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Draymond Green's mom quoting Drake "Started from the bottom now we're here!" #GoldenStateWarriors #NBATV
So tyrus stole Big E's finisher? Nice going #DestinationIMPACT
Lol at Jesse Godderz theme, it's like a anti-climatic rip-off version of the jaws theme #DestinationIMPACT
Always believed that "gimmick matches" with no arc leading to them, stakes or logic, reflect lack of story, characters and planning.
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I hope WWE's new gaming channel mentions the biggest wrestling game of all time that did 12 million downloads! ;)…
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#DestinationIMPACT Joseph Parks is NOT trending
#Wednesdaynightimpact Lashley vs ECIII #DestinationIMPACT good way to kick off the show
Kurt Angle needs to retire #DestinationIMPACT
#DestinationIMPACT That was a trash tribute to #DustyRhodes, could have been better, looks like i could have put that together in 2 minutes
Walking around this neighborhood is hell with the hills and all, so i did it 2x :-) i ♥ pushing my…
Stephen Curry and #GoldenStateWarriors. With the 1st finals win in 4 decades :-)
#NBAFinals looks like #GoldenStateWarriors might win the series, hang in there for 1 more minute
#AndreIguodala has really been stepping up and helping out #GoldenStateWarriors during the #NBAFinals
#NBAFinals #RT if you ready for #Game6Tonight & #RT #Favorite if you think #Warriors can pull off another Win over Lebron & The #Cavaliers
#WeCantDateIf You can't take me watching alot of wrestling
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#GH i like how @TdashRICH is handling this racism storyline, it's cool, it'd really test his acting skills
#GH Lucky stays getting kidnapped, i mean WTF does he be getting into to get himself into some drama like this
Wwe would be dumb to give title back to part time Brock
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#HurricaneBill i like how they just called the people in Galveston out on their bs, why woukd u head out into a hurricane #stupidshit
I mean its some rap thats good and then some thats just trash #hiphop
#hiphop has changed, it went from being the shit to just being shit, the beats are hot but the lyrics are trash, talk about something real..
Late night muscle flexing 12: via @YouTube
You know what would be a dream match, it'd be cool to see Kevin Steen vs Brock Lesnar #RAWCleveland
#RAWCleveland Now THIS is how you end a show, Brock Lesnar has come to kick some ass
When a wrestler gets power bombed off of a stage they don’t get up and will be stretchered out. Yet 136 pound Machine Gun Kelly walks out.
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They have OFFICIALLY turned @FightOwensFight babyface. Im just glad that dude aint singing anymore. Thank god. #Raw
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After that bump #MGK has earned my respect #RAWCleveland #MGKOnRAW
Don't this remind you of when Kevin Nash powerbombed Eric Bischoff off the stage into a table back in #WCW #RAWCleveland #MGKOnRAW
#MGK #RAWCleveland i'd rather see Kevin Federline #RT if u agree
#RAWCleveland #MGK really, they could have got a better artist than this, i wish Brock Lesnar could come back and give him a F-5
Cj, @_a_brady brother introducing his new channel, can't wait to check out the content, these 2 could…

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