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If It Ain't One Thing.. It's Another, Then Another! Fuck
R.I.P. Koiderrius😔 They Ain't Have To Do You Like That Mannn, Don't Worry Tho.. They Gonna Get Theirs!😈🔫
Noooooooo Man I Know My Nigga Ain't Dead Mannn!
It's Over, Coo.. I Accept That! I Just Need To Get Over It.. That's The Hard Part
Well I... Only Wanna Make Things Right... Before You Walk Out Of My Life
Never Meant To Cause You No Pain, I Just Wanna Go Back To Being The Same
This Some Hoe Shit Bruh😂😂
Relationship Was Worth The Feelings, Just Didn't Like The Ending
Erasing Feelings Ain't Easy, Sometimes You Just Need To Cover Ya Heart Up & Build Something New From It..
I'm Trying To Forget That You Exist
Once I Finally Get Over You, I Promise To Hate You
Sometimes.. I Don't Wanna Move On
Sometimes I Refuse To Accept Reality
I Only Care About A Few, Soo It's Hard To Hurt Me
I'm High & Got The Munchies But.. I'm Soo In My Feelings... I Wanna Eat But Can't Eat😔
Even God Took A Lost!
Lemme Delete These Tweets, Ion Even Want No Fuckin Story!
Shidd.. BOTH, Hell <>"@pixie_latae: @LilCamo_ she supposed to hold a gun to ya head or just chop off and carry ya dick?"
If I Fall Back.. & You LET Me Fall Back Then The Shit Wasn't Real From The Jump! TF, #HoeGoPlay
Sometimes I Fall Back, Sometimes I Feel Like You Push Me Away...
Soo Many People I Was Close To.. Switched Up On Me This Year.. It's Crazy Mann, It Seem Like Everybody Fake Now
I Haven't Been Looking At Basketball All Season, I Just Been Watching Football😐
I'm Not Bout To Sell My Soul For The Fame😂😂
These Twitter Famous Niggas In The illuminati Bruhh😂😂 I Sweaa
Ain't Nothing Like Getting High & Laying On A Bad Bitch Stomach🔥💨😂😂
I Just Wanna... Lay On #Oomf Stomach & Go To Sleep👈 😍😂
#ThatRight2 😂😂<>@CallieBOSSSS@LilCamo_o_ time to play madden w/ patriots and drink sprite n smoke a blunt?? haha"
Got Me A Blunt, A Sprite, Madden 15, The Patriots, Mann Y'all Already Know What Time It Is🔥💨🎮😂😂
When Shit Ain't Working You Gotta Go To "What The FUCK Is Wrong W/ You?" "Sit Yo Ass Down" "Shut Yo Ass Up" " Go Sit On That Damn Pot!"😂😂
Me As A Uncle.. All I Say Is "No!" , "STOP" , "What You Want?" , "WAIT A Minute"😂😂
That Terrible 2 Shit Real, My Niece At The Stage Where She Don't Know How To SIT TF DOWN! She Just Gotta Fuck W/ Everything😤
Don't Come To Florida Thinking That "@TopBoySosa: @LilCamo_ Nah Plies Soft.."
Y'all Hyping Chris Brown Up, Being Famous Don't Mean Shit When It Comes To The Streets, Plies Will Fuck That Boy Life Up😂😂
Salute To John Wall Tho, Damn I Felt That Shit.. You Can't Help BUT To Get Emotional, Real Niggas Cry Too😔#RipMiyahh
No Baee... No Hoes, No Weed... Mann It Ain't Even No Sense Of Being Up, Goodnight People👋
Options Ain't Options When Shit Is Required
I Be Waiting On Shit That I Know'll Prolly Never Happen
Bitches Still Roll Their Eyes?✋😂😂
If The Falcons Didn't Start Off Soo Damn SLOW! They Would've Won
We Need Julio Jones On The Patriots!😂😂
That Boy Julio Jones Tho!! Unstoppable
I Got........ Nobody To Text
Everybody All Sick & Shit, Winter Got Me Fucked Up😂😂✋ Don't Bring Y'all Sick Ass Round Me!
You Stupid 😂😂@__Dominicanaa____: 21. What's 9 + 10 😭😭"
It's Crazy How The Teacher Was Like.. "Half Of Y'all Gonna Be Dead Or Locked Up 5 Years From Now" & I Be Damn.. That Shit Was True Af
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