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Crumpets are my fave
It's because he loves me
Zac's the cutest. Breakfast in bed and he hasn't even shouted at me for being on his side yet 😊
i want you, i just don't want to get hurt
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this is important to learn
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Let your opinion be your opinion not mines
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I cut you off if you start being a fake
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this cat is prettier than most humans
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Relationship goals: Have that young love even when we're old
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Neck kissing is like heaven, except it mainly makes you breathe really hard and want to commit a lot of sins right then.
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Twitter needs to let you edit your tweets incase you mess up instead of deleting the whole thing 👌
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in the mood for a hug or 1 million dollars in cold hard cash
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New York booked 😍
holy shit... this is art 😍R
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Sometimes you just need to distance yourself from people and their shit.
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Seems like I'm always being accused of having a go. It's cool I just won't speak.
Woke my brother up with a cuppa and a bacon sandwich. He told me I was the best sister ever. 👌
The past cannot be changed, forgotten, edited, or erased. It can only be accepted.
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Regardless of whether I fail or pass tomorrow. I still want a congratulatory present of Raid fly and wasp killer and a bouquet of flowers. 💐
if i have to fight for your attention then i don't want it.
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Slow replies are the most irritating thing ever.
Just remember, when you're ignoring me, you're teaching me to live without you
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do you ever wonder how different your life would be if that one thing didn't happen
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My blanket smells of wine
I'm in such a mood for a Toby breakfast
Fuck sake. Never listens.
Zac Bloomfield is gay. He asked me to help him get out of the closet.
Vegans are awesome, vegetarians are awesome, meat eaters are awesome. Being rude about others eating choices is not awesome.
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'I hate when vegans shove their opinions down my throat'
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fun fact: not all vegans/vegetarians will bash you for not being vegan/vegetarian
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If an American beauty falls in love with an American psycho, does that make them America's Suitehearts?
....sometimes memories sneak out of my eyes & roll down my cheeks..
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Can this day get any shitter
I absolutely love being called fat
So I'm not eating all week
One more episode I promise
Really really really want the friends boxset
So many cute Pandora charms gonna have to treat myself to one payday
Castle marathon 👌
miss receiving handwritten letters :-((((
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Peanut hottie 😍

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