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first ditty on my new tablet =) I think we're going to get along famously!!
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Freedom And The Wrath PENCILS!!!! Like ALIENS!! But more awesome...
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Most mornings I see a dog walking milf. This morning she was looking exceptionally fine
What are the most important lessons you’ve learned in life? — Life lessons learned the hard way
Shall we look for love, wait for love or forget totally about i... — if that's a quote or reference, I don't get it
@LewIsNotAJew is my man crush everyday mateee👌
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As a general rule, I don't take any shit. Especially from teenagers. Especially when I'm in my own house
The funniest part was most of them kept walking and only a few stopped to speak to me and said "oh it was some other kids" yeah bullshit
As if I just followed about 20 teenagers down my road barefoot and confronted them as to why they knocked on my door and ran away
Do you ever just write out a message and halfway through think to yourself "nah what's the point" and just delete it and not bother
Basement on Wednesday will be my first gig in about 3 months
How do you tell if it's a pile of dirty washing or a dead jedi?
I added a load of 1D songs to Dan's spotify playlist and he's just synced his Nexus so now they'll play off that in the car ffs omg 😂
some segments of orange have pips in, and some don't. however you don't know until you eat it. this is why I have trust issues
My tongue can make them shine — My work boots are dirty so if you could that'd be wünderbar
I followed you, can you follow me back ? Please :') — What's your @?
Can I lick your shoes clean? — Yeah man, use a brush to make them shine ty
If you could instantly speak any language in the world, what would it be? — Spanish hombre
Do you regret anything? — In school I should have punched so many people in the face but I never did
What is your best feature? — n/a
If you're home alone and take a shower, do you still lock the door?
Fight me irl
It's impossible to be quiet in my house because everything makes so much noise
The best gym sessions are the ones were you do everything you planned to, and the last rep is a massive push and afterwards you feel dead
When I see people kissing in public and i'm like
I'm not sure why girls have this obsession with tall boys. I'm 6ft and it's overrated tbh
I dropped my phone in a puddle in London and now it won't play sound out the speaker because it thinks there's headphones plugged in. Cunt 😠
Rob's mum is giving me a lift home. What a babe
Hey now, you're a pornstar, get your clothes off, get paid
if we break up ur not allowed to use any lingo u picked up from me
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wow lets just crtl alt del, end all processes, restart explorer.exe my life
Imagine not having to worry about what you look like because you know you're really hot
I probably find you reasonably attractive
I swear you only have to snapchat me about 3 times to be in my top 3 best friends
Shut up Mimzy!
Lew logic: i have a headache so i'll drink some redbull
The best way to get over a break up is not listening to sad music. It's sitting inside a KFC for days!…
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#LostGarrison is very tasty track @ENTERSHIKARI. Stoked for the Europe tour and #TheMindsweep
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We're part of the lost garrison