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I think i'll feel better once i've been to the gym
Not sure if the barber gave me a shit haircut on purpose, or he's just incompetent and cant cut hair
It's like everyone has taken me for a massive cunt today
Okay so I think I more than likely woke everyone up coming in
Late night skate park hangs
Mcdonalds at this time is grim
Jeans so skinny your mum puts them in her wardrobe because she thinks they're hers. excuse u bitch ✋
That slimy woman's attitude qualified her to receive a cunt punt for her childish, selfish behaviour and general rudeness
I absolutely cannot stand people at the gym that don't share equipment. It's not all for you, you selfish fucking bitch 😡
But I do think I can speak for everyone when I say: WE'RE SICK OF THIS SHIT
Stepping into a cool air conditioned gym from the hot and humid outdoors is the best feeling
Hot weather = shirtless men. i dont want to see your burger nipples you fat cunt
Anyone else remember the old IOS where you could bring down the menu from the top of your iPhone and tweet from there? I miss that shit
Chinese for lunch with some of the guys from work 👍
Every time the news comes on it just pisses me off that the majority of the people on this planet are so fucking stupid
Thunderstorms are my fave
Just went out of my way to hold open a door for this lady and she didnt even say thank you. Bitch! 😡
On a one way course set for destruction. Full speed ahead.
Dr Pepper is life
Sneezing while eating aka half my dinner is now on the floor, great 😒
Putting my Skindred and Rage Against The Machine albums onto my phone yesterday was a good idea
No, do you know what Team Snapchat? I'm real sick of your shit and "geofilters". Stop sending me stuff