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Light Stalking
3 Tips for Creating Strong Images With a Clearly Defined Subject
These tips will help you capture amazing photos of railroad tracks
Capture amazing photos of railroad tracks with these 5 easy tips
"The camera is a magic window that transforms the world." - Irving Pobboravsky
Here are 5 tips to help you create timeless railroad photographs.
How to Photograph the Long, Winding Railroads
How to Photograph the Milky Way in 12 Steps (With 6 Epic Examples)
What Camera Filters Do You REALLY Need?
Getting Started In HDR Landscape Photography
Do check out our review of this cool laptop bag from Think Tank.
Review of Think Tank Photo’s My 2nd Brain 15 Laptop Bag
"A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it." - Edward Steichen
Recent trends in the world of photography
These are the current photographic and technological trends in the world of photography
Histograms: The Key to Perfect Exposure
There are some very interesting trends in photography currently. Selfie tops the list, of course.
Current Trends, Fashions and Fads in Photography
Exposure Bracketing: What Every Good Photographer Should Know
Sharpen Your Images With Some Useful Photoshop Techniques
When To Shoot Black And White
"...words and pictures can work together to communicate more powerfully than either alone." - William Albert Allard
Lightroom tutorial: How to improve the skies in your photos
Quickly enhance the skies in your photos using Lightroom
Some Useful Tips for Using Perspective in Photography
Learn how to make the skies in your images pop using Lightroom.
How to Easily Improve Your Skies in Adobe Lightroom
10 Unmissable Bird Photography Tutorials
Grab a Coffee: Here’s 85 Amazing Photography Links from Around the Internet
11 Amazing Instagram Accounts That You Should be Following
"The mystery isn't in the technique, it's in each of us." - Harry Callahan
Freebies! 23 free photography eBooks for you
We've put together a list of free photography eBooks. Grab them now!
7 Creative Ideas to Spice Up Your Photography
Grab these photography eBooks! They're all free!
23 More eBooks For Photographers That Are Completely Free
How to Get Amazing Images from Shadows (15 Awesome Examples)
"I photograph to find out what something will look like photographed." - Garry Winogrand
Check out the new TPE web app for planning your outdoor shoots
Make the best of the sunlight during your outdoor shoots with a little planning using this amazing app
Planning outdoor photography shoots is easy with the free TPE web app
Pack Your Bags, We’re Going On A Photo Adventure
5 Things You Need To Know About The Photographer’s Ephemeris
Dispelling 9 Myths About Professional Photography
Time-lapse photography made easy. Check out these 10 tips to get started
Create stunning time-lapse videos with these 10 helpful tips
The Truth About “Getting it Right in Camera”
These tips on time lapse photography will tell you everything you want to know about creating those stunning videos.
10 Tips on Time Lapse Photography To Help You Create Breathtaking Videos
Are You Guilty of These? Five Hard Photography Habits to Break
"A photographer's reality is what he or she wants to show." - Fred Picker