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Matt Allard
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I'm in the mood for pretentious coffee!
I am annoyed with my city in the same way a family member gets on your nerves.
It is better to be kind than cool, but @grantlegan is both. I like spending time with him.
Exploring downtown after noodles and coffee with @lifeserial @ LA River
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An embarrassment of riches sounds like the best kind of embarrassment.
Between two ferns with @grantlegan.
My experience w/ @SocialOgilvy has been extremely poor. Mostly ignored once work delivered, unpaid since Aug. Do not rec working with them.
It's like ten thousand flax seed muffins when all you need is a donut.
Today was a nice day in my world. This is the last week of my 30th year and tonight we are sipping a Lagavulin that we splurged on the other afternoon. Hope you are having a nice night too. xo
Working on my light moves.
On a food adventure with @chefjeremyfox, @rachaelsheridan, and @undefeated! This is a squid taco with a squid ink tortilla, peanuts, and purslane.
Fall creek boys choir. (part II) // in collaboration with @cleverprimeuk
Saturday morning cartoons. #wrdlab
I'd...I'd like to shut it down. No, I mean the whole thing. All of it. Says here I'm in charge. Please do what I say.
Haha don't suddenly start thinking about your life's purpose on a Friday night haha that would be silly haha
Autumn makes us sleepy, tbqh. Thinking about canceling all plans and hiding in a blanket tonight. Best idea or extra best idea?
The pumpkin patch turned into a Christmas tree lot. #sorcery
It's a beautiful blue-gray (mostly gray) day. Rinsing my brain with apple cider, making notes, and getting some thoughts organized. Also getting some use out of a @tigmodmobile from @thisisground. #tigmod
Basically I'll never forget how Gwyneth Paltrow dropped the fact that she had an apple orchard as she was attempting to be down to earth.
I'm so GOOP as I fix myself a warm ceramic mug of fair trade coffee & head out to my apple orchard to collect dew for the dog's water bowl.
Dude-bros down the street have a sign on their front patio that says "Dogs accept that you're the boss... cats want to see your resume."
Fall creek boys choir. (part I)
Green is my favorite color.
'90's electronica is hot for fall. Listening to lotsa Hooverphonic, Morcheeba, and Lamb lately.
Too many app updates to adapt to and everything feels clunky.
They'll say, "Man, he is really letting it live."
It will be alright if I'm never 'killing it.'
Always searching for the answers to life's toughest questions, like What's for lunch?
What a relief that big wet butts are back in the news.
I bet I could land on a comet if I wanted to. I just don't want to.
Excuse me, can I please talk to you for a minute? I have "The Boy is Mine" stuck in my head.
Went to bed like dis.
Batten down the afternoon.
What are we—human beings—even doing anymore? Really? RT @BuzzFeed: The 47 Most Important Moments From Taylor Swift’s New Video
The furthest from the weekend.
Strange thing hiding in Interstellar, strange because it is hiding.
Life is good. 💕 #thefoxwedding2014
Mr and Mrs F O X. #thefoxwedding2014
Countdown to #thefoxwedding2014.
Rachael and Jeremy are getting married tomorrow. #thefoxwedding2014
I don't mean to be throwing the shady at anybody, but unlike SOME people I am still young and hip and very knowledgeable about slang.
How is your Friday going? Send me a snapchat: lifeserial.
#lifeserialreads | I wish my brain were young again. I wish hopping from one room to the next were enough of an activity to clear away whatever trouble had been plaguing me mere seconds earlier. Peter has cautioned me against such thoughts. "Wishes are for children," he's told me before. "Don't wish
'Twas always better to be nice than cool.
I like going out to eat things. That's nice.