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Leo Okorie
I feel proud & blessed when I help others stay positive and bring out their best! #TogetherWeCanAchieveWhatever 😊🙏
U control your day,so don't say 'oh no it's Monday' like a boring replay!The powers in u to do something exciting & new!So #WhatYouGonnaDo?!
If they don't care to share time with you, ask them why and if they take long to reply then say goodbye!#DontWasteTime
Our day will always be dictated by our #attitude! Great attitude = Great Day! You control your attitude, you control your day! 😊
I'd rather live a life full of challenges than a life that's not, because a life that's not is easily forgot! #MakeYourMark
Without challenges our life wouldn't be easy, it'd be boring. So rise, overcome, have fun and #OnToTheNextOne
All these little things are just ways in which the body shows us moving forward will always be easier than going backwards! #NeverQuit
Like our head cannot turn 180 degrees, our eyes are at the front of our head, that our legs & arms move further forward than they do back!
Everything about the way our body is designed shows that moving forward is what we are destined to do! #KeepMovingForward
Before any successful rep first comes your prep! Great prep leads to great steps!
Even when it gets tough, the more you pursue it, the more you'll see you always had it in you to do it. #DreamBig #NeverQuit
Ur days of hard work ending with u looking in the mirror at your sweaty reflection,will tomorrow be marveled at like perfection! #NeverQuit
There's two types of people that go to a gym. Those that get there and #Workout!👍 And those that get there and 'walkout'👎 ak#DontEvenSweatat
In this video the poet has a really powerful message. Please watch it and think about it. Have a great day. #OneLove
Sometimes it's the simplest things that make our day! So smile, laugh and have a great day!
If you want to gain, you've got to be smart and push on through the hard times and the pain. #KeepMovingForward
For every reason we fall is every reason more we should #NeverGiveUp! Every reason we fail is every more we should #NeverQuit!
If you're waiting for your big opportunity to happen,that's all you'll ever be doing! You've gotta to make your big opportunity happen!#DoIt
To complain yet continue you to the same that to me is near insane! You decide your destiny, so if you don't like the path then #change it!
The same actions in the same scenarios will always give the same results! So why complain if things are the same! #DoDifferentGetDifferent
In life we can runaway from so many things such as fear, relationships & even friendships. But never runaway from your #dream, run with it.
If pursuing living your dream doesn't get you excited to get out of bed and go get it, then is it really your dream?! #NothingShouldStopYou
Your ambition partly fuels your #dream and those who doubt it shouldn't be in your team. Build your team of believers and not deceivers!
Ask yourself what are you doing today that's so exciting tomo' can't wait to get a piece of it?!You've the power to do it.#MakeEverydayCount
Monday I was just with Sunday & thought where have you been the last 6 days?!Well it's great you're here,we've a dream to build! #LetsGoBaby