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vernon kay keeps mentioning rylan clark being on x factor even though he's a present for channel 5 now and does more presenting than him😂😂
My son pointed out to me today that Mars is the only planet in the solar system solely inhabited by functioning robots. #fb
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"world cup fever" lmao id be more excoted about having herpes
How is Dick Cheese not a Pringles flavour yet?
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Twitter is my alter eagle... Im like hannah cyrus 😝
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i was trynna send a cute lil nudie to MY nigga and accidently sent it to my dad. that qualifies me as a THOT? ok guess im a thotty 💃
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Hey friends, I lost my blackberry. 😢 So if your trying to reach me, then text me on one of my three iPhones. 💋
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ok boys, what's your ball size?
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ignoring someone is literally the most childish thing you can do
My cousins black and I've stripped for black cops so I can't be racist. You stupid fucks
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7 things you wouldn't believe are being sold on Amazon:
Rihanna and Lady Gaga are the ONLY ARTISTS with a Fashion Icon Award. They both accepted it wearing almost nothing!
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if you havent smiled today you should check out my tumblr lmao :)
@AmericanAir Please help me!! I've fallen on one of your plains
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there are only 15 calories in 100g of fresh lettuce, wow!
humans share one third of their DNA with lettuce!
male privilege is being able to walk down a quiet street alone and feel safe, female privilege is being able to use bras as pockets
Ledge of Willis Tower's Skydeck cracks during tourists' visit
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i love lettuce
i have no idea what humans are talking about ever
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Why couldn't my pimple be on the side of my head that has hair...?!! 😩
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Conchita Wurst strips naked for Austrian art project:
fact: drinking 3L of water might be good for you, but you'll constantly feel the need to pee
what you think is more important than what you follow
"want to be a judge like me and my simon?"
just failed all my gcses and disqualified from taking public exams for the next 5 years but it's worth the RTs
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"i used to want to be part of the game. then i realised, i create the game"
Finally got my debit card! Love the blue 💅💙
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don't feel the pain because i'm a pro
don't need yall anyway
damn that's tragic, i would hate to be you
how to get a girl excited: let her do your makeup
you're crazy and i'm out of my mind
when u wanna be friends with someone but they act hella outta pocket :/
hate how bus drivers all say different things.. "scan your card" "show your card/dont scan it" "suck my dick" yada yada yada 💤
#wheniwaslittle I tried to kill my sisters teenage boyfriend (not a secret scince she blabbed about it on letterman) I had a GREAT plan. :)
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it's all the same to me
I'm starting a Conchita Wurst fandom…
i'm home <3 i don't know what to say.... THANK YOU!!!!!
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How to survive in a long distance relationship/friendship…
i just measured my longest hair and it's 9 inches long lmao i love it
new post up @ "Institutionalised sexism on Alan Carr @chattyman", featuring @lilyallen and @robinthicke
the reason i feel so strongly about the eradication of gender stereotypes based on sex is that they cause homophobia, misogyny & transphobia
10 unnecessary gendered items we use everyday
leggings are unisex (and everything else!) new blog post up @
Sorry to say me and kieran are divorcing him and my best friend jane pountney bee having a full blown sexual affair for 7 months
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