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Hey man nice iPhone 3 😂
Come as you are on the radio, ch'yoooo ✌️
This guy I kinda know just bumped into me in the middle of the woods with his mates. They gave me a number and said "holla at me" ffs 😂😂
Waited until he looked up and we made eye contact. Gave a quick glare like yh i saw you staring at my shoes you cunt
Why is man on the bus looking at my creps
Awkward silences are jokes
I'm really good at crossing the road in busy traffic because I used to play Frogger so much when I was younger
She was chilling, looking hot, in her bed smoking pot
Ugh monday can you not 😒😠
It's rou like cow not rou like moo
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Well stoked on this tesco food
"Ahhh can i borrow a hoodie please ryan mate?" "Nah i'm a nudist" Cunt!
Why are favouriting five of my tweets at a time? I'm not going to follow you back, you look about 12
"The Weeknd" another average group that attracts posers and makes average shit music
Why do so many girls bum the 1975? They're fucking posers and their music just so average
I want a job at Starbucks so I can spell everyone's name wrong and they can't post it on Instagram.
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Ffs i really cannot be bothered to go downstairs and then into the garden for a cigarette. Why can I not just smoke out of the window
If only I could muster up the nerve to tell her I'll never forget her and she'll always have a part of me
So don't tell me that i'll be fine, i'm so sick of hoping you're right
when you make her cum during foreplay and you haven't even taken your jeans off yet
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Sleeping in a hoodie is amazing tbh
My mum said I look pissed 😂
I spoke to myself in the mirror for a while tonight and I made a promise that I would never fuck up having you in my life