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#TheGameBET i was hoping Tee Tee wouldn't jump, that's no way to end it, can't wait for the final episode of this season
#TheGameBET Malik Wright in love....would have never thought that was possible
#TheGameBET has been good tonight
#TheGameBET Tee Tee is losing it, i like how his role is getting more serious
Loving the new #Twitter layout
Getting ready for the new episode of #Degrassi & #TheGameBET both are bound to be good tonight #RT
Great 1st episode for @OfficialTAZ blog talk radio show
Check out @OfficialTAZ radio show… & call number 929-477-2210 to live chat with him
This rude ass dude on Taz's show, like really, check it out though, it's a good show…
@BigmannDarnell: Is Pretty Boy Flizzy supposed to be Chris Brown? #TheBoondocks” bruh yes 😂😂
Retweeted by Ryan
When i seen Eddie Winslow trending i thought the worse #RT if you did 2
2 minutes until @OfficialTAZ blog talk show starts #RT #Share the link…
great episode of #TheBoondocks #RT if you also think Pretty Boy Flizzy look like Chris Brown
#Boondocks Sarah is so wasted
#Boondocks Riley & Huey's grandpa reminds me of how my grandpa use to be, best grandad ever!!
Loving that #Boondocks is back, Riley & Huey should have been shown more in this episode though, this is the least amount i've seen them
Yeah the Wyatt's are Definitely over with the #rawbaltimore fans, love how they're suppose to be heels but they're the exact opposite
#RAW Oh super cena is wrestling next, idgaf i'ma watch Futurama or family guy on netflix
IS Alexander Russev suppose to be the Ivan Drago of #WWE #Rocky Even Drago can get more heat or reaction from this crowd #RT
#RAW that isn't Sin Cara, that's hunico under the mask again, the real Sin Cara, aka mistico is back in Mexico
Lol even more epic when coming back from commercial break Paul heyman still rambling on #RAW
#RAW lol @WWE prematurely cutting Paul Heyman off and going to commercial