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Leon Mcgann
that fall h&m advert is so good like yaaaas werk
is this years xfactor sponsored by moschino? seen 2 moschino items being worn in 30 minutes lmao
college is so dramatic, a girl is laying on the floor with staff trying to convince her to get up
do arriva purposely put their worst drivers on my bus
when old people try make conversation with me at the bus stop im just like "yea" "i agree" "ya"
it's crazy how some people travel 6 hours a day to work in london
is hitchhiking a real thing?? like do people actually do it?
missed the bus by 20 seconds ugh SUCK MY ASS
i have 15 hours of college every week, wish i could just go in for two 8 hour days instead of them spread out all week 😚
just when i thought white boys couldnt make even worse vines
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"we want equality in scotland!" they say, after allowing everyone in the EU+scotland to study in scotland for free, except england/wales
capitalism doesn't work capitalism doesn't work in the UK capitalism doesn't work in the US capitalism WONT work in scotland
i delete people from facebook when they're rude to me and don't treat me like a princess
vivienne westwood :/
*hits blunt* "if 2 vegans are arguing, is it still considered beef?"
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if you go to wakefield college i'm automatically better than you
Dear People of Scotland, if you vote NO, I promise to go straight back to America. #indyref
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can't wait for scotland to leave the EU and the pound to drop like a used condom
I don't even live paycheck to paycheck. I live paycheck to 4 days before paycheck.
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i have 58% battery left and don't finish college for 5.5 hours, it's times like this im glad i have a samsung, not an iphone
it's raining and i don't have a rain outfit planned out, today just isn't going to work with my schedule
if you get starbucks coffee i'm laughing at you behind my mcdonalds coffee and money i saved by not going to starbucks
boy bands are so embarrassing imho, especially when they're made up of 17 years old :/
We are investigating reports that eBay is intermittently unavailable or slow and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.
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"you loose bitches need a pussy renovation"
"seeing kourtney kardashian pulling her baby out of her vagina is the most shocking thing i've seen on television"
🏊 Just imagine having this 🏊😍😍😍�
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"are you from here or are you from another country or sumat" best thing i've heard all day
if you're over 15 and you still marry your friends on facebook you need to reevaluate your life
last retweet reminded me of @OGACADEMY. they'd constantly shame girls for wearing skirts "too high", blaming them+promoting RAPE culture
I got dress coded today and was forced to put on an SFHS t-shirt but I made some alterations(:
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im at the front of a queue and everybody is queueing literally 2 meters behind me wtf do i smell
got ready in 10 minutes.. thank u dry shampoo
straight boys are so confusing
"i'm your typical yorkshire lad", thought he was gunna say "racist, sexist, homophobic, rude" #TheXFactor
the best thing about being late is the attention
legit almost cried when i thought my ebay account had been deactivated, but apparent ebay are just having technical problems... thank f*ck
got 6 free nuggets and @McDonaldsUK only gave me 5 😣😣
there's a lingering smell of mcdonald's around me because i bought mcdonald's to take out and stuffed it into my bag lol
new law: if you stare at me you have to talk to me
"this tv show is from 2007 omg" "how do you know?" "look at her jeans"
two guys were engaged but found out they were brothers on jeremy kyle... very dramatic for a monday afternoon
back to college tomorrow :( here's my back to school/college playlist!!…
you ever have that one restaurant you're desperately in love with but it's 200 miles away :(