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Matt Allard
Oh, if you have model abs, it's not true when you describe yourself as "just your average boy next door." Cool world you live in though.
💡 Save a little energy, help save the world from climate change? That sounds like… wait for it… a pretty bright idea. (Sorrrry!) // It's been fun to create some images in collaboration with @EnergyUpgradeCalifornia. Share how you're conserving water and energy using #StayGoldenCA and you could win
Bummed you didn't wave when I let you merge. I thought we were good together. I thought we had something.
People are becoming clouds.
I wish when you finished drinking at a bar you got to smash the glass against a wall.
"I'm calling out Gwen Stefani, Justice Antonin Scalia, and my girl Miss Piggy! You bitches got 24 hours to complete the challenge!"
Hilarious to find out which random celebrities are friends and calling each other out for this ALS Challenge thing.
Hide your kids, hide your wife--I'm in bed reading a book at 9 o'clock on a Friday night.
Checking books out of the library like it's sexy.
I would spit up an entire lunch if someone ever introduced himself to me as a "social media mogul."
If you stay and keep eating, you never have to pay the bill.
No water was wasted in making this photo that will hopefully get you thinking about water conservation and how, especially in CA, it's desperately needed. Drought vibes, hashtag notcool. // Photo in collaboration with @EnergyUpgradeCalifornia. Share how you're conserving water and energy using #Stay
Roses are red / some buildings are blue / hope everyone has a nice Wednesday / yes, I'm talking about you.
"Step Up All In. Yes, Step All The Damn Way In. Get In There And Dance, For Crying Out Loud: The Movie"
Our pain is so rooted in our lopsided view of reality. Who ever got the idea that we could have pleasure without pain? It's promoted rather widely in this world, and we buy it. But pain and pleasure go together; they are inseparable. They can be celebrated. They are ordinary. Birth is painful and de
Melted candy in my yoga bag. Probably a sign.
Oh to be a golfer and able to win things with my strokes.
24 hours in the desert.
You don't have to have your pants unzipped and halfway down when entering a public restroom; you can wait a few more moments.
Look out cos I'm training my mind for happiness, motherfuckers!
🎶 And I only have eyes for you. Sha bup sha bup. 🎶
Blake Lively wants to know if I've always dreamed of thicker hair.
Because it was a long week and you held it together... a glass of Chardonnay to kick off the weekend. Cheers! | 4/4 #treattoday #sponsored by @cupcakevineyards
Obama is about to address the nation, which reminds me I want to address the nation. "Hey, nation!"
Okay, I have given it a lot of thought and I have decided I want a book to make me breathless.
Reviewer describes book as 'breathless' and 'exciting.' But to me being without breath sounds tiring, not exciting. Plus, you could die!
Sorry I turned your yoga studio into a community swimming pool.
In bed, taking 7000 terrible pictures of me and my dog cuddling. <3
Because there's often a bright side. | 3/4 #treattoday #sponsored by @cupcakevineyards
Because anything can happen. | 2/4 #treattoday #sponsored by @cupcakevineyards
I spent a fair amount of time on an idea that didn't pan out today but I have another idea for tomorrow.
The easiest decision I've made this week was just now when I told a robot over the phone I didn't want a free cruise.
Because you finally did it! | This week I'm sharing a set of images that make me feel good, #sponsored by @cupcakevineyards and their #treattoday campaign. I hope you like them. 1/4
I don't even like Coldplay anymore. #rideswithhorse
Earlier, on a walk in the neighborhood. Now it's raining. I like Sundays most.
Fresh baked Sunday.
Such a muggy afternoon in L.A. Good time to stay indoors with a cool drink, but I can't decide what to make...
Few of the breakfast essentials from a nice meal with @sundaysuppers, @_kenrivera, and @undefeated this morning.
It's stupid because it's safety and who cares what you look like, but screw you if you look great in a bicycle helmet.
Spent the entire drive home from lunch playing out a mental argument with the woman who parked her SUV in the middle of two compact spaces.
Everyone looks hot and sweaty today, except for me. I look 100% submerged.
Future so bright.
The wind just blew a piece of paper off a girl's table toward another girl's table, then they realized they knew each other.
If royals don't spend the summer washing their feet in the bathroom sink, I don't want to be royalty.