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Life Hacks
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An easier way to pack jewelry so you don't lose it
How to play racing games on your phone
10 "healthy foods" that aren't actually healthy:
As much as you may hate them, cold showers are much better for your hair and skin.
Eating something too spicy? Drink milk! It will neutralize any hot/spicy taste in your mouth.
Junk foods that are actually good for you!
Be grateful for what you have, work hard for what you don't have.
Never get your sense of worth from outside yourself, and don’t let other people determine your worth. It’s called self worth for a reason
If you get gum on your shoe, you should spray it with WD-40 and it should come right off.
15 Best Things to buy at the Dollar Store
Where you’re most likely to meet
When filming video at a concert using your phone, put a finger over your phone's microphone -- It'll sound clearer when you play it back.
How to play 'What's My Age Again' (Blink 182) on your phone: 3 2 3 2 3 2 3 2 1 2 3 3 2 2 1 1 2 3 2 1 2 3 3 2 2 1 1 2 3 2 1 2 3 3 2