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Leon Mcgann
people who say "P.S" in tweets <<<<<<<
dermot on every performance: "so what do you think of the comment made by *whoever said slightly negative comment*?" #XFactor80sWeek
lola saunders kinda looks like a sober and clean version of lindsay lohan #XFactor80sWeek
that one guy from 'stereokicks' kinda looks like a chavvy version of @JamieRyanDee #XFactor80sWeek
"you know exactly what lane you're in" the most important thing tbh #XFactor80sWeek
i love fleur, she always wears designer clothes; givenchy a few weeks ago, tonight moschino and chanel. is simon secretly her sugar daddy?!
louis shouting "she looks good" when dermot brought up that cheryl kermit was trending. is he looking for a promotion? #XFactor80sWeek
Your career. RT @IGGYAZALEA: tell me a ghost story.
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ben haenow can suck my ass #XFactor80sWeek
the roman empire fell over 1500 years ago why did mel b call him latin omg... #XFactor80sWeek
the reason cheryl cole changed her name was so she'd get more screen time when they said her name on the x factor
nicole scherzinger performing with some backing singers as usual... #StandUpToCancer
naomi campbell has met chloe jasmine before on "the face", why isnt she saying anything?? #StandUpToCancer
omg my bus driver was so rude and dismissive and kept calling me "love"
Has anyone else ever packed the wrong grey t-shirt to the gym #noshame
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i was like wtf is that tapping noise on the bus but id actually tapped onto a vine lmao
yaaaaas follow me on twitter @leonmcgann
"girls do that, not gays"- nothing says "im gay" like a little bit of misogyny :) #donttellthebride
how is he 18?! he has a beard and clear skin wtf #hotelofmumanddad
the girl behind me on the bus is telling a super juicy story i love it
there's a lot people lookin ass today
fedoras are hot on some people, but pharrell williams is NOT one of them... #xfactorresults
UKIP have actively tapped into the underlying xenophobia that dominates in predominantly white, deprived areas
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i have an hour break, 2 hours until i finish and 16% phone battery. huston we have a problem
if you carry fake designer bags you disrespectful AF
sign up to birchbox and get hand picked luxe beauty and lifestyle samples every month – just…
there are hardly any gays at college but they all dress hella bad wtf
i don't understand the point of 1 inch heels like go hard or go home
carvery before college👌👌
"dress for the body you have, not the body you want" how about dress how the hell you want
hope it doesn't take 2 hours to get to leeds this wednesday
it's weird how some of the people on #obsessivecompulsivecleaners don't dress nice;like they need everything clean but still dress bad??
i can't believe paypal tweeted me with a wink
the last episode of murder house on ahs is sOO SAD OMG I'M NOT CRYING AT ALL
"Hey Are You Jaden Can I Have A Picture With You" No Cause I'm Super Sad But We Can Sit And Talk.
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guys wearing long tshirts with zippers on the side look a lot like trying too hard
can't believe simon got rid of raign for this idiot... #xfactor
£4 for a foundation pump from MAC
can't believe im going for a run dressed like a chav
when the dick small but you playin
now watching american horror story series 1 episode 6 still confused about everything