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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Lianna Nicole 500-RYT
With an open heart and a smiling soul I say thank you to the universe for all my blessings I am in pure gratitude for the people who have come and gone Pure gratitude for the places I have seen and will see I could not be more blessed for my lessons, for my growth, and to be living in this truth
Manifestation at its finest today The universe works in such magnificent ways This morning as I was looking at @ninjarod travel photos I longed to do what I've always dreamed and backpack the earth I spoke to a lot of people today about the want and got many mutual desires for the same thrill rid
Getting back bendy with my girls @rivkayoga and @kaylala88 💛 love these ladies! This photo was taken on our @go_light_our_world Baja Mexico Yoga Retreat! Missing the salty sea and the gift of friends who will open their hearts with you when you're on the edge Wearing @aloyoga
In life, you will meet those who spark something in you that cannot be described, something that you may assume will be long lasting But it seems that many of those people are simply temporary. A leaf that was blown on your path so that you may pick it up and admire it's beauty, let it remind you o
I am both at the same damn time. #peacefullywild #wildlypeaceful
Oh the waves they roar with might like thunder in the soul They take you though the depths of spite then fill you till your whole Like skin they're smooth and silky when the day is warm and wet Until the moon comes shining through they crash in unknown sets Oh the waves they roar with love like
To my beloved universe, You have come to me with such delight and also with much sorrow I do my best to ride your wave with all the strength I borrow I smile in times I connect with you through skins you have created I question you in times you did not answer and I waited See I know that we are
Today's post is dedicated to this beautiful soul who I'm embracing as we say our goodbyes at the @go_light_our_world Baja Mexico Yoga Retreat. And also the woman standing beside me looking on with a humble smile. Yesterday I bought my one way ticket to San Diego, CA where I will continue my yoga ve
One of the beautiful meditations classes on the Baja Mexico @go_light_our_world Yoga Retreat that I was honored to lead. These yogis are so magnificent I couldn't have asked for a group more open and willing to experience this beautiful view and my guided words. Namaste to you all and to the leaders
The freedom we are looking for is the freedom to be ourselves. To express ourselves. - #DonMiguelRuiz Photo taken by @sweetst3ph and edited by me.
She writes things with her movements that I for the life of me could never write with a pen. - #christopherpoindexter Photo taken by @sweetst3ph and edited by me.
What ever happens around you, don't take it personally.. Nothing other people do is because of you. It is because of themselves. -#DonMiguelRuiz #thefouragreements Photo by @tarasimonphoto wearing @aloyoga
Life has a funny way of bringing you exactly what you want. So long as you desire it or whether you fear it, whatever you place your attention on, it begins to find you. Wearing @aloyoga
There will be times when you feel like your inner beauty matches what you see on the outside. Embrace it. Do not deny it, embrace it. You are beautiful, you are strong, you are magnificent.
Hey guys! I'm back! Sorry I was gone so long, my phone was broken and it was a week of constant missions to try to get another one. I'm feeling pooped just like Kauai fun had me in this photo! 😂 Thanks @maitriheart for capturing me in my most meditative state!
You must first learn to fall before you can stand, but all of that is arbitrary without belief that you can. Sunset yoga at my nieces bday party wearing @aloyoga Video taken by the amazing @daniel__colon
"I guess when you turn off the main road, you have to be prepared to see some funny houses." - Stephen King Cheers to all the main roads I've left and all the funny houses I've encountered along the way. Thanking the universe for moments like these. Moment captured by @maitriheart Go follow @opal
"Going by my past journey, I am not certain where life will take me, what turns and twists will happen; nobody knows where they will end up. As life changes direction, I will flow with it." -Katrina Kaif Go check out the non-profit community service based organization @opaloceanorg founded by @rivk
Happy to announce that @yogi_bhagavati and myself will be hosting a yoga retreat in Costa Rica! We've got tons of things planned for you in Sept. 2016 so stay tuned and keep on the look out! Ayurvedic food and workshop, sunrise/sunset yoga and meditation, zip lining, surfing, SUP yoga, and more! St
I love human beings. I love how we love. I love how we feel and how we share. I love their tears of happiness and their shared sorrows. I love watching them hold each other, and watching them say goodbye. I love how they look into the world for growth and how they make dreams come true. I love to lo
The surf out in Florida is different then Cali, less power but also less predictable. I'm absolutely loving this new journey of mine. Had a great time today with @johncienfuegos out in the waves. Throwing shaka to all you wave runners and sea dwellers! Namaste 🌊🙏🏼🌞💛 big thanks to @localssurfsho
Sometimes I look at myself in pictures and in the mirror and feel a sense of detachment towards this body. At times I feel like an outsider looking at someone who I don't recognize. Is this weird? To feel that you were once something that you are not now. Not everyone believes in past lives but I f
Can't wait to be back in San Diego so me and the lion can acro party again! 🙏🏼 to good friends and good times. Wearing @aloyoga with @brrrianthelion
Choose friends that build you up, that push you to be a better you, that love you for who you truly are 💛🌞 Wearing @aloyoga
Heading back home now from San Diego and Mexico. So many beautiful people on this retreat I wish I had more time with. Missing my other half @rivkayoga already! But there is good news, we've both got some amazing things in the works coming soon, and it looks like Cali may not be just a vacation spot
Celtic grid by the lovely @mamacitasaritaa on the @go_light_our_world Baja Mexico Karma Yoga Retreat 💛🌍🌞
Had an amazing time playing today at @trilogysanctuary with @daniengelman @socookin and @whereswoodrow ! Wearing @aloyoga in beautiful San Diego CA before @rivkayoga @kaylala88 and myself embark on a journey to Baja Mexico with the @go_light_our_world team and our wonderful retreaters!
Vegan wraps, Cali breeze, and Morning Glory's surrounding left and right🌴🌞with my amazing friend @kaylala88
The time has almost come! I'm here at home packing for the GLOW Baja Mexico Yoga Retreat! I'm so happy to be meeting up with my girls @rivkayoga and @kaylala88 to hang before the big event. These girls are lights in the darkness and I am overjoyed with love to be hosting this retreat with them :) S
At first my eyes did not love him, it was my soul. 🌷 It was not the bow behind my eyes that shot the arrow through my pupils into his arctic blue eyes, though they were captivating. ❄️ It was the synapse within my mind that sparked eclectic vibrations when he spoke of his passions. 🔥 It was not
Time moves so slowly but accumulates so quickly. Life's like a paint brush that strokes you so swiftly. 🍃 Inversion, hand balance, and stretch training with @h2ocampo Thanks for the photo! 💙 Pants by @aloyoga
👋🏼✌🏼️ you deserve fluidity.
We all need a little lovin' so don't be afraid to give it or to receive it 💜✌🏼️
There's a point in your life when you realize that you have no control over timing, over others, over the way life will unfold. Then soon after that there is a moment in life when you realize that that's ok! 😊 We are all on this journey of unknowingness and the key to smooth sailing is to accept t
I have thus decided one thing: he must be wanderer. When faced with adversity he should not want to launder her. He'll leave foot prints beside my stride in lands near and far. And if their should be a choice he'll always choose the stars. More poetry inspired by tonight's sky 🌘🙏🏼💛
In the eire of the night where all are gazing on Blazing eyes upon the sight of blood until it's gone And though I sit alone tonight amongst the sounds around us The energy within the light has somehow surely bound us. Inspired by the moon my words drip out onto the earth, enjoy. 🌘🙏🏼💛
In the face of adversity, you must use all your strength and lift yourself up. Do not be afraid to stand again when you have been knocked on your knees. You are magic, you are resilient. You have travelled through lives time and time again. You have survived before and you will be triumphant once ag
Let us not only float upon the surface, no weight on our shoulders, free to travel slowly but let us also sink deep into the depths with others, finding hidden treasures of gold. Floating in the beautiful Queens Bath after a long climb over lava rocks in Kauai, Hawaii with @linaval88 Photo by @tar
There is nothing more fulfilling in life than to do exactly what you love, to see the world through clear eyes, and to cleanse yourself with laughter. And there is nothing more enjoyable, than doing all those things with people you love, looking into their eyes, and laughing alongside them. Cannot
"He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words." - Elbert Hubbard Super happy to announce that the @go_light_our_world Baja Mexico Retreat is fully booked! Our yogis are now awaiting an amazing retreat with awesome adventure, food, and hosts. So happy to be leading
Laughter is the medicine. Wearing @aloyoga
"In the great sweep of time, everything passes. All we can do is stay faithful to the truth." - Bhishma, Mahabharata On this beautiful hot day in sunny South Florida, I watch my dreams become a reality. 🌞 Wearing @aloyoga
"Sun may loose its brilliance, moon its luster, rain may withhold its blessing from earth, fire may grow cold, and color colorless before I will consent to break my word." - Bhishma; Mahabharata Failed attempts at flying high with my good friend @saintlessnick 🌺 Kauai moments captured by @tarasimo
Life is too short not to smile through tough times, too short not to enjoy every moment like it's your last. Every time I look out on the world I think to myself, life is crazy. It's designed so precisely and yet you have no idea what's going on. Life is a roller coaster but I love it. All these f
Life is all about adventure! Today I went rock climbing with my good friends @sweetst3ph @johncienfuegos and @dr.e92 ! I'm officially part of the climbing team at my university and I can climb a 5-8! If you all know anything about climbing it was quite challenging. But that's what life is about, rea
I'm no longer concerned with why, and mostly concerned with how I can fix it. I have spent most of my life as a philosopher, trying to find the answers to why I am the way I am. This has done me good as I am aware of what I do and why I do it. But this practice has not helped me find a way to heal,
Love is quite simple, it is people that are complicated. Open your heart and reach your hand out, with no strings attached to the past, to your pride, or to your ego. You want love, then just love. ✨ Visit to book your stay in Baja Mexico on October 15th-18th with @rivkayoga @k

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