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Laura E.
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When we are in love, we are in danger
Retweeted by Laura E.
It's funny how in relationships, people have a hard time communicating about sex & money, while it's all we are bombarded in the media.
About to watch #Addicted. Sunday movies. #AddictedMovie #Zane
Mais, on sent que Fanny Neguesha est de nouveau célibataire. Thirst traps on deck sur le gram. Normalement.
How I Made It: Shoe Designer @Ruthie_Davis. She has some great advice.… #Designers #Entrepreneurs
Alexis Phifer, designer & styliste, #HowIMadeIt. La seule go valable de Kanye. Presque trop. Je l'aimais!…
Achhh. "72%". 72% of African-American children are born to single parents. Scary. #Documentary #Moguldom
And as far as their media properties, @Moguldom have a solid balance of brands and content I've been following for a while. #Powerhouse #LT
I LOVE that @Moguldom / @MoguldomStudios is stripping down the ratchetness of #Bossip to get to the core of these trends via #Documentaries
#Bravo Melyssa Ford -- Still in Major Pain… & #bloodsweatheels was supposed to be about successful black women. SMH
"This website wants to use social to harness the power of #Africa’s A-listers"… #Press #Branding #Marketing
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ole girl when drake threw that stack of money on the ground.
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Mais quelle est donc la bonne version? Drake vs Tyga? Drake vs une skriper? Les Internets, faites vite.
AHAHAHAHAHAHAH la fille qui ramasse la liasse de billets de drake a tout compris a la life
Retweeted by Laura E.
I'd hate to see Drake's career be like any other random rapper. Addicted to trippers, fighing in clubs... It doesn't look good AT ALL :(
Ouhloulou! Vous savez que voici le jar de problème que j'achète. @YoutalkCmr #TuKnowMaLife #Cmr #team237
Pas mal, c'est dans l'esprit & le contenu. Pas de niafous, de caricature, c'est assez juste! La technique (acteurs, plans) à améliorer. #LT
Je n'avais pas encore pris le temps de regarder la web série @YoutalkCmr / #TuKnowMaLife Pas mal! #CMR #Team237
Running / Working out to #6God is THE ISH. #WorkOut #LunchRuns #Running #Pushing
BOMB. #FakeDeep (I ain't never gonna find myself a husband, tho. They just killed them ALL.) via @PaolaAudrey.
King Los is mean.
N'IMPORTE QUOI, LE LAIT CONCENTRÉ, L'OMELETTE, LES PRUNES. RT @PaolaAudrey: Le bâton RT @Leuja: Vous mangez le mintoumba avec quoi?
Retweeted by Laura E.
Je suis donc en train de terminer ce mintoumba avec le sucre.
La sardine , les arachides ou le Mbongo de hérisson. "@Leuja: Vous mangez le mintoumba avec quoi?"
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@Leuja En S.O.L.O, il se suffit à lui même. A l'occasion un verre d'eau, il peut être un peu sec.
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Le bâton RT @Leuja: Vous mangez le mintoumba avec quoi?
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Vous mangez le mintoumba avec quoi?
>>> "This website wants to use social to harness the power of Africa’s A-listers" @The_AListers…
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So, if he ain't posting your pic on Instagram, he ain't your man. 2014 philosophy. #GirlBye
Whatchu know about that #threading life? On fleek. I just love the sight of this. #threading #love #like #braids #breading #africa #cmr #team237 #cameroon #hair #hairdo #StillNotSureWhatToDoWithIt #ButItsGonnaBeFlyTho #OnFleek #LePays #LesMatobos #CesMacabos #BoblixOnFleek
This website wants to use social to harness the power of Africa’s A-listers Nur Bremmen: Staff reporter
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J'aime beaucoup le profil de Camille Seydoux dans #Glamour. L'une des seules celebrity stylists en FR... Je trouve ça fou. #NoStarSystem
The scene where Kendra curses Hank out for the gawds. LIFE. My sentiment, exactly.
Cuisses épaisses, chevilles de poulet. Aidez-moi. -_-'
BEST EVER RT @N_yoda Ce commentaire sur @lemondefr sur l'article s/ l'#Islam en #prison : best commentaire ever
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Nigeria: nouveau rapt de soixante femmes par Boko Haram
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Il faut que je fasse un tour à la fondation Louis Vuitton, en fait.
#RaisingAsia Am I the only one thinking those people are completely crazy? Smh
It's great not to be sensitive to the BS. But I see you guys, tho. Lol. Cute.
Anybody has already seen #RaisingAsia? There are so many questionable things about this show -_-'. Where do I begin?
Tamar is mega BEAT in that #LetMeKnow Video. Yass Lawd. Still not a fan of the song tho. & the video doesn't really make much sense. Well.
'Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.'
'The leaders who ruined #Africa, and the generation who can fix it' by @FredSwaniker…#TED #TEDx
Fitz has always been a punk, anyway. Bye. #Scandal