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princess leon✴
speaking of challenging expectations when i was 10 my mum bought me my first pair of skinny jeans and i was hella scared to wear them😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
if you complain about not being able to wear makeup then make fun of guys for being feminine,have a think about WHY guys "can't" wear makeup
guys can complain about societal expectations&"not being able to wear makeup"but if they do nothing to challenge them,i feel little sympathy
taxi driver attacks someone: so shocking, why would a taxi driver do such a thing?? uber driver attacks someone: UBER ARE SO IRRESPONSIBLE😂😂
me whenever i hear a scottish woman's accents: omg it's nicola stugeon
"all our trains have wifi!!!!!!! (for a fee of £10/day)"
.@FoxNews when are you going to criticise your own, white, viewers for using the n-word (like you are a black man)???? just wondering
random teenage boys on the internet be like…
doing sia a favour by being the first to comment on her video :)
im only wearing a tshirt and got caught in the rain for 10 minutes omg i hate my life
in 2012 over 20% of gay, hispanic and asian voters voted republican omg...
EE are advertising that you can call over wifi "on their network"?? havent they heard of skype/whatsapp/the other million apps that do this?
also 99.9% of the stuff anti-feminists and mras use to shoot down feminism is posts by rad fems (or non-fems ofc)…
i like fathers day because i get to see lots of hot dads on fb
i just saw someone use the term 'self styled feminist' bye
i know meat is unsustainable but it just tastes so good :/
i love shady people saying thanks to their single mum this #FathersDay
me: happy fathers day *gives gift* me: ok fathers day was fun
pretty girls is the worst song i've ever heard and i've been tired of britney spears for at least 7 years
Police figures are that 250,000 people turned up to the #EndAusterityNow march today...
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I don't know whose cat this is but it wondered into our house so hey
i just bought a gift card as a gift with a gift card i received as a gift
isn't it weird that the working class are brought up to see the middle class as the enemy, rather than the upper class
around the world, economies seem to prosper more with left wing governments
ok the killer said the #charlestonshooting was to start a race war, so now we know why he did it, racism republicans:
everyone ge2015: HOW WOULD THE GREENS MAKE MONEY OMG THEY'RE STUPID #greens: we'd save £100 billion by ending trident everyone: HOW WOULD TH
remember the tories could spend half the money they plan to spend on trident to END homeless 100% #EndAusterityNow
i don't think you understand how anti-austerity works, its about everyone paying a little extra, not one person...👀…N
i'm not going to uni so today is my first full day being unemployed, ironic it's the day of the #endausteritynow protest
i think it's adorable that young liberals think bernie will win next year, he's way too left wing for america imho (but id luv him2win)
my bus driving refused to acknowledged my existence lmao, a 40 year old grown ass
ok im sure he'll enjoy that race war inside prison…
you know 100% that people who say "i don't care if you're black, white, blue, purple" would 100% kill,enslave,etc blue humans if we found em
no offence but you must be stupid not to mute your phone and double check its muted beforehand 💅
my right eye is so wet+nice&my contact lens sits perfectly on it, yet my left eye is in a drought that makes my contact 10x harder to put in
did basshunter ever hunt down the bass
no women in history is worthy enough to replace washington, lincoln, or franklin, on dollars, ladies and gentlemen…
conservatives: OMG U CANT USE THE RACE CARD!!!!! conservatives: *uses black-on-black "card" literally all the time*
some truths about black-on-black crime for the bigots in the #CharlestonShooting tag:…
your bio literally says #whitelivesmatter—yet im the racist for pointing out race differences in portrayal of crime?…
shut up you'd literally say this about whoever was replaced #crybaby…
i hate the terms "race card" bc it insinuates race is an issue brought up trivially and there are no race issues in society
bigoted whites like "who cares about #charlestonshooting??? lets talk about black on black crime"
walking through leeds is like walking through my spam emails... stop selling me junk!!

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