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Lianna Nicole
Jellyfish! ☀️ #naniyoga #liannanicole #naturesndnurtureinspires #nature #ocean #jellyfish #miami
It's all about amazing views, amazing experiences, and amazing people to share it with. #naniyoga #liannanicole #kayaking #yoga #naturesndnurtureinspires #nature
There are times when matters of the heart become matters of the mind, and the mind, matters of the heart. Continuously conflicted, like a split road and no road signs. Sometimes you have to realize that your only option is taking a risk, because you can't follow something that doesn't know where it
Some of my favorite things. A little late but a #stopdropandyoga from @paulavtcosta :) hope you enjoy! #naniyoga #liannanicole #naturesndnurtureinspires
You must learn to embrace not only the light, but the darkness. Wearing: Stretch Berry @58berries A new state of the art yoga clothing brand that mixes freshness with high quality fabrics. And check out the cute watermelons! Yummy 😍 coming soon to a store near you #naniyoga #liannanicole #nature
Life is a mystery and oh is it compelling. #naniyoga #liannanicole #naturesndnurtureinspires #yoga #yogi Check out the official NANI Yoga YouTube Channel, link in bio
Acro Yoga at @triostudios with @cashflowfuentes #naniyoga #liannanicole #yoga #yogi #acro #acroyoga
I will be there, will you? #AloHaRetreat @rivkayoga @jadealectra @saintlessnick @yoginiari @deus_nick ❤️❤️❤️❤️ yay!!!
Welcome to 2015! And welcome to the launch of the NANI Yoga YouTube Channel! Thank you all for following my journey thus far! There are great things to come in this next year, starting with this YouTube channel dedicated to giving free yoga flows to everyone, anytime, anywhere! Every week we will a
Art is anything that steals you away from your troubles, that paints a picture in your heart, and that sings a melody to the world. #naniyoga #liannanicole #naturesndnurtureinspires #yoga #yogi
You'd be surprised how much inner peace can be gained by just spending a little time in nature. These moments are what created N.A.N.I Yoga. The acronym stands for "Nature and Nurture Inspires Yoga" and the word nani also comes from the Hawaiian word which means beautiful. It is also within my name
Take all your mountains head on, do not run from the challenge. Sports bra by @VictoriasSecret Yoga mat by @AuroraeYoga #naniyoga #liannanicole #natureandnurtureinspires #yoga #yogi
Merry Christmas from your favorite yogis! Sarabi is using his @felineyogi mat and I am on my @auroraeyoga mat ❤️ using the @gopro !!! #naniyoga #liannanicole #yoga #yogi #felineyogi #sarabiyoga
Merry Christmas to my baby Sarabi! He's in love with his yoga mat! Mother-son yoga coming to a timeline near you! #naniyoga #liannanicole #yoga #sarabi #felineyogi #yogi
"I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning." - J. B. Priestley #naniyoga #liannanicole #lovelivelife
All that we are may have resulted from what we have been, but all that we become is a magical mystery, a story that you yourself can change and create! 🌺🙏 #naniyoga #liannanicole #yoga #thinkpositivly #lookforward
Breathe in the future, breathe out the past. Breathe in the peace, breathe out the chaos. Breathe in the love, breathe out the light. 🌺 #naniyoga #liannanicole #yoga #savasana #letitgo #letsmeditate
"Any great warrior is also a scholar, and a poet, and an artist." - #StevenSeagal #naniyoga #liannanicole #yoga
"Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character; and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man" - #ArthurSchopenhauer Follow @lions4mercy to find out the truth about animal abuse around the world. Thank you to my best friend @sasa
You either accept the things you cannot change or change the things you cannot accept. #naniyoga #liannanicole #yoga
"Raise your words not your voice, it's rain that grows flowers, not thunder." - Rumi Follow my amazing #yogafriends @fitwithz @saintlessnick @chinadoll_yogi @wakayogi @yogipia @carolinewybaryoga @jillananda @thecheekychicks @sovysov_yoga #naniyoga #liannanicole #yoga
A little late night inspiration just in case you were worried. Love you all, namaste 🙏🌺 #naniyoga #liannanicole #yoga
A big shoutout to my new friend @wakayogi who is not only beautiful but an amazing yogi ❤️ looking forward to great projects coming from the both of us! #yogafriends #bestrong
Sometimes in life we are forced to make hard decisions. Persuaded to go through this bumpy road by things that are not seen. Feelings that show up in the form of instincts. And for whatever reason, though the road is unknown and the destination is not foreseen, we believe that these instincts will t
Late night play time, and just for a moment with the help of my good friend door, I experience the hollow back. How freeing it was! 💫 #naniyoga #liannanicole #yoga #hollowback
Another wonderful night practicing with @yoga.dawn at @house_of_yoga and what a challenge she gave me. Make sure to create equal pressure between the tricep and the inner leg in order to open up and push that leg behind you. This should also create a big bulge of skin you never knew you had to make
After an amazing class taught by one of my favorite yogis @kit_xo a little play time! Were still working on getting that leg straight! Come join us in our practice at @house_of_yoga #naniyoga #liannanicole #yoga #backbends #balance #buddha #houseofyoga #miami #florida
Battle wounds: Pincha vs. Elbows. Pincha won. #naniyoga #liannanicole #yoga
Held this one for a few seconds, working on holding my inversions for minutes. To do so I'm going to have to work more on upper body strength. New journies towards new dreams 🌺🙏 #naniyoga #liannanicole #yoga #inversions Wearing @nike #nike shorts and @lululemon #lululemon sports bra.
You can either make progress or make excuses. Wearing @nike shorts and @Lululemon sports bra #naniyoga #liannanicole #yoga #backbend #backbends
All that we are and will become starts with all that we think and we dream. Reach for the stars and you will find the universe. - Nani 🌺🙏 📷: @sierrafilms #naniyoga #liannanicole #yoga #nature #nurture #inspiration #fitness #love
Firefly prep on a fallen branch. Sorry I've been MIA guys, there's been a lot going on. I've been learning a lot about myself and about how to trust your instincts. But there's a difference between trusting your instincts and being fearful, and you have to know the difference so that you don't rob y
After an amazing work out at the gym, revisiting one of my favorite poses! 😍🙏🌺 #naniyoga #liannanicole #yoga
"Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light." #naniyoga #liannanicole #yoga #interstellar
"It's not what happens to is in point A that upsets us it's what happens at point B that upsets us." - #albertellis Don't take things so personal. Don't make things about you. Most people are just living there lives and are not thinking how everything effects you. I know it sounds harsh but realize
Everyone has two sides of them, the introverted and extroverted, the negative and the positive, the assets and the flaws. We are the epitome of yin and yang. It is the side that we choose to embrace in each moment that effects our realities. I've been trying to be aware and mindful of which side I c
🙏 Thank you to the universe for this beautiful baby Aubree I have the honor of calling my niece. Thank you to my brother and my sis for allowing me to be apart of this beautiful experience. I'm so proud of you guys!!!!! Congratulations ❤️ @drooosays_ @xomilacy ❤️
First selfie in a while! Had a long day dressed up at work with the crazy sugar eating 4 year old preschoolers :) spending the night indoors, have fun and be safe!
This was my costume I wore to work! Can anyone guess what I am and where I am from?
✨ #naniyoga #liannanicole #yoga #quotes #advice
I am officially in training as an athlete for the USA Yoga Asana Competition! This is one of the poses in the sequence that will be judged. Bow pose! It still needs some work, my legs need to be straighter and pulled together. My shoulders need to be open more. But I think I'm doing pretty well! My
Why do we spend our time so mindlessly when we all know tomorrow isn't promised? Ask yourself today if your life was taken tomorrow, did you do the things you wanted to do? Did you spend your time being happy more than angry? If you answered no to these questions, it's time for a change. 🙏🌺 #naniy
Listen to the voice inside of you. Goodnight and namaste 🙏🌺 #naniyoga #liannanicole #yoga #poetry #shelsilverstein
Be all you can be, feel the freedom of being all that you are, be strong, be calm, be peaceful. Life is wonderful! #naniyoga #liannanicole #yoga #fallenangel #nature #asana
Bikram yoga kicked my butt today. Athlete in training for the USA Yoga Asana Competition. Wearing my Florida Panther tank top from @lmmdi ❤️🙏 #naniyoga #liannanicole #yoga #bikram #lmmdi
You have two different sides of you that balance each other out. One is the side that says don't do that, be scared. The other tells you do everything, have no fear. Each is no more or less valid than the other. Each is possible. So choose the one in which you will enjoy yourself the most. Don't be
"You think you own whatever land you land on; the Earth is just a dead thing you can claim. But I know every rock and tree and creature, has a life, has a spirit, has a name." Enjoying some quality time in the vast tree tops with my girls @christinagon @janellebell315 #naniyoga #liannanicole #yoga