tryna Be Kids GodDaddy & Shit, Lemme Catch One Of Yall Fruity Booty Ass Niggas Tryna Get Close To My Babymama & Kid.!
All These Bitches Do Is Fight Over Niggas
Facebook Messy Af
Getting To The Money 💸💯
I Need.. A New Avi Tho
You Be Feeling Special? 😂😂 <>@yonnieeeeee_e_: how tf people with 100k followers be finding me ? 👀😂"
I Hate When People Act Like.. Just Because You Don't KNOW Them That You Don't Suppose To SPEAK To Them.. Like.. Who Made You Unfuckwithable?
I Fuck With Strangers, Old People.. Retarded Kids.. Everybody, A Nigga Just Be Happy 😂😂
I'm Like.. The Most Random Person I Know, I'm The Type To Give You A Compliment.. Then Diss You Just To Make It Awkward, Laugh & Walk Away
I'm The Type Of Nigga That Bite On Shoulder Blades, Lick On Foreheads.. Kiss Noses & Shit.. 😂😂 For No Reason
Ion Even Wanna Fuck.. I Just Wanna Lay Up, Well.. I Wanna Fuck But... If You Rather Lay Up Then I'm With It 😂😂👌
The Shit I Want.. I Prolly Never Have But Ima Keep Dreaming, Can't Nobody Stop Me From Dreaming
Every Since I Started This HoeGoPlay Shit People Switched Up, I Guess They Mad I Took Off
I Never Knew I Was A Somebody Until Local People Start Treating Me Like One