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Lets Talk Payments
Thanks to those who said we are becoming their morning coffee...
LTP: Why Amazon’s reason for launching mobile card reader is not what you would think? -
Last chance to take advantage of CTIA's Flash Sale. Use code MONEYFLASH and pay only $399 - that's 50% off today
LTP: Develops a Different Kind of Beacon: a Wi-Fi-enabled Cloud Beacon -
Mobile Authentication w/ Mastercard,VoiceVault, IDology, EarlyWarning, Socure
Real Time Money, Speakers from BetterBuyDesign, AngelPrime, Ripple Labs, Acculynk
Relay Ventures, Ingo, Morgan Stanley,Tangerine Speakers discuss Money for Millennials
Mobile First Disruptive Fintech Solutions, Speakers from Yodlee, Personal Capital, Bill Guard
India’s Largest Bitcoin Service, Unocoin, Receives $250K Investment from Bitcoin Opportunity:…
Prepaid and Credit are combined via the New Paysafecard MasterCard:…
LTP: Three Unusual Places Where you will Find Beacons -
EMV ​Mainstream by 201X? ​ w/​ E&Y, Gemalto, Bluefin, Inside Secure
mPOS ​challenges​ w/ AngelPrime, Flint Mobile, Revel Systems, Kuapay
P​2P ​Payments ​,Remittance ​w/ JungleVent​ures​, ​ ​West​.​Union, ​ ​Fastacash,​ ​Abine
Virtual​/​Crypto Currencies​, Hope​ or ​Hype ​? ​w/ Boom, XAPO, Coinbase, Mastercoin
22 Patents that Indicate Apple is making Payment Foray in September:
MasterCard Announces Strategic Alliance with First Data Corporation:…
60 Million Indonesians can Remit Money Seamlessly with Collaboration b/w HomeSend & Indostat:…
LTP: 22 Patents that Indicate Apple is making Payment Foray in September -
The reason payment processing is so lame is because the tiny margins require scale. Scale is easiest with process not beautiful ux design
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#5 and 37 on Bitcoin are hilarious... 25 Totally Excruciating Silicon Valley Problems… #letstalkpayments
When trying to change an industry from the inside, it's easy to see why it won't work. When you're outside, you can't believe it won't work.
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Khalid Fellahi of Western Union will speak at The Money Event on September 9th. MM4: Social Networks & Money Remitta…
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