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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Lianna Nicole 500-RYT
I'm no longer concerned with why, and mostly concerned with how I can fix it. I have spent most of my life as a philosopher, trying to find the answers to why I am the way I am. This has done me good as I am aware of what I do and why I do it. But this practice has not helped me find a way to heal,
Love is quite simple, it is people that are complicated. Open your heart and reach your hand out, with no strings attached to the past, to your pride, or to your ego. You want love, then just love. ✨ Visit to book your stay in Baja Mexico on October 15th-18th with @rivkayoga @k
As promised here is the amazing scenery that accompanies the previous SUP yoga photo in 🌺 Kauai, HI! Have experienced like this participating in SUP yoga, sunrise/sunset flows, home cooked meals, private villas, beaches, and new friendships in the GLOW Baja Mexico Retreat led by @rivkayoga @kaylal
Hey rock stars! Ahhh SUP Yoga, such an amazing feeling to be floating amongst the sea and surrounded by Mother Nature. Did you know @rivkayoga will be leading the SUP in the @go_light_our_world Baja Mexico Retreat? Oh yeah! I'll be co hosting the October 15-18th Baja Mexico Retreat along side @rivk
I met this mermaid on the Kauai Retreat led by @rivkayoga and @jadealectra 💜🌺 It was a truly magical experience, seeing new things, flowing through asana, connecting with others. Eating delicious food and seeing magnificent sights! Yoga retreats are an amazing way to find adventure in your soul a
Acro fun with my amazing boyfriend @jay_the_gentt 💙💚 Wearing @aloyoga
Flowing on this hot breezy day in the sunshine state. 🌞🌴 Wearing @aloyoga Mat by @bayyoga_thelabel Use the code "Nani.Yoga" for 15% off one of there amazing, non-slip grip, eco friendly mats! Visit to sign up for the Baja Mexico retreat led by myself, @rivkayoga and @kaylala8
Accept yourself. Your flaws, your short comings. Acknowledge yourself. Your strengths, your beauty. Embrace yourself. Your changing mind, your growth. Visit to reserve your spot in Baja Mexico! Leading the retreat will be @rivkayoga @kaylala88 and myself. Check the site for mo
Be who you are unapologetically. Do not let the opinions of others make you question your essence. Do not create false identities. You are not this body, you are much more. Interested in a yoga retreat? Check out to see what @rivkayoga @kaylala88 and myself have in store for th
Traveling. It is in our nature to reach for things that inspire us to be creative, to expand our horizon. I'm so honored and excited to be hosting this Baja, Mexico Yoga Retreat with @rivkayoga and @go_light_our_world founder @kaylala88 🙏🏼🌺 If you haven't already checked out the retreat page I su
Looking for a beautiful vacation, delicious food, and best of all YOGA? Look no further! @rivkayoga and myself alongside @kaylala88 and @go_light_our_world will be hosting a retreat in Baja, Mexico! 🌴🌹 Join us for the experience of a lifetime! This 4-day, 3-night yoga retreat led by, @
Join us for the experience of a lifetime! We're going to Baja, Mexico! This 4-day, 3-night yoga retreat led by myself, @rivkayoga and @kaylala88 includes organic, home-cooked meals, intensive yoga workshops & gentle flows, guided meditation, surf, SUP, & mermaid activities- as well as l
Sometimes in life you must take a chance. A leap of faith towards some greater goal or towards some amazing idea. Graduating from my guru Ruslan Kleytman's teacher training and receiving my 500-hr RYT certificate is one of those leaps. We all overcame the odds and came out with more knowledge and lo
Bless us all. 🙏🏼 may we find our way and have the open heart and mind to listen to the guidance sent from the heavens. May we all be abundant in love and free from sorrow. May we be liberated from this body and may all our souls connect as one. Wearing @aloyoga and @shopsassandstyle Photo by @ska
"Let the beauty we love be what we do." - Rumi • • • What are YOU passionate about? What fuels your inner fire? How do you stroke that flame? My greatest passions are service, travel, creative arts & yoga. And, I'm so thrilled to tie ALL of these components together by initiating GLOW's Baja Karma
Janelle and Sams Wedding 2015 con mi💚
Ishvara, how you fill me and surround me all at once. Like raindrops in the ocean we blend as one.
Check out these beautiful earrings @rocksbox sent me! Super cool way of trying all kinds of new pieces. You choose your favorite items and styles online and they compile pieces to send you as a surprise! You can wear them as long as you like and then send them back to get a new box sent. Sounds like
Thank you so much to @naturalshilajit for my supply of this amazing product. Yogis and nonyogis, people of all kinds, you have to try this! As a powerful immune system booster, it not only keeps the body healthy but treats diabetes, respiratory conditions, improves tissue regeneration, acts as a se
Underground acro fun with my favorite couple and co-owners of @kramayogainstitute ❤️ Wearing @aloyoga
I'm so honored to FINALLY reveal what we've been working on: Go Light Our World (@go_light_our_world) is hosting our FIRST Karma Yoga Retreat in Baja Mexico this October! 🌞🌴 And....wait for it....the retreat will be led by @rivkayoga and myself who will provide not only daily vinyasa classes, but
When faced with adversity we must remember that all things in life have there purpose. We mustn't get attached to the result of things, to the wonders of what will happen next, but rather embrace all of life's mountains with our head held high and a humble heart. 🌺💜 Wearing @aloyoga and @shopsassa
Om Asato Maa Sad-Gamaya Tamaso Maa Jyotir-Gamaya Mrtyor-Maa Amrtam Gamaya Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Lead us from unreality to reality Lead us from the darkness to the light Lead us from fear of death to immortality Om, Peace Peace Peace ॐ असतो मा सद्गमय । तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय । मृत्योर्मा अमृतं गमय ।
I am all pervasive. I am without any attributes, and without any form. I have neither attachment to the world nor to liberation. I have no wishes for anything because I am everything, everywhere, every time, always in equilibrium. I am indeed, That internal knowing and bliss, Shiva, love and pure co
Congrats to the winners of #ALOhaSummer ! wins an outfit from @aloyoga and @kendallmehaffey wins a beautiful jewelry piece from @shopsassandstyle ! Thank you to our sponsors and to my lovely cohost @yogashalameag and most of all thank all of you for participating! :)
Hello yogis! The last and final day of the July yoga challenge #ALOhaSummer Day 14 is tomorrow! The pose is none other then the Acro pose Front Bird and here is my beauty @rivkayoga and I demonstrating this pose in the photo above. In this pose your base will place the bottom of there feet on your
The beautiful souls and leaders of The Temple of Tantric Alchemy and Shamanism @tantrikshaman and @luz_divina88 stood tall in Saturday's ceremony. So much love for them in sharing space with me and having me as part of the temple team. Look out for other dates for healing ceremonies and educational
Day 13 of #ALOhaSummer is Locust Pose! Sending some bug love to my cohost @yogashalameag and our sponsors @aloyoga and @shopsassandstyle which are featured in the outfit above! In this pose you are simply going to start by laying on the ground belly down and chin or forehead on the mat. On an inhal
Hey yogis! The time has come! Have you always wanted to go on a yoga retreat? Noes your opportunity. My lovely mermaid @rivkayoga and myself will be hosting a retreat in Baja, Mexico! In association with the non-profit organization @go_light_our_world we will be providing you with a 4 da
Hey yogis! Day 12 of #ALOhaSummer with the amazing sponsors @aloyoga and @shopsassandstyle is Chin Stand Pose! Check out the beautiful and talented host @yogashalameag for instructions on this pose and tune in later for my instructions for day 13 and 14 the final days of the challenge! 😚🌺 gorgeous
Day 11 of #ALOhaSummer is Supported Shoulder Stand Acro Pose! Check out my girl @yogashalameag for the instructions of this pose! And don't forget to show love to our wonderful sponsors @aloyoga and @shopsassandstyle ! My base in this pic is my good friend and partner in crime @rivkayoga 🌺
Day 10 of #ALOhaSummer is Uttanasana or Standing Forward Fold! In this pose depending on your lineage your feet are either together or hips with distance apart. Within my practice toes and heels are together. You can use the fingers and the breathe as shown in the photo above to walk yourself close
Hey all! I'm so sorry I'm late on today's instructions. Thank you for baring with me. As I do not have my computer with me I will improvise just for today's pose and feature the beautiful host @yogashalameag her amazing partner as my Day 9 Harbor Bridge Pose for #ALOhaSummer ! In this pose you will
Day 8 of #ALOhaSummer is Plow Pose! One of my favorite poses of all time. Take a look at @yogashalameag page for the description of this beautiful asana. Tune into my page tomorrow for the description of day 9! I'll be in teacher training so bare with me my yogis friends. Thanks so much to our spons
Flashback with my babygirl @rivkayoga for Day 7 of#ALOhaSummer which is Bridge Acro Pose. This is another variation of the pose. Check out the lovely @yogashalameag page for an explanation on how to get into the pose, she's the acro guru. So blessed to have our sponsors @aloyoga and @shopsassandsty
Day 6 of #ALOhaSummer is Boat Pose. This is another variation of the pose where you grab the feet and bring the legs close to the chest. In the traditional asana you will simply let the legs go freely in the air, straight legs and engaged feet, arms lengthened on the outsides of your legs, palms fac
Day 5 of #ALOhaSummer is Whale Acro Pose. The beautiful @rivkayoga joins me as my base. In this pose the flyer will stand above the base on the ground with the feet beside the bases ears. The base will place the their feet on the lower back of the flyer and then as the flyer drops the upper body th
Day 4 of #ALOhaSummer is Open toe stand pose - udghatita Padangusthasana ! Take a look at the beautiful and charismatic @yogashalameag for details about this pose. Thank you to our wonderful sponsors as well! Wearing an outfit from out sponsor @aloyoga and a beautiful custom necklace from our spons
Day 3 of #ALOhaSummer is Throne! Sporting the wonderful sponsors: @aloyoga outfits and @shopsassandstyle necklace with my amazing babe @rivkayoga ! Thanks so much to our sponsors! Check out the beautiful host @yogashalameag for details about this and tomorrow's pose 🌺
Day 2 of #ALOhaSummer is Downward Facing Dog Pose! In this pose, your heels are pressing towards the ground, your toes are rotated slightly inward so that the outsides of your feet are parallel. Your fingers are spread out wide and your middle finger is facing towards the front of your mat. Your ch
Hey guys! Check out my beautiful custom necklace from @shopsassandstyle ! One of the wonderful sponsors from the #ALOhaSummer July Yoga Challenge hosted by @yogashalameag and myself, and sponsored by @aloyoga and @shopsassandstyle! It's not too late to join! You could win an amazing prize from both
Hello yogis! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! 🌞 Tomorrow is the kick off of the #ALOhaSummer July Yoga Challenge!💫 This challenge is all about having fun in summer. After meeting in Hawaii me and @yogashalameag cooked up an awesome challenge with a mixture of acro yoga and traditional style
Her and I are one. The mother guides me, nourishes me, grounds me. All the dirt left on my body is washed away from her water. All the open wounds cleansed. The very air I inhale is the same air she exhaled. Everyday she saves my life, and everyday I work to do the same for her. Mother Nature. 🌺 We
Hey there yogis! July is almost coming up and we've got an amazing challenge for you all! My good friend @yogashalameag and myself met in Hawaii on a wonderful yoga retreat led by @rivkayoga and @jadealectra and built so many great memories, opened our hearts, and welcomed summer with a bang! That's
Life can be a never ending circle of perspective. Similarly to a photo, you look at a situation through you're own lens. You create your own filters. You edit what you don't like and keep what you do. It's important to get rid of these filters, to keep the raw image. Be honest with yourself. Take t
We all imagine that everything will go as planned. That the purpose we imagined for people will be. We go to sleep on the assumption that we'll have another day tomorrow. The truth is we know nothing. Life is transitory. Everything is forever changing. We are not in control. People come and go. The
Hey everyone!!! Don't forget that this Sunday at 2:30 I will be teaching a Karma Yoga class supporting @go_light_our_world at @kramayogainstitute ! Minimum $7 donation. I look forward to sharing light with you 🌻
What a beautiful day it was and amazing shoot with my good friend and amazing photographer @sk8board_c One of the best things in life is finding something you're good at, you're passionate about, and can offer you a living. I truly feel so blessed all the time. Life is so beautiful. Wearing @aloyo
It feels so good to be able to be all of who you are and unapologetic about it. Each and every day we stumble upon situations and people that affect our being and change who we are. As we grow and are molded into different forms, we seem to find our true self. Like a caterpillar to a butterfly, mor
Diving in head first to the unknown. Always. 🌺🙏🏼 trust yourself and trust the world around you. You can do this

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