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Really really really want the friends boxset
So many cute Pandora charms gonna have to treat myself to one payday
Castle marathon 👌
miss receiving handwritten letters :-((((
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Peanut hottie 😍
Would like to say well done to my boyf @ZBloomfield for passing the first half of his C cat theory. Love you man. 😘
Seriously need to go on a diet
Well that was a waste of my time
Apparently I worry way too much. Now I’m worried about that. #relationshiptest…
Really fancy a cheese and ham toasty
Zac's joggers are so cotch. Like I think I love them more than I love him.
It's sad knowing that I love others more than I love myself; I hate to see others in pain, but when it comes to me, "I'm fine".
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Not in the mood to talk to anyone tonight,
#LastRelationshipTaughtMe that it's really easy for someone to act like they care when they really don't
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I broke range then ran off with @hola_puta_ so @PaulClark1997 could take the blame. He hates us now. 🙊
I need to move out.
i really don't give a fuck about anything anymore
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I'm always caught in the fucking middle.
Having the cutest day with @ZBloomfield 🙊🙊🙊
I've had enough of empty promises. Can't believe a word you say anymore.
Lyin in bed tryna work out how you meant to sleep in your sauna of a bedroom like
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Too fucking hot.
Cannot wait to go to colchester zoo on Saturday with Zac to see the sloths seriously hope I'm not working. 🙊🙊
Fingers crossed
It's 32℃ according to my phone and I'm in black jeans. 😭😭😭😭
I need a stay at home boyfriend or a cat for dads house. Why? - Spiders. That's why.
Nobody has any originality anymore. All are copies tryna be someone they aren't... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
lol there will never be equality in this world time for yall to wake up
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'We accept the love we think we deserve.'
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Think pink for a chance to win a £500 gift card! Details here:
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Gonna try and aim to pass my driving by the end of the year
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Romantic getaway to Venice 😍n
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All I wanted was to run in peace. Instead I get peeved on by builders. I blame the boob's.
Jurassic park marathon avec @PaulClark1997 👌
If you hop out the muh fuckin Porsche while it's driving you'll likely be critically injured
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Had a lovely evening out with @ZBloomfield thank you! 😘😘
Date night 😍👌
Waited all day for this beauty and yodel fucking posted it.

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