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Leon Mcgann
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"labels arent important" ugh.... yes they are
the bbc are so quick to put white middle class ppl on tv
me: HUMAN RIGHTS! tumblr: that's racist :/
they always put tonnes of makeup on jack walton #XFactorFrightNight
didn't anyone ever tell you its okay to shine?
i tried to use the restroom at wendy's and saw this, never going to wendy's again.
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"WHO SURVIVES". Awww now we know what happens in the final episode of Dr Who #Spolier #XFactor
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watching "please subscribe" on netflix
selena gomez called lauren platt to talk about a song she covered.. lmao #thexfactor
lola saunders totally looks like lindsay lohan! #thexfactor
guessing artrave isn't doing too well then? not many musicians of her status have to advertise for concerts nowadays!
is louis even hiding his sexuality anymore? #thexfactor
i wish tropico hadn't flopped
no college until the monday after next woooooooo!!
Sending Love 2 Our Gay Brothers & Sisters, Being Held Hostage in Russia.Their ONLY Crime is Being True 2Themselves! They R Brave Warriors
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why is the 110 never on time? supposed to arrive at 8:24 but never does! im at stop number 42022229
scene is so 2009 she looks so bad #hotelofmumanddad
if you own a mac laptop and refer to it as "my mac" or "my macbook" instead of just "my laptop" there's a 6/10 chance you're trash
those boys are so weak. crying whilst chloe stands there looking fierce. #xfactor
people who say "P.S" in tweets <<<<<<<
dermot on every performance: "so what do you think of the comment made by *whoever said slightly negative comment*?" #XFactor80sWeek
lola saunders kinda looks like a sober and clean version of lindsay lohan #XFactor80sWeek
that one guy from 'stereokicks' kinda looks like a chavvy version of @JamieRyanDee #XFactor80sWeek
"you know exactly what lane you're in" the most important thing tbh #XFactor80sWeek
i love fleur, she always wears designer clothes; givenchy a few weeks ago, tonight moschino and chanel. is simon secretly her sugar daddy?!
louis shouting "she looks good" when dermot brought up that cheryl kermit was trending. is he looking for a promotion? #XFactor80sWeek
Your career. RT @IGGYAZALEA: tell me a ghost story.
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ben haenow can suck my ass #XFactor80sWeek
the roman empire fell over 1500 years ago why did mel b call him latin omg... #XFactor80sWeek
the reason cheryl cole changed her name was so she'd get more screen time when they said her name on the x factor
nicole scherzinger performing with some backing singers as usual... #StandUpToCancer
naomi campbell has met chloe jasmine before on "the face", why isnt she saying anything?? #StandUpToCancer
omg my bus driver was so rude and dismissive and kept calling me "love"
Has anyone else ever packed the wrong grey t-shirt to the gym #noshame
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i was like wtf is that tapping noise on the bus but id actually tapped onto a vine lmao
yaaaaas follow me on twitter @leonmcgann
"girls do that, not gays"- nothing says "im gay" like a little bit of misogyny :) #donttellthebride
how is he 18?! he has a beard and clear skin wtf #hotelofmumanddad
the girl behind me on the bus is telling a super juicy story i love it