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Matt Allard
There he goes. LA Gov Bobby Jindal says it's too soon to talk about guns from the scene in #Lafayette. But he wants us to pray.
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I'm at the stage where anyone who will treat this like the epidemic it is has my 2016 vote. Republican. Democrat. Demi Lovato. Don't care.
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In retrospect Sandy Hook marked the end of the US gun control debate. Once America decided killing children was bearable, it was over.
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I could scream. News is trying to figure out why re: shooting. Isn't it more important that it CAN happen & is repeatedly allowed to happen?
America is where anyone can get a gun and shoot lots of people with it. America does not care enough to change that so that's the way it is.
I took this from my car while sitting in stand-still traffic. I especially like the moon way way way up there, watching over me even in the daytime, reminding me that I am so tiny in the universe and my problems are even smaller.
Taking out a small bank loan to pay for my dog's haircut.
Got mail from UCLA Medical and was worried it was another bill, but it was just a letter about my private info being stolen. What a relief!
What lies beyond the pink door? (Bohemia)
Making some pictures with these nice #SennheiserUrbanite headphones over the next few weeks, but more importantly... trying to decide what to listen to first. | 1/3 #sponsored by @sennheiser
I am definitely a morning person.
Been thinking a lot about ego. The idea that you are better than anyone else and—more importantly—that you NEED to be is so destructive.
There was another absurd True Detective line I was going to quote but then he called his mom a "poisoned cooze" and I forgot what it was.
New Beverly Grove @bluebottlela this morning. #coffeeshopvibes #coffeeonthebar
If you're not on the @yearsandyears train yet, I'm not sure what you're waiting for. The new album owns me.
World, are you okay? Very worried about you right now.
Today is a good day. ✨
Simple start of day.
Went to a great little dinner party downtown tonight to celebrate the new #tigmodlaptop 2. Thanks for having me, @thisisground. And thanks for being my date, @angelineasaurus!
Well this ought to ~delight~ some people I know: Daniel Wellington Made a $200 Million Business Out of Cheap Watches
Don't just go set a watchman. I want to challenge you to go set several watchmen. At least four. This is 2015.
All the things you've done in the last 9 years and the entire time that spacecraft was flying non-stop toward Pluto.
Going out for ice cream like
If you're sassy and you like alliteration, try screaming "Farewell, Felicia!"
I bet it's hard to tell who your real friends are when you're a celebrity or have a swimming pool.
Weekend. #lifeserialweekend
Honestly leaving this bar because there are too many girls talking in baby voices.
Here, I got you this beautiful weekend. I hope you like it. Is it the right size?
I am constantly picturing emojis that don't actually exist.
Girl: "Whoa." Other girl: "Like, totally."
Splash mountain. #💦🗻
Hmm. The delivery man did not have a sense of humor about my dog howling an inch from his face.
My mind is very loud this week, so this looks extra nice to me. I'm a #😌 chaser.
Was it so good or was it like literally sooooo good?
I have this cool device that lets me know exactly when it's 5 o'clock.
Ooh, I feel like drinking one of those fresh pressed juices that cost like $11,000.
Trying to go with the flow.
this was BY FAR the most interesting thing i read all week, an anonymous story by a nyc cop -…
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I was on my way home when I saw you.
Mayyybe if we want things done in the #USA we should have women do them more often. #FIFAWWCFinal
You get a goal! And you get a goal! And you get three goals! #USA #USMNT
What's been most thrilling about this first half is realizing how easily either team could break both my legs. #FIFAWWCFinal
How do you say "oh fuck" in Japanese? #USMNT
Hot damn. We fixin' to win. #USA #USMNT

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