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There's no better feeling than finding out one of your classes is cancelled
Retweeted by Lexi
its hard getting out of hanging out with people when I cant say my mom said no
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Drink every time a kid tries to snatch more then one candy
Why is iTunes Radio playing German rap??
My brothers the type of person that lights Mac N' Cheese on fire while cooking it... In the microwave🔥#itsEASYmacc
How did I survive 7 hours of high school a day when now I can barely make it through one 2 hour class
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will you guys shut the fuck up im trying to sleep
Retweeted by Lexi
My landlord finally came by and turned on the heater🔥🙌
Kim forgot north at the hotel 😭😂 I can'
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When professors say they won't be giving extra credit but end up giving it to people who stay for the whole lecture>>
when you're not up and your dog wants you to be up
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Me and my roommates don't know how to work the heater so I'm warming myself with my blow dryer
When I don't get the chance to kick it with @maduhson__
What happen too the good ol days when I could call @lexinovaa for a few bowls & a Starbucks date??? :(
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Talked about Marvel vs dc for hours �#hestherealMVPP
Amber handed Wiz the divorce papers and he was like..
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when my parents use my phone I stand by them like
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7 Hw post due in 2 hours #ReasonsIHateMyself
when u forget to do homework and remember in bed then debate whether u should do it or fuck it and sleep
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goodbye mom i am leaving this household i've found my career.
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The girl next to me opened her water bottle and it smelt like strait vodka #collegefridays
Hardest part about trying not to talk to this guy anymore is when he snaps me strait flexin after work out #WishingYouWerntHot
Reasons to never leave your house#weirdasspeople
Fuck my life...
i find it crazy how any of us can die at any moment yet we live our lives always planning for the future.
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