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ℬecca ૐ
Possibly the most uncomfortable walk I've ever been on. Cannot look at his face again. That swing moment was not ok.
So I met this girl who has the same interests, wit, love for Ja'mie and extreme lack of compassion. Needless to say, Biz is a top pal.
Matt's flask was a disaster of a gift.
Illegal beers at the tavern with my girls. And round two of bowling and pool with my actual favourite people.
Jill, my model roommate has let me wear her clothes and more importantly SHOES for the past week. It's been swag.
I am just soo fortunate to have even had this experience and even though it is a forced ending, I will always have my crew and my game face.
It is hard not to feel punished when something soo special and rare is cut soo short and abruptly. Money is just money. Life is priceless.
I am not going to articulate here the pain and defeat that it happening to my family and I. This shouldn't be remembered.
Championship bowling league. Work hard. Get results.
So this 'i am going to every group and not leaving program' was a bit of a laugh. Jamming while dancing down the street. Free
At boys apartment. Fell asleep half way through the movie and will have to be carried home. This a nightly occurrence.
Theres a little midget that is intruding the boy's apartment and stealing our $$ Said she wants to fight, sounds immoral to fight a midget
He was rather joyous at this moment (: love
Climbing up the hill to watch the sunset. Content. Aside from the randomers that follow us because Joe is too nice to tell them to sod off.
10 weeks of wearing oversized sweatpants. Decided to just fuck it and put on jeans. That was a silly move. SILLY MOVE. + its rather snowy.
So the collapsing and walking into walls has come creeping back into me. With an additional inability to remember recent conversations. crap
Completely retreated when attempting to go grocery shopping. Walked around the food isles watching my friends do this shit. They are golden
First ever ride in Nate's truck and it swagged Trucking around Denver at night with classic hip hop busting is the extent of our normality.
69th day of treatment. My success of the day. 😎😎
'Never have I Ever' should never be played with emotionally unstable beings.
My fire spinning therapist gave us lot some tiny fireworks. Family sparkle time 👌�
Breakfast alone at my apartment was catastrophic
Laps around target, contemplating purchasing various princess barbies
The fact that someone smashed their hand into a wall/ broke it,illustrates that I'm in a crazy maker. However she is a fullblown phyco path
Chatting to biz all night around the calm fire. My friend is golden