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tonight was the ending of a super dope era. thanks #degrassi, you've been great. 10.14.01 — 7.31.15
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Words can’t express how much we’ll miss these #Degrassi grads. What an extraordinary journey.
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#Eclaire has that happy ending #Degrassi :-)
#Degrassi Drew got to cross that stage :-) Degrassi class of 2015
#Degrassi We'll always remember Adam....
That gym coach has been there forever #Degrassi
#Degrassi Snake's back to see the students graduate & give more advice, he's been like everyone's confidant over the past 14 years
#Degrassi Bonus episode Sunday called "Don't look back" this will be the last episode before Degrassi's transition to #Netflix
#Degrassi no this can't be the end of #Eclaire they just lost a baby, now it looks like Eli might have broken up with Claire on prom night
#Degrassi Drew is definitely going to get Dallas Laid
#Degrassi Drew knows he's doing this from Dallas and his friends
#Degrassi Oh ok here we go, final half hour of Degrassi on #TeenNick
#Degrassi LOL He confirmed the boat for the wrong year, who does that!! Oh Dallas
#Degrassi lol, that fight sequence though
#Degrassi Hunter is just tripping right now
#Eclaire is always going through some type of drama #Degrassi, Claire you could have just said yes
Lol trip down memory lane #Degrassi, K.C. mention
I'm suprised how #Degrassi wasn't able to trend in the USA, i'm glad #Netflix decided to pick the show up, this 1 reason to keep netflix #RT
Just finished creating @TheRealVirgil aka Vincent in this classic #WCW Mayhem game #WWE
#Degrassi That situation with Rick was one of the best storylines in Degrassi history and i don't think it'll ever be topped
#Degrassi, Shane Kippel is funny, "This was the guy that got Drake shot" Lol
The #EClaire storyline was the best storyline that #Degrassi had, but before Eli & Claire their was Emma & Sean, then J.T. & Liberty
#Degrassi #RT If you remember all these classic groundbreaking storylines
#Degrassi It's now that time, the final 2hrs of @Degrassi on #TeenNick and #MTVCanada :-(
Rip #RowdyRoddyPiper omg how many great wrestlers are we going to lose, 1st it was #UltimateWarrior then #DustyRhodes :-(
This is how I do it!! Hard work WILL pay off: via @YouTube
#CecilTheLion deserves justice, that Hunter needs to be arrested and charged, ik it's a lion but still, it's wrong #NoJusticeNoPeace
@TheRyan_C I'm with you. Shut up Liz Laura do the right thing
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#GH No John McBain, are they killing off all #OLTL chracters or actors? Watch out #RogerHowarth i'm pretty sure you're next
What has been your favourite Imogen moment? Gonna miss playing her, she was so much fun! @Degrassi @degrassinsider
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Elizabeth can you please shut the hell up! #GH and Laura need to tell everyone that Jake is really Jason
#GH Lol is #RogerHowarth a comedian in his spare time, he was funny as Todd but he's funnier as Franco #OLTL
#EClaire is getting married tomorrow #Degrassi Eli & Claire forever!!
tbh Claire and Eli are #Degrassi version of Todd Manning and Blair Cramer #OLTL
So that's how Vince knew Tiny, they brothers, i had a feeling but that confirmed it #Degrassi
#Degrassi That moment between Zig and Tiny = real friendship, when you have family that brings you down, you need friends to lift you up #RT
Lol that fight sequence though #Degrassi, reminded me of #Marvel comic books
#Degrassi Zig & Tiny's friendship reminds me of Spinner's friendship with Jimmy @Drake
#Degrassi I Still hate how Vince is roaming the streets, and i still hate him for shooting Adam
#BlackLivesMatter Exactly i'm glad the newspapers said it's nothing more than a murder, you can see it plain as day #CNN #NoJusticeNoPeace
I'm glad that judge set the bond at $1 Million for that campus cop, #BlackLivesMatter Now will he serve jail time? #NoJusticeNoPeace #RT
That #MH370 Story is sad, i remember following the story off and on since March of last year, i hope those families get some answers soon
#DestinationIMPACT hell this got me emotional, i been a fan since day 1
Umm what about AJ Styles and Samoa Joe.... #DestinationIMPACT
Jeff Jarrett's getting choked up here #DestinationIMPACT, he deserves this moment

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