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Walking in rain sucks
You know a party is dead when you didn't finish your 2nd game of Ring of Fire and sat drinking tea at 1am
If you've not seen Star Wars then we can't be friends
Giving directions to lost drivers bcos helpful
If my parents ever tried setting a curfew for when I had to be home by at night I'd have probably laughed in their face
I need to see State Champs live again
State Champs is playing and this makes me happy
Life is going to change so much in the next 6 months
I need to get out of bed and go to the gym but comfy
Last night was so good. It was the first time me and my friends have gone into London to hang out and it was rad
I've just had the best idea for my birthday
We've all got that friend that falls asleep on a night out
I'm tryna get a selfie with rob asleep in the background but every time I go to do it he opens his eyes at me ffs 😂
Majority foreign accents in London than English
I can hear a woman in mcdonalds with an American accent. It's hella cool
Rob is so drunk
We're so merry hahahahah
Props to the guy wearing the Chunk, No Captain Chunk T shirt
In Kings Cross station
Getting trains is fun
Suffering from a serious food coma
Now I've eaten i'm probably going to not be grumpy
My stomach is growling so I think it's time for food
Stop touching me Elmo