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princess leon✴
last night i was so high i reversed time
the french don't even dress well they just wear chinos and shirts a lot
imagine being confident enough to have your location turned on on twitter
or you could just, you know, vote for a party that is already left-wing and anti-austerity... #greens #labour
"trans boys can't be boy scouts!!!! they still have a vagina + would end up having sex!!!!" aren't the leaders already fucking the boys?
.@CadburyUK i don't have a ruler :( how long are curlywurlys please?
*wakes up from coma* is 'i gotta feeling' still at number one?
*wakes up from coma* did we stop kony yet?
boys with good side profiles😍😍😍
boys only having their left ear pierced is like a physical “no homo” 😭😭
reaching 100,000 followers on tumblr expectation vs reality
forget cheeky nandos, i just saw somebody got a cheeky promotion😭😭😭😭😭
shoutout to everyone who just did the sociology scly2 exam!!! here's to hoping we did well on observations and policies💪
good luck to everyone doing the sociology exam tomorrow!!! don't f up or you'll be doing it again next year like me😊😊😊😊
look what my law teacher gave us all at the end of our last lesson, so cute 😭😭
twitter's character limit isn't 140, a picture says a thousands words and you can add 4 pictures, so the limit is actually over 4000 :)
all gay students do is criticise homophobia
the reason it took nicki & beyonce so long to collab is because jayz was recovering from nicki outshining him so much on monster
step 1. have legs step 2. go somewhere it's summer
labour gvt in the 60+70s worked on creating equality+opportunities, tory gvt 79-97 worked on creating competition+blurring employment stats👀
if you ever feel like your lies are going too far just remember my aunt just found out her son (my cousin) dropped out of uni 7 months ago
i am confident enough for a middle parting, but not for double demin
my mum literally said "leon your arse is so big"😊😊😊
i speak 2 languages, english and emoji
only i could get a gift card that doesn't work😂😂😂😂😤😤
every producer/director: stop using rape as a lazy plot device…
*somebody sits next to me multiple days on the bus* "what are we?"
i passed my driving test a month ago and still haven't driven since. unless we count driving everyone crazy w my good looks
little outfit of the day whilst on the bus lol
alarms don't usually wake me up so my goal for an alarm is to make it so loud it annoys my parents and they wake me up
hate the words "glitz" "bling" and "diamante" (side-eyes #BlingingUpBaby)
i want a credit card to build my credit yet even the cc's that advertise 'easy to get with poor credit history' won't give me one wtf 😡😡
[tw: rape] people literally tweet domestic abuser chris brown saying he can "rape them" tf?!
i always say im not shaving again because my skin ALWAYS ALWAAAAYS gets super irritated but this time i mean it 😬😠😬
i am DONE with shaving and trimming my body hair, im never shaving anything besides my face ever again😠😠
its so sad how often i see internalised misogyny on youtube :(
stupid hoe is the most relatable song of this decade so far
some people like to look intimidating and that's cool but personally i love looking friendly and kind, i love when people ask me for help!!
i get so paranoid+irrational when the lesson is starting in 2 minutes and im the only person in the class, what if i'm in the wrong class😂😂
im good @ reading facial expressions & id love to know why old people look at people like shit then expect to be respected
who invented pinstripe trousers and why?!
shout out to every thot with a name beginning with L with these pass codes
tidal will probably make more today from #FeelingMyselfVIDEOonTIDAL than it's opening day lol
i usually have marxist views, but i don't believe these people are unemployed because of the system—they're not even trying #BenefitsStreet
people on #BenefitsStreet can do drugs on camera and not face consequences, talk about white privilege😭😭
why do academic books do this so often??? literally just write they

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