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Life Hacks
Stay committed to your goals but be flexible with your methods.
Want clear ice? Boil the water before freezing it.
Tomorrow is National coffee day. You can go to Dunkin' Donuts to get a free hot/iced coffee.
When you start asking yourself if you can still trust someone, you've already answered your own question.
10 college majors that probably wont land you a job…
When filming video at a concert using your phone, put a finger over your phone's microphone -- It'll sound clearer when you play it back.
Smile before answering the phone. It will make you sound happier and improve quality of conversation.
To exit a maze (in a game or real), touch your hand to the right wall & keep walking like that. You'll eventually reach the exit.
Here's what your tattoo locations say about your personality…
How to get the most juice out of your fruit
Soak your Oreos in half-and-half, and lay them on wax paper in the freezer. In an hour, each one is now a mini ice cream sandwich
Guys--being accompanied by a dog will make you three times more likely to get a woman’s phone number.
Restaurants that give you free food on your birthday!…
The Two-Minute Rule: If you see something that needs doing, and it can be completed within two minutes, do it immediately.
Replace the "en" in a Wikipedia link with "simple" to strip away the complex and mostly irrelevant information on the page.
10 foods you thought were healthy, but aren't
Use an old drawer as a bulletin board
Put some paper towels under the box of sodas—when you grab one, more will roll forward!
Every day, make an effort to talk to at least three members of the opposite sex. You'll be shocked at how much more confident you'll become.
You can get $100 off any vacation package from Delta Airlines if you book that trip during your birthday month.
delete your browser cookies before buying airline tickets - Ticket fares go up when you’ve visited a site multiple times.