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Every view counts for the donation watch and share pls >> @TheRealRyanHiga Ice Bucket Challenge
People annoy me often, its becoming a real problem.. 😔
#UCantBullyMe cause I do research on every hot guy in town😐👏
i hate waiting more than those automatically DM's ffs😕
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Yesss @JessieJ excepts let's hold our other Nominees accountable ya'll jordinsparks katyperry &…
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Chief Keef changed the rap game when he said "bitch I'm cooler than a cooler"
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Currently sexually destroying #oomf in my head 😋💭💦😏💭💦😜💭💦
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my self esteem has two levels: • i'm a worthless piece of shit who deserves no love • bow down before me bitches i am your queen
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Was never born to be perfect tho
You mean everythings gon be fine if I call your hotline and pay 20,99$ ?✋
Its 3am and I'm here listening to @JColeNC and questioning my life😕
Kinda getting pissed of some ppls fakeness😔
I always know the good songs first but when I let my friends listen they be like nah, and a few weeks later they dancing on it. Stfu men😔
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If your boyfriend don't squeeze your ass when he kisses you, then you don't have a boyfriend, you have a girlfriend
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All the way from Saint-Tropez I got your nomination @AustinMahone I accept your challenge and will…
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Hey, let's play a game called "you bring me sex then leave"
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If you don't cry by Seven Pounds with Will Smith I'm probably judging you cause you ain't human
Hey @jasonderulo have a beautiful day😌
I got dreams bigger than your whole team👏
True love only exist in movies tho
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You can't hate on @pewdiepie only bc hes too fab for you bye
relationship goals: have a girlfriend.
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when someone asks me to do any activity on sundays that requires me leaving my bed
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Edgar and I, waiting patiently outside for our 20 minute late, not so express pizza @PizzaExpress
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Want more views? Just put PewDiePie in the title! *Spins slowly into space* @YouTube
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Woho, just got done editing. My 1 week holiday starts now! I have 16 videos prepared for you bros while I'm gone. :-D
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Yeah I should leave my bed
Goodnight beautifulss💕
You ain't worth the stress
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I don't like Iggy, but hey I'm sure not everyone likes Jason too so pls fucking stahp with that shit
So some hot guy saw my snapc in less then a minute, I guess you can say things are getting pretty serious. Unfortunately it wasnt a selfie😐
@VinceGetBuckets: “@teefortilly: Nahhhh this one is the funniest one i've seen 😭😭😭�” wow...” wTF😩😩😂😂😭
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I still need the name of my last mcm😐
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