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Levon's Ghost LA
girl so ugly I think I got Ebola
O yeah, gloves are off.
@levonsghostla Check out my new video, Lemme know what u think! Retweet if you feelin it . Thanks…
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Why are Daines and Zenke running overturn ObamaCare ads when it's working? BECAUSE THEY EXPECT MONTANANS TO BE...
just gonna eat that dark meat huh? #WalkingDead
Some try to fool you ( why?) in to believing everything is peaches. I just stay infatuated with the word real....
I like having fans on my personal page. But know you will eventually feel uncomfortable reading a post. And to my...
How awesome is your droid? o wait-its apple
Study Finds Tea Party 'Not Racist' - Debunked In 4 Minutes Flat (Screencaps)
People will always talk about Ya. I just beat em to the dirt.
Phins putting it on the Chi! Yeah!
To me, I'm the realest I know. faults and godlike advantages, gifts and curses, the uncanny ability to read...
Thank you to my friends. You understood that what I was going through was not Drama, but a man who's heart hurt a...
Bieber and Mayweather- a boxing marriage made in doucheland
Finally found someone for Perry Bullock to marry
Slowly getting accustomed to red polish..well at least I don't lose my lunch that often anymore. #FrenchOrAmerican #KeepEmCleanTho #DemToes
8 famous people from Montana who make uptight conservatives uncomfortable - BIG SKY STATE BUZZ
Went to a ratchet bar the other night, got roofied... Ladies I was weak enough .. That ish is counterproductive on the "buddy"
Wait till I fill you all in on my latest psycho chick story.
If you're a Jumpoff-know your role. You will NEVER be a main chick-and stop getting salty
I posted a new photo to Facebook
Been doing this online test for three friggin hours now... #procrastinate
Sorry Halle. Join the mens club.
This is the republican party you put in charge.
Nah I'm not mixed.... Just need lotion
Ran out of gas last night, pulled over - walked home. Lacking motivation to fix anything. Waiting to find out...
If she says she only dates black guys... run -fast and far
Multiple baby daddies? Run -fast and far
Chris Brown K Dot track "Autumn Leaves".... Yeah