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Stay strong! Your test will become your test-imony, your mess will become your mess-age.
Retweeted by LeoAngelo
#PacAlgieri On the moves! ... all roads clear here. WATCH WATCH WATCH :) it was like PUSO again, Pacman Pacquiao
#PacquiaoAlgieri uhhmmm. ang tagal po ng mga SPOILER -_- Pacman Kya mo yan!
Mockingjay :)... you were burning my desire of watching you. #Mockingjay #SanaKasi
#BataDays ... nagwiweewee pa sa bed. that time that my mom hated me but she said she still loves me so much :)) #AamininKo
#MMKJuanKarlos Nice acting bro! ,,, Goosebumps here :'( and it made my heart melted. @KarlosLabajo @theJuanKarlos
#FREEFacebookIsBack im not excited for this! may Pisphon naman for free internet :P *Fix first that slow internet services, ISPs.
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You look at me and I suddenly melted :"> #KayaPala
#DalawaLangYan titignan mo sya tapos titingin din sya sayo <3 *and she will laughed at you when she caught you.
#MySeptemberGoal is to learn easily what is circular function. It make me feel fool!!! GOSH. Haha
#OoHanggangNgayon hindi pa din tapos ang Be Careful With My Heart :*. haha!!!
Our princess is now gettin' ready for the 8th Star Magic Ball. Maris Racal At The 8th StarMagic Ball
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That awkward moment when you realize you've been pronouncing a word wrong your entire life.
Retweeted by LeoAngelo
BREAKING: Gilas Pilipinas nakaiskor ng panalo sa FIBA 2014 matapos talunin ang Senegal, 81-79 #FIBAAllOut
Retweeted by LeoAngelo
We have won our first game at the FIBA World Cup since 1974. #LabanPilipinas
Retweeted by LeoAngelo
#GilasVsSenegal yeah! you did it guys. Thanks God #LabanPilipinas
Jimmy splits FT, 78 - 74 Gilas leads 22 sec to go. timeout SEN
Retweeted by LeoAngelo
Retweeted by LeoAngelo
#GilasVsPuertoRico Violation challenges #GilasPilipinas. uhh! tapos all pa. wrong timing!
#GilasVsPuertoRico C'mon fight for the win. heart beats fast
Fajardo fouls Dieng on a drive. Dieng slow to get up. He's being subbed.
Retweeted by LeoAngelo
full court press by SEN, steal on LA. Ndoye hits a three, 48 - 40 Gilas 2m 3Q
Retweeted by LeoAngelo
#GilasVsPuertoRico yeah!!! a little more, God sana po manalo na please! #PUSO for everyone. hahaha :)))
#GilasVsPuertoRico Everyone lets pray for the win of Gilas. +Last Game na po!
I think #GilasPilipinas will be the Winner! #PUSO for every move and shot. :))
#BalangAraw magkikita din tayo and we'll take care each others #PUSO. !hahaha #SanaAwareKa po :)))
#BalangAraw God will give all of the thing I ask for :D #ThanksGod
Do you ever just rub your eyes so hard that you start entering some other galaxy of swirls and patterns?
Retweeted by LeoAngelo
When you're on your computer all day and your eyes start to kill.
Retweeted by LeoAngelo
When people rush you to get ready, and then they're not ready when you are.
Retweeted by LeoAngelo
When someone asks you to do something, and then criticizes the way you do it.
Retweeted by LeoAngelo
When people think you're lying just because you laughed or smiled.
Retweeted by LeoAngelo
#SanaAwareKa na ung mga pera na ginagastos mo ay pinagpaguran ng mga magulang mo.
In Jesus name, RIP Mark Gil.