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Come on @ROAMse, print this on a damn tshirt and sell it on your merch store already!!!
110kg squat for 5 reps today, meanwhile the majority of meatheads at gym do chest, shoulders and arms in the quest for a "summer body" πŸ˜΄βœ‹πŸΌ
@LewIsNotAJew thats more than 3 times my body weight... FUCKING PROPS TO YOU LAD
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140kg deadlift 2 reps aka rip lew
Broke my personal best tonight at the gym for deadlift and got to 140kg for the first time. I was going for a one rep max here but I managed two solid reps on good form. Also increased my rep range for lat pulldown and incline/decline dumbbell press, so all in all a very productive session and I'm
More sign stealing last night, although this time it wasn't me. Joe stole a for sale sign then later I tried putting it in his car πŸ˜‚
Them ones that you take but dont make the cut of the snapchat story. Joe's face in this is fucking great πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚
This was a good evening. Fast food to end a night out is the one #bros #chicken
*guys that bullied me in school* oi you've gotten big *me* yeah it's because of fucking dickheads like you fuck off
@LewIsNotAJew oh hush you fool, your confidence should be sky high, dem hoes all blind
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I've been rejected for the third time tonight. Wtf is wrong with me 😭
I'm watching this young asian dude hit on this middle aged white woman and its fucking funny as
I literally melt when girls smile at me. I'm useless πŸ˜‚
asks attractive barmaid* do you have a boyfriend? Yes. *looks away and ignores* Ahhh mah 😀
Ahh, the vodka is starting to take effect ☺️
I have until 9:45 to get ready and drunk. Rn I am neither. Fuck
Rob : "sorry for being an uncultured swine, but all house music sounds the same" πŸ˜‘πŸ˜€
Playing in college causes arguments and ruins friendships
As if I got ID'd for a scratchcard like i'm under 16. I'm 19 what the fuck πŸ˜‚
Bomb scare in Watford this lunch time and I'm going there tomorrow. Greaaaat 😐😢
Every time we go driving though lanes i'm involved in a near miss with at least one type of wildlife
#wcw @SugxrDoll 😩😍❀️
When you're at your prom but people keep asking you for directions
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Probably the only person stoked on @WarpedUK is @BryanStars. #FuckWarpedUK2015
You should have taken a 2nd year off tbh…
Good one @WarpedUK, you'll be getting fuck all money out me with that lineup. Give it a few months and it'll be cancelled for lack of sales
Congrats @WarpedUK for putting on the worst lineup possible. Its like you don't want to sell tickets or make money. Why did you even bother?
It's like that one relative that buys you at Christmas what they think you'll really like, but it's really awful…
I can't remember the last time I had an undisturbed sleep through the whole night πŸ˜ͺ
Giving this a try for my #preworkout #grenade50cal #grenade
Doing squats is important
Biggest distraction to me while I drive is looking at female pedestrians
My face after #GameofThronesFinale
@LewIsNotAJew i dont even have to watch it online i can watch it from ur story
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We're fucking idiots
*this sale: Β£50.01* Wait no that's really awkward take that Β£0.01 back I don't want it
On this day in 1943, Myrtle Warren (Moaning Myrtle) died at the hands of Tom Riddle and the Basilisk.
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I just ate some food! Retweet if u eat food! #food πŸ‘
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Alcohol makes you do stupid things
Quite a stupid thing to do stealing a sign from Tesco, but the policeman laughed and said take it back and I won't arrest you lot πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

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