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This is the time of year where it's freezing cold in the mornings but so warm in the afternoons that dressing appropriately is impossible
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My little man Eddie is giving me cuddles as I'm upset 😽
I am lucky to have the friends I do when I feel like this. 🙊
Worst cold going
If you were a dinosaur, you would be a bitch-a-whoreous.
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Everyone's pissing the pissing fuck out of me today
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Todays gonna be a long day
"Some legends are told Some turn to dust or to gold But you will remember me Remember me for centuries" FOB are here to stay.
fall out boy went from "kids who feel like dead ends" to "remember me for centuries" and if that isn't hopeful idk what is
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We’ll go down in history remember me for centuries. Download #centuries on @iTunesMusic
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Not gonna lie, I think it's time to introduce us going on a break.
So tired of feeling like shit 24/7
Not even a fucking apology.
forever hating the people who hit puberty and got hot
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phone chargers need to be made longer
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We won't last much longer if this continues. Knob.
Well done, you made me feel like a complete mug. 👍
Feel like shit 😷
I do not want to play fucking meow chat.
Sixthform is so draining. 😴
Just want to sleep forever.
"@youthbiebers: i'd rather kill myself than have a relationship like this" 😷😷😷
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I want to throw a chair at you rn.
do you ever just all of a sudden feel really alone
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People watching whilst waiting for zac 👍
Sooooo tired 😫
Far too early
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Free periods suck balls when nobody's around.
Two weeks... 😢
No money 👌👍
Still cant believe i cracked my phone screen. 😭
Seriously don't know how im going to survive without @lucia_carchia this year. 😭
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I nearly just blew up the microwave.
Indian tonight 😍
Cannot be arsed right now.
Photography assignment 📷
Gonna have to start taking the pictures now everything's been thought through and planned. 👌📷