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princess leon✴
rihanna, 2010 cee lo green, 2015 #xfactor
"straight acting" stfu, straight acting isn't a verb #firstdates
"the boys have bigger brains, girls have smaller" so sad to hear that from a 4 year old :( #secretlifeof4yearolds
if labour cant win the next election after the huge change in leader then i can imagine having tory gvt for 25+ that a dictatorship??
💯💯💯"Sorry, but Drake’s obsession with 'good' girls is…21d"
i hate heteronormative tweets like this. u do realise lesbians, bisexuals and asexuals exist right??? ignorant✋…
the 'womens equality party' want to criminalise sex workers lmao bye ✋🏾
"born in the wrong body" - really @Channel4 ??
people in the #IsBritainRacist hashtag are talking about non-whites wanting to change the laws?all they're doing is walking down the street?
"is britain racist?" is that even a question? #isbritainracist
why are the news treating left wing voters as unreasonably aggressive??? the tories are literally killing us, why shouldn't we be angry?
homelessness is going up quarter after quarter, yr after yr, with conservatives in power, they deserve what they get
nearly 80% of south africans are black, what a coincidence @Channel4 (who claim 2 be progressive) got 3 white africans for come dine with me
Wish they had same line of reasoning for police assaulting & killing Black people. #SandraBland
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I'm so glad u guys get to see how this stuff works. Taylor took her music off spotify and was applauded. We launched Tidal & were dragged.
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Well done @UKLabour for NOT opposing the Tory #WelfareBill! Party of the working people, I think not.
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unless jeremy corbyn becomes labour leader, labour will NEVER be in power and collapse, imho
it would be great to have a prime minister who isn't white, sadly chuka umunna isn't that person, and labour aren't that party #bbcqt
in canadas 2008 election new democrats came 4th, in 2011 they increased to 2nd place. if the #greens actually got exposure the same'd happen
labour are no longer left wing, i really hope people watch shows like #bbcqt and realise this and vote green/snp/plaid cymru
£7.20ph nxt yr & £9 by 2020 is increase in minimum wage (tho offset by cuts in tax credits) but it's not living wage - LW is already £7.85
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the conservatives don't care about scotland, they just want them in the UK for power reasons
a woman had her nudes leaked so posted them herself yet she gets called trash?? hmmmmm…
im an apathetic bitch who is going to strut her way through life while frequently tripping over the shit that's thrown at me
i have been ignorantly pro-EU in the past, but i now realise you can't be anti-austerity and pro-EU. the EU force austerity upon countries
im honestly so glad im done with education
oh and hey again, i forgot how to twitter but im back now!!! missed u x
*grows a beard so people from college don't recognise me*
i can't believe national express have to tell people to wear a seatbelt, i can't believe people are ignoring why wouldn't u wear 1
Telling people to "GO BACK TO MEXICO" forgetting that you stole it from them by war ☕️�#NothingMoreAmericanThannt
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speaking of challenging expectations when i was 10 my mum bought me my first pair of skinny jeans and i was hella scared to wear them😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
if you complain about not being able to wear makeup then make fun of guys for being feminine,have a think about WHY guys "can't" wear makeup
guys can complain about societal expectations&"not being able to wear makeup"but if they do nothing to challenge them,i feel little sympathy
taxi driver attacks someone: so shocking, why would a taxi driver do such a thing?? uber driver attacks someone: UBER ARE SO IRRESPONSIBLE😂😂
me whenever i hear a scottish woman's accents: omg it's nicola stugeon
"all our trains have wifi!!!!!!! (for a fee of £10/day)"
.@FoxNews when are you going to criticise your own, white, viewers for using the n-word (like you are a black man)???? just wondering
random teenage boys on the internet be like…
doing sia a favour by being the first to comment on her video :)
im only wearing a tshirt and got caught in the rain for 10 minutes omg i hate my life
in 2012 over 20% of gay, hispanic and asian voters voted republican omg...
EE are advertising that you can call over wifi "on their network"?? havent they heard of skype/whatsapp/the other million apps that do this?
also 99.9% of the stuff anti-feminists and mras use to shoot down feminism is posts by rad fems (or non-fems ofc)…
i like fathers day because i get to see lots of hot dads on fb
i just saw someone use the term 'self styled feminist' bye
i know meat is unsustainable but it just tastes so good :/
i love shady people saying thanks to their single mum this #FathersDay

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