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Adobe Lightroom
.@Schoenberger_K hikes up high peaks to capture these foggy landscapes:
Learn more about what's available in the just released Lightroom 5.7:
Photographer Elizabeth Gadd takes you behind the scenes of her recent series shot in Iceland:
Photographer @AstPhotoDesign captures NYC tourist destinations in a unique way in his series:
Max Rive captures the grand scale of mountains in his recent photos:
Green and purple colors come to life in Ole Salomonsen's photos of the aurora borealis:
Michael Nichols won the Wildlife Photographer of the Year with this stunning photo:
Capture the majestic moon with these helpful tips from @petapixel and @IAmMattQ:
Learn how to shoot milky way double exposure portraits via @sarakbyrne and @500px:
Speed up your workflow in Lightroom with these five shortcuts:
The moody streets of London, as captured by Edo Zollo:
One way to take pictures of things shattering:
Michael Salisbury's shots of Chicago catch the fog swallowing the cityscape at various times:
A photographer without Photoshop CC & Lightroom is like a photographer without a camera.
Explore the mystical nature of the Japanese landscape w/ these photos from Takehito Miyatake:
Check out the true blues and whites in Landon Curt Noll & JC Dill's images of Antarctica:
Your happy hour could have been a happy month, with Photoshop CC & Lightroom for $9.99.
Check out Pierre Folk's shots of this Parisian railway, abandoned for the last 80 years:
If a photographer gets an incredible shot using a drone, was it their skill or the drone that enabled them to get it?
Lights, no camera, action. Get all the photo tools. Photoshop CC & Lightroom are $9.99/month.
What’s your method for trying to see things differently than you’ve seen them before?
You could have had Photoshop CC & Lightroom for the month. Instead, you’re in a food coma.