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I need my bed 😰
What do you bench? β€” Abit less than what I weigh
How would you describe home? What does it mean to you? β€” Where I live yo
What is your fav food? β€” See previous
Your favourite food gone for good? Or your favourite music... β€” Idk? Cos I love steak. But I also love music so idk
u mad bro β€” I'm chilled
do u forza 5 brah β€” Nah I don't even Xbox One
wil u mary me I hav laptop β€” No. I'm good thanks
Your opinion on UKIP? β€” I don't even politics
do u have tha ne3ed 4sp33d ??? β€” No, sorry. But I have Forza 4
What is ur fav coloured Iced Gem? β€” I don't eat them so idk
Do you believe in God? β€” No
Someone I havent seen in years saw me last night and told me I'm not as skinny like I was in school. I was showered in drunk compliments
A few people said some nice things about my girlfriend last night and I felt smug af
Waking up without a hangover is a wondrous feeling
As if I had to go face to face with my girlfriend's manager and tell him to fuck off and not speak to my girlfriend. What a cunt
Imagine working in mcdonds doing a shift and all the customers are drunk omg hahahhhaa
Some random cunt just grabbed my girlfriend's arse right in front of me but walked off before I could fuck him up. Fucking cunt
This well drunk guy asked me if I wanted to make some money LOOOOL go awah
why am I in chicagos
"I always thought I had an inadequate penis, then I realised I had big hands" - The people I associate with ffs πŸ˜‚
Being in a pub during a football match is a bad idea
Rory C, what's your thesis?
My evening consists of eating junk food and playing Xbox. What a thrilling Friday
The next few months are going to be rad. So many great bands
Today at work we're listening to Pirate metal. It's fucking great hahahaha
Bought my tickets to @Architectsuk. Now the waiting game begins, i'm so excited πŸŽ‰οΏ½
Don't let the weight on your shoulders drag you down Just let me know the next time you're back in town
And you will find a piece of mind underneath the doubt The light will dim and we will grow but it won't burn out
Don't let it keep you awake Don't let it tear you apart at the seams
It tears me apart How we knew from the start of the year these would be our last days But what makes you think that your ship won't sink?
Apparently I'm a hipster because I don't like anything that's cool
Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan
Go @trigb0y, it's ya birthday πŸŽ‚
I want this day to end before its even started
I made a friend tonight at the gym
I should probably not listen to Neck Deep for while otherwise I'll get pumped for #NDUKTour and its 6 months away πŸ˜’
Becoming a cold hearted bitch wasn’t really what I planned to do with my life but here I am
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I was on the toilet for so long and lost feeling in one of my legs
I either dress like I'm going to the red carpet or I'm selling crack. There's no in-between.
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Go and follow @FintyEatsYou because she's new to twitter and she's great
Gotta be up for work at 6:30 but for some reason i'm awake now. wot
What was the worst age you’ve had so far? β€” 17
r u a jew β€” Clearly didnt read my name
looks like you skipped leg day β€” Leg day was sunday bro
I have no interest in the football that's currently on, or don't tell the bride but it's all i'm seeing on my TL and it's boring as shit