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Lethal Ganji
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Message 'Lethal Ganji' if you're interested in joining the Lethal AW Clan. I'm hosting try-outs right now. #advancedwarfare #clan
41 days until my first YouTube video. Any suggestions of what game? #youtube
@DavidVonderhaar Please consider re-releasing BO2 for the Xbox One. I don't want to play on my 360 ever again but that's all that I miss.
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#Askbloo where do you see yourself in 5 years? What is your favourite hobby besides YouTube? Favourite snack? Favourite youtuber?
Just picked up my copy of Advanced Warfare, remember to check out 'trickshotnationuk' on YouTube for a unboxing!
Getting Advanced Warfare tonight at 12. Check out 'trickshotnationuk' on YouTube for an unboxing video etc tonight at 12! #advancedwarfare
#ScaryStoriesIn5Words Sledgehammer made another shit game.
XBOX 1 AW giveaway •RT and follow to enter! Giveaway ends at 3 PM est tomorrow. I will be shipping it out right after
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Giving away a copy of AW courtesy of @GoFirstHome RT to ENTER Winner chosen 11/2 & goes on Playing Lessons w/ Pros!
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I have 5 copies of Advanced Warfare for xbox one. 6 copies for Xbox 360. 3 copies for ps3. All £30. Tweet at me. #xbox #advancedwarfare #cod
Win a KontrolFreek Prize Bundle incl the new FPS Freek Sentinel & KontrolFreek Alpha from @KontrolFreek & @OMGitsAliA…
I Pre ordered Advanced Warfare in store at tesco and on the receipt it says 'day zero edition', so where's the code for the dlc?
Just pre-ordered Advanced Warfare :D @DavidVonderhaar
Cheap PC and console games and codes at G2A!!! I just got a £50 code for £40 Go to: #g2a #xbox #steam
Violent video games don't cause violence. Unless the internet goes down in the middle of one. #RejectedGangNames #MLGtvArena
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Fakie is taking a shower 1000 rt and I'll smash his computer
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Following everyone that RTs this
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Someone take this dudes router down please #ddos
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TheZratedX yeah sure, message me on xbox and I'll get on asap
Gamer Follow Train ! 1) Follow Me ! 2) Retweet This. 3) Follow All Who Retweet ! 4) Gain Active Followers. - 🔄 730
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RT & follow for a chance to win a DeathAdder Chroma. #ColorItUp
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**ASTRO A38 WIRELESS GIVEAWAY** RT to ENTER (Giveaway ends 10/19 6PM EST) #FaZeUp
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Call me 01773590777
Will follow 100 people who RT this if i pass my test tomorrow!!!!
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Cross map on Nuketown, Black Ops 2.: via @YouTube
I won, get buying me a chocolate bar b1tch!! @LethalExist
Let's do this, loser buys the other guy a chocolate bar of their choice. @LethalExist
Gamer Follow Train ! 1) Follow Me 2) Retweet This . 3) Follow All Who Retweet ! 4) Gain Active Followers - 🔄 579
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Congrats to the first recruit of 'Lethal Gaming UK' :D @LethalExist Follow and tweet at me to join Lethal. #clan #recruitment #xbox #cod
Any follows and you all get cookies
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Another great day of feeding, and another day to go tomorrow before college :D. Follow and tweet at me to recruit for Lethal #clan #xbox
i make free gfx, follow and tweet at me for a free logo/banner or anything :D #gfx #freegfx
There's this lovely girl with an amazing voice, please check this out!… #youtube #singing #edsheeran
My Twitter account is worth $98.40. Find out yours Free at then Share it for a Treat.
Having a great day watching all the famous athletes doing what they do best! #citygames @Great_Run