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Light Stalking
Your weekly digest of the best photography links of the week.
It's here! The coolest photography links of the week.
7 Simple Tips to Get Better Photos of Your Kids | Light Stalking
30 Links to the Finest Photos and Articles of the Week You Won’t Want to Miss
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6 DIY Hacks That Will Enhance Your Photographs | Light Stalking
Simple Pet Photography Tips and 10 Fun Images to Inspire You
7 Photography Cliches That Are Still Fricken Awesome!
What Makes One Lens Better Than Another?
"A technically perfect photograph can be the world’s most boring picture." - Andreas Feininge
5 Photos Every Photographer Must Know How to Create | Light Stalking
How to photograph your pets. Simple tips and fun images to inspire you.
Capture fun pet photographs using these simple but effective tips.
5 Simple Ways to Manage Your Photos While Traveling | Light Stalking
Photographing Reflections: 3 Tips Plus Stunning Examples for Creative Inspiration | Light Stalking
5 Unique Photography Apps for iOS and Android You Should be Aware of | Light Stalking
"When the shutter closes the world opens!" - Sharon Wax
Getting the Most Out of a Telephoto Lens With 8 Useful Tips | Light Stalking
You've seen them thousands of times over; they are photography cliché, but we still love them.
Yes, they are cliché but we still love them. Here are 7 photography clichés.
How to Photograph Boats, Ships, and All Things That Float | Light Stalking
Adding a Cinematic Effect to Your Portraits in Adobe Photoshop | Light Stalking
10 Tips for Photographing the Natural World | Light Stalking
"Sometimes the simplest pictures are the hardest to get." - Neil Leifer
Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Neutral Density Filters
What determines if one lens is better than another?
Here is a comprehensive look at why one lens is better than another.
Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Polarizing Filters
The Truth About Vignettes in Photography
4 Tips to Limit Unnecessary Costs When Buying Photography Equipment
"The art of looking at pictures can only be properly acquired by constantly looking at pictures." - S D Jouhar
5 Essential Edits That Will Improve Almost any Photograph | Light Stalking
Ever wondered how to paint with light? Here's a step by step guide to create your own light painting images
Getting started with light painting: a complete tutorial
Photoshop Tutorial: How to Create a Brush Preset for Watermarking Your Images | Light Stalking
Let's paint with light! Here's a short tutorial to get you started.
How to Paint With Light and Produce Creative Images: A Short Tutorial to Get You Started
21 Majestic Photos of Lions | Light Stalking
"Photography is a means of recording forever the things one sees for a moment." - Aaron Sussman
5 Tips for Capturing the Magical Beauty of Waterfalls | Light Stalking
5 Cool Ways to Put the Fun Back Into Your Photography | Light Stalking
How do you reverse engineer a photograph? Here's how
There are 3 steps to emulating a photograph - decoding the lighting, focal length (and dof), and post processing.
Life After Dark: Helpful Tips for Street Photography at Night | Light Stalking
Here is a step by step guide on how to emulate a photograph. Reverse engineers, assemble.
A 3 Step Framework to Reverse Engineering a Photograph You Want to Emulate
"A true photographer is as rare as a true poet or a true painter." - Jean Cocteau
The Joy of Travel Photography | Light Stalking
Thinking of Ways to Market Your Photography? Try These for Starters | Light Stalking
7 Tips for Better Street Photos | Light Stalking