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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Lianna Nicole 200-RYT
#SkyHighGroundDown Day 13: Headstand Straight Legs #naniyoga #liannanicole #yoga
#SkyHighGroundDown Day 12: Firefly Pose or Tittibhasana In this pose, you are using pressure against the inner thigh and triceps to create balance, as well as pulling in the core to left the body up and off of the floor. Arms are straight and legs are straight, point your toes! It is ok if this pos
#SkyHighGroundDown Day 11: Eka Pada Koundinyasana II I like to approach this pose from a deep forearm lunge first. Then placing your shoulder under the thigh of the front leg, and shifting your balance onto the arm. I also like to keep the other arm under my body for support. Please stretch before
A little chin mudra meditation with my new custom made bracelet from our #SkyHighGroundDown sponsor @starfishandsmiles ! If you've joined the challenge and haven't already followed them, go ahead for your chance to win a free custom made bracelet or t-shirt! 🙏🌺 #naniyoga #liannanicole #yoga #jewel
Universal Studios Islands of Adventure in Orlando! Sporting my @lmmdi Miami Made Tank 😍 Thank you @lmmdi for the cute and sporty tank! If you haven't already, go follow @lmmdi the sponsor of #SkyHighGroundDown for a chance to win an item from their store!
#SkyHighGroundDown Day 10: Crows Pose, better known as Bakasana in Sanskrit In this pose, focus on pulling the core up and in. The knees essentially are being placed at the armpits and the arms are straight. If this is difficult for you it is ok to bend the elbows and place the knees on the forearm
#SkyHighGroundDown Day 9: Side Plank In this pose, the feet are stacked on top of each other and the hip is not collapsing what so ever. You can take any advanced variation you like whether it be lifting the leg, taking a tree pose, or doing a big toe grab, and maybe even shifting from that to a sp
#SkyHighGroundDown Day 8: Fierce Pose Contrary to what most people have been told, the Sanskrit word for this pose, Utkatasana, does not translate to chair pose but rather to fierce pose. The mix up might have happened somewhere along the lines of explanation. Depending on your lineage, you will ap
Look at those beautiful clear skies, perfect day to go for a run or do some outdoor yoga. 🌻 Here is the advanced Extended Side Angle Pose for Day 7 of #SkyHighGroundDown When in your deepest Uttita Parsvokonasana, take the hand that is extended and reach it behind your back, aiming to meet with the
#SkyHighGroundDown Day 7: Extended Side Angle Pose In this pose it is best to start in warrior 2 but you may find which ever flow suits you best :) In this demonstrative video, everytime I pause is a different variation you can take depending on your level. I have left out the more advanced modific
#SkyHighGroundDown Day 6: Eagle Pose In this pose, you place one leg over the other and come to a seated position similar to utkatasana. It is ok if you cannot completely bind your foot behind your calf. If it is hard to find balance, place the toe of the top leg on the ground to use as support. Tw
Play time yesterday with my girl @sasassenia 😜 #naniyoga #liannanicole #yoga
#SkyHighGroundDown Day 5: Warrior III Engage, engage, engage! The whole body! Ground your self, flex, or "floint" (a mixture of flexing and pointing that I love) the flying foot. Balance and breathe 🙏🌺 #naniyoga #liannanicole #yoga
Late night grub sesh, someone got impatient 😦😑
#SkyHighGroundDown Day 4: Reverse Warrior Start in a Warrior II, flipping the palm to face the sky and following the hand with your gaze, stretching the side of your body that is facing the leg that is bent. Making sure to keep the alignment in the legs. 🌺 #naniyoga #liannanicole #yoga
More backbending!!! Doing scorpion against the wall also helps you focus on deepening your backbend by allowing less focus on balance! 🌺 #naniyoga #liannanicole #yoga
A little back bending practice today. Back bending is my favorite target area, and one of my biggest goals in yoga. Flexibility in the spine means full range of movement in the body. Strengthening the spine means a solid foundation for the body. To reach your full potential, try doing these poses st
What a special surprise to receive from a very special guy ❤️welcome home
#SkyHighGroundDown Day 3: Warrior II In this pose, both the arms are aligned and your drishti or focus point is to the middle finger of the arm extended in front of you. Your hips are open, pushed forward, and squared to the side that your heart is facing. The front leg is bent, knee stacked on top
#SkyHighGroundDown Day 2: Crescent Moon In this pose the front leg in bent, knee just above the ankle and your toes facing forward. The back leg is straight and the heel is off the ground. Arms are engaged and if possible, you can add a backbend in there! 🌺🙏 goodluck! Don't forget to add and tag
#SkyHighGroundDown Day 1: Vinyasa Flow The vinyasa flow is a combination of Chaturanga Dandasana, Upward Dog, and Downward Dog. During Chaturanga be sure to keep your elbows close to your body. In Upward Dog, only the tops of your feet and the palms of your hands should be touching the floor, and i
The time has come! Tomorrow starts the August yoga challenge #SkyHighGroundDown ☺️ if you haven't joined in on the fun yet, repost one of our earlier flyers and follow the instructions. I am so happy to have all of you challengers join in our practice. It is an honor and I wish only to guild you as
August yoga challenge! To enter the challenge follow all hosts, myself @fitwithz @chinadoll_yogi @saintlessnick and follow all sponsors @wayofink @lmmdi @starfishandsmiles Each day there will be a pose that you can participate in! 😊 Check any of the hosts pages for the pose list in ad