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Parkway Drive is suitable music to listen to while at the gym
I can feel the deadweight of my soul dragging me from this world
“@C_Phil_13: Quote this with what state you're from and I'll rt. Find close followers!” United Kingdom yoooo 🇬🇧
Why can't my dad be a huge metal fan with tattoos? Why is he the complete opposite and a cunt?
Because I'm an idiot I didnt turn the alarms off on my phone that wake me up for work, so on a bank holiday monday I was woken up at 6:30 😩
My dad just said to me "you and I are going to have a chat tomorrow" looool no we aren't i have better things to do than listen to you
This one time, at band camp, I stuck a flute in my pussy
My mum asked me this morning why the tunnel wasn't in my ear and if I was "growing up". Fuck off ✋
Gym on a sunday is empty. I like that shit
Perfectly dunking an oreo is the best thing that's happened to me all day. And that's why I have no life tbh 😑
Dont take it personally that I unfollowed you. I just hate creepy boy band fangirls
I literally have no friends looool
“@OfficialRandL: . @ENTERSHIKARI have #LeedsFestival in the palm of their hands! Unbelievable! 👊�” cheers!
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Eating Chinese for the second day in a row 🎎🍴🍚🍜
This is my fave song atm. Pumped for #NDUKTour next year man 🙌
I told my 83 year old neighbour my parents were going out. She told me if I had a girlfriend and she came over she wouldnt tell my parents
Too many clothes, not enough wardrobe space
"Let me be the third wheel in your sexual tricycle" 😂😂
This guy just whispered into his girlfriend's ear, "I wanna eat you" EUGHHHH WHAT 😷😷😤
Cringiest couple of the year sat in front of me rn what do i do. I might vomit into my food
I'm out on a Friday night and this makes me happy
Spoons are just little bowls on sticks
I'm so fucking sick of everyone today
Do you ever just think that really you just annoy everyone and no one wants you around? Yeah, same
I just picked up a can of hairspray and tried to use it as deodorant. I'm too tired for this shit 😩