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Life Hacks
Running out of date ideas? We've got you covered.
If you need to remember to bring something to work/school the next day, put it in your shoe.
When buying on Craigslist, use a fake e-mail to lowball the seller by a lot, then on your regular e-mail offer.
If your boss calls you in on your day off, tell him you've been drinking, boss can't fault you for not coming in.
Don't know whether to write "affect" or "effect"? Use "impact" instead.
People are more likely to agree to do a task for you if you ask them to do something simpler first.
Square box. Round pizza. Triangle slices.
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If someone’s giving you a ride, don’t insult their car.
If you ask someone a question and they only partially answer just wait. If you stay silent and keep eye contact they will continue talking.
Within your major ask your professors if they need help with their research. Now you have a lot of stuff you can put under as job experience
If you want to sound sick when calling in to work, lie on your back while hanging your head over the edge of the bed. You'll sound congested
Whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go, just remember how far you’ve already come
How to get prints of instagram photos
Don't call into work "sick". Call in saying that you have "family problems". That's the end of the discussion.
You can kill the Ebola virus before it enters your system by simply washing your hands with soap and water.
Want to put a song on repeat from YouTube? Add 'repeat' between 'youtube' and '.com'
Something stuck under the fridge? Tape a paper towel roll to your vacuum—you can bend/flatten it to reach places!
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When you meet someone for the first time at a party, skip awkward introductions by asking things like "What's new with you?"