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Matt Allard
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Friday night drinks in a greenhouse with @undefeated, @seepoe, @junglegee, @jebreed, and @nicoleur. 🌿🍸
All I want for Christmas is to take a few people by the shoulders, look them straight in the face, and say, "Are you fucking kidding me?"
I used nachos to tell myself I love myself.
Sweatpants, cider, window full of rain.
Do I want to watch Babadook by myself on a rainy night or should I just go directly to Cedars for a 36-hour psychiatric hold?
I'm getting good at making breakfast. I'm getting better at eating it.
By the window when it rains.
'Tis the season for random cravings, like I'm a pregnant lady or somebody. Tonight, I would do things for a mall pretzel.
Let's take a bite outta Monday! Toast & jam by sqirlla, hunger inducing pic by @lifeserial, dat buttah…
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Downtown on a rainy Sunday and things are looking good inside @alchemyworks.
I got up and made banana bread and now my whole house smells like banana bread and I feel like nothing can stop me.
"Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing." I've been watching Rachael and Jessie get @solsticecanyon ready for months and now their original almond butters are finally available! If all-organic, raw, and unpasteurized sounds good to you, I'd love for you to try them and support my friends. I
Cameron just spilled cream of wheat all over Ninja's head and claims he isn't drunk.
Lunch #onthetable at @pineandcrane in Silver Lake. The dandan noodles and pumpkin potstickers are my favorite.
Thanksgiving leftovers (heading home now).
If you're gonna #shopsmall today, I recommend going to see my friends Jeremy and Nicole at @lincolnandrose. Their pop-up (on the corner of Lincoln & Rose in Venice, of course) offers a curated selection from over 30 local craftsman. #WHPsmallshops
Lights out. 😴 See you tomorrow. 😘
Sunset at the see-thru house.
Help! People keep feeding me delicious food.
I love stuffing. It's like edible potpourri.
This mirror is great for seeing what you look like a little bit at a time.
Thank you. 🙏
Thanksgiving sunrise.
I couldn't find a wall that said GRATEFUL.
"I'm not racist and all my friends will tell you that..." means you know you're about to say something potentially racist, so just stop.
Christmas music coming in hot. Take cover.
"Sorry I'm late; I was trapped in a duvet cover." is a legitimate excuse. That's real. I'd accept that.
The elves at @drakegeneralstore invited me to curate a holiday gift pack with some of my favorite things from their shop, but what's even better is that I also get to give it away to one of you! 1⃣ 'LIKE' this photo. 2⃣ Follow @drakegeneralstore. By the end of the day you could win everything you se
Thinking about heading into the end of this year, slowing, cooling down. The Buddhist practice of calming the mind is called samatha. I like that.
Yesterday was my 31st birthday. The only thing better than the double-layer heirloom carrot cake with browned butter cream cheese frosting and toasted coconut that the goddess @rachaelsheridan made for me is this leftover double-layer heirloom carrot cake with browned butter cream cheese frosting an
My better half. ❤️
Welp, finally allowed myself to be sucked into Serial. Farewell!
#lifeserialreads | The world changes too fast. You take your eyes off something that's always been there, and the next minute it's just a memory. — Michel Faber, THE BOOK OF STRANGE NEW THINGS
Hoped for the best.
👋 New profile photo of yours truly, courtesy of @bonnietsang at this morning's #emptyLACMA event.
Had a great time exploring @LACMA this morning. The new #PierreHuyghe exhibit is definitely one to experience first-hand. Opens Sunday. #emptyLACMA
If I'd been smiling for days, I'd probably go see a doctor to figure out what was wrong with me. "Oh, you just read that book, that's all."
Oh oh I'm just dying for a breezy read that sneaks in its emotional wallops and leaves me smiling for days.
"A breezy read that sneaks in its emotional wallops and leaves you smiling for days." Pull-quotes are very bizarre.
If anyone needs a pattern, I just realized I have them all.
I'm in the mood for pretentious coffee!
I am annoyed with my city in the same way a family member gets on your nerves.