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MindBlowing Art
The "Cheshire Cat" from alice in wonderland. #SandArt
Love my violin! anyone else play the violin? Any tips did I make a good choice?
A boy will tell you you're beautiful. A man will make you believe it.
Nothing is more painful than a lost love. #Art
This is why there are solar and lunar eclipses. #Art
It's more likely he would reward evil doers, if he actually existed. What do you think?
There is nothing better than the moment you kick art block in the ass and then create the craziest shit ever in 10 minutes.
What if someone tried to rob a nightclub and screamed “everyone put your hands up” and everyone was like “yeah dude” and kept dancing.
That sad moment when you dip your cookie into the milk for too long and it breaks off.
Do you ever read someone’s opinion and wonder what must’ve happened to that person to make them feel that way, or is it just ignorance?
To all the ladies who didn't get this message this morning: Good Morning, beautiful.
You should put your best work first and last, so you’ll make a good first impression and a good last impression. #ArtTip
Having sex with Dalí must have been pretty surreal.
Are you a .5 tip pen? Because you're fine. #ArtistPickupLines