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Gotta reevaluate things when your friends start chilling with your enemies
People are funny.... Some are gross and funny. Weird what some think they can slip by me. But I catch it all....
Sitting in this country wide tech town meeting. The irony of me landing this gig when I tried to get the rival...
Levon’s Ghost L.A. has a show on 10/30/2015 at 05:00 PM @ Venus Rising Espress... in Butte, MT...
Levon’s Ghost L.A. has a show on 10/30/2015 at 05:00 PM @ Venus Rising Espress... in Butte, MT #concert
#rodeofarch #montanamessiah #lgla #showlove #farch
There seems to be a deep confusion between hip hop & rap
You can tell when the love is authentic-it's wether you will accept what the truth is
Arian Foster- that's what an organic lifestyle does to a barbarian. Eat meat ole tenderroni
Super Girl is pretty tight.... Should be a CW show tho .. CBS skews too old
It just takes an aggressive,focused, sober woman to get me. Random hook thank you...I have nor ever had...
That awesome moment you earn the 1000 bonus for first Sale..... And you're the new guy.... Yea I miss this .... Let's get it!
Knocking out a rehearsal
There are no rules to what you like or love. Its foolish to even promote it that way. Love what you love because you love.
I knew when my ex wife bugged me today it would mean a Cowboy loss!
This girl is missing , one RT could go a long way 🙏�yh
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Finally my Dolphins...
Fully confident that one or more of my artist(s) will Win the Chamberlin Showcase.... Radio play..... Yes ........
Locked my keys in... Not going to stress. Time to get away
Proof That Montana is the State with the Hottest Men
Really wish there were two of me.
If you had too many number ones for me to feel special....…
One more 20 hour grind... The it's me plus the hottub & a beautiful lady for the weekend.... I deserve it.
New Page Rules - No debating . No politics. No social issues. Sports & Business Only.
Are you a current AT&T customer? We've got .99 (cents) Asus Tablets in!!! Only a few so hit me up 406-580-9433
Love can be as simplistic or as complicated as you Love
Drake and his team are masterminds. Do controversial dance- get more chatter and digital trends and views.....
Thanks for all the invites to party- but I'm really really self disciplined in that regard- these 20 hour work...
lol WE baked my manager zucchini bread from crops WE GREW in the garden & ppl still saying the contract changed me..…
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Farch's mom made me some goodies! That's the only approval I desire! No shots! It helps when talent has real support.
Daddy taught me it's not high maintenance if its making you high $$....
We moved here to support the culture, give back to the community and to become successful- we will support ANY...
Hey guys- I'm not available 8-7 Monday through Friday! Or EVER on Sunday. I'm sorry but I'm in a training phase...
Yup ... It's been a long while- but since it's that day!!!!
Plenty of groups we like, plenty of artists. But sharing is a two way. We won't just blast your page or event and it not be a reciprocation
Bella Entertainment | Bella Entertainment Issue 2
She says, I was shocked you never called me... Told her that's why I didn't
Ha I'm overwhelmed
"Ooh that man is so handsome. He reminds me of the cute man that works at the gas station. Both very handsome." - my mom talking about Drake
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