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Leo Okorie
Another day comes another mission, all about putting yourself that bit closer to your #dream and in a better position. #KeepMovingForward
"Do" does what "don't" won't! Because "do" lives by doing, whereas "don't" dies by excuses. So #WhatYouGonnaDo!
As much as "today" would love me to stay in bed, I've got other plans for it. "Today's" about to get owned!#LetsGoBaby #StriveForGreatness
Dwell negatively on the past or look forward to the future, be positive and have a blast! #LetTheFunTimesRoll
The simplest things in life will always make us the happiest. So don't unnecessarily overcomplicate things. #KeepItSimple and #BeHappy 😊
Everyone give @LeoOkorie a follow... Great Trainer, Mentor and Friend. Thanks for all the support and guidance #Progression #ForwardMovement
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To see all the things we are destined to see, we need to set our mind free. Uncage it from fear, then we'll see clear. #NoFear
You can always gain a lot if you make the most of what you've got! #Recognize you are #Limitless
Your body is a temple that if you don't look after it'll become a ruin and a ruin can be a lonely place. #LookAfterYourself
Never let anyone derail your #dream.
"You have a one track mind!" No, I have a destination that's a #dream and you're on my track so either get out the way or get on the train.
Don't waste time confusing yourself by trying to interperate peoples words,instead learn to understand their #heart & u'll no the real them.
Even though the #WorldCup Campaign is over for 2014.This video is all about US spirit,fitting for #IndependenceDay πŸ‘
Well there's no news from my family & friends in the US of giant flying saucers in the sky.So it's safe to say #HappyIndependenceDay #πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‘½πŸ˜‚βœŒοΈ
Rise like the Sun and make this day one of #fun. Our day's always what we make it. #EmbraceIt
I can be all I dream to be if I believe in me. Be brave and follow your heart then you'll see. #MirrorTalk #DreamBig
One nation, one team, a true inspiration and the continuation of a dream! @ussoccer @TimHowardGK #Thankyou #TeamUSA
Your true #forgiveness is never a sign of your weakness, it's a show of your true strength. #StayStrong and #KeepMovingForward
Our smile will always be one of the most effortless to use yet beautiful,gentle,powerful & influential things we will ever have. #SmileMore😊
Your #smile is someone else's torch. When you smile you light up their world.😊
Our #reality will always be dictated by our actions and our actions will always be dictated by our deepest thoughts. Think it, do it, be it!
Your body will always show out what you put in,so bare that in mind when you're trying to become lean,muscular or thin.#EatClean #DrinkClean
When the Sun's out make sure you workout before you layout. As if you layout before, your #workout later will feel a chore. #GetItDone