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Matt Allard
I was excited to see someone was smiling at me, then I realized I was looking in the mirror.
I was excited to see I had an email, then I realized it was something I'd sent myself.
Wake up! Let's go get coffee.
Guy on a bike tour just told the group behind him, "Alright! Let's go have fun and see some celebrities!"
This man got into bed to read. What happens next will blow your mi
Trunk Club? Oh yeah, no, I thought you said Drunk Club. I'm good. Already got plenty of clothes, thanks.
It's autumn and I'm in love.
Imagine me wearing nothing but an entire outfit.
The man in front of me at the grocery store paid with a check. And rode away in a covered wagon!
I write L.A. hate mail. I send L.A. love letters.
It's pretty hipster of you to hate hipsters.
I lay down and cut my pants off with scissors, one leg at a time, just like everybody else.
Just ate a slice of cake that took a year off my life.
Friday night lights.
Suggestion? Tune your little old fashioned radio in to play some @broodsmusic. Been enjoying their new album "Evergreen" today. 📻🎶
Nothing has changed since I shared physical space with a Jonas Brother. I thought something was supposed to happen?
Just breathed the same air as one of the Jonas Brothers. Now what?
The hardest thing in the world is having to say goodbye to someone you love. Just kidding, it's folding a fitted sheet.
Someone please make me a t-shirt that says THIS ISN'T ABOUT YOU.
Wash away, wash away.
What's that? Oh? You're going to get us more snacks? Alright then.
I love that Sigur Ros song! RT @cnnbrk: Two U.S. Ebola patients now receiving experimental drug Brincidofovir.
The key is to not make a face when you see the price tag.
I often picture emojis in my mind, go hunting through my phone, and realize they don't actually exist.
Five out of five honey bears agree: fresh @clarkstreetbread is delicious.
End of day. #wrdlab
The natural pattern of things.
How do I know? I've got a coupla bags in my nightstand right now.
What color is the strawberry Haribo gummy bear? Wrong. It's green.
We lost our dog's collar. We have our dog and leash but we have no idea what happened to her collar. Looked everywhere!
#lifeserialreads | It is almost impossible to capture true sadness; it is a deep-sea creature that can never be brought into view. I say that I remember being sad, but in truth I only remember mornings when that person in the bed—the person in which I was contained—could not wake up, could not go to
So hot I just wandered into traffic.
Another boy, another book... these friend/book portraits were part of a little series for a project on my blog. If you'd like to see them all together (please do!), you can now find them at // This is @gojoshgo readin' about bugs.
A stranger I follow on Instagram had to put her dog to sleep and I am beside myself. Oh, we never get enough time!
Working my way through a box of Lucky Charms with grace and agility.
Body down there. Head up here.
Early #fridayreads because I can't contain how I feel for @EmilyMandel's STATION ELEVEN.…
See ya then! RT @thisispolica: Come see us at @theroxy on October 16th! Get your tickets now:
Haha, thought I might share three strong Instagrams I think are doing some inspiring work. Please tap the photo to check them out! Also, take this opportunity to lemme know what's inspiring you--a photographer, a book, a movie, some art? I'd like to know!
Dreaming of disrupting the celebrity space by constantly saying "sorry, sweetie, I didn't catch your name?" to very famous people.
My fav snapchat is the one I just got from a girl I don't know. She told me to have fun studying and do well on my exam. She was in a bar.
I like the way cereal for dinner makes me feel in my footie pajamas.