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Keith Lemon
More sneak peaks of the calendar. Out now!
The Beaver and the elephant out this Thursday
Sneak peak of me calendar that's out now!
Not is wearing this but it's gonna look proper
On me way to work. Filming in the countryside today. Make- up chair for 2 hours first to look like a fox. As in the animal not 'sexy fox'
@lemontwittor look what I seen outside wh smiths in Manchester yesterday ;)
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my calendar is out! ferris Bueller homage! Some Back t' future in their too!
I thought @JessieJ was amazing on't X factor, nearly stood up out of me sofa and clapped at t ' telly. Well done lass! Silk!
@lemontwittor 11 mth old baby girl from bath is having to have limbs removed due 2 meningitus,lets raise awareness
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Carrie Fisher or if you're American Carrie FishOR! Worked with her t' day. Lovely woman
Books for kids and books for grown ups!
You can't beat vintage Linder Carter
Yesterday I mostly had a nose this shape
Have a great evening twitter! If ya staying in watch @StandUp2C gonna be proper
Fanks for watching! Same time same place next wk! Don't forget Stand Up t' cancer tomorrow !
I'm so ill on this episode. Lemsip to the max
Next the backwards game!
@lemontwittor Fan-page for the bang tidy Melanie Sykes who is on your show tonight, RT?? X
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Just finished another fun days filming t ' sketch show. Early start tomorrow then Stand up to cancer in't evening! Great telly for a great
Tonight's celebrity juice Gino does Mel for lunch 10pm itv2
Ianymore book dates I'll let ya know. Trying t' fit 'em in but I'm busy filming a sketch show. Right into make-up to look like Ed Sheeran!
Warning! DON'T watch tonight's juice with parents, grandparents or kids. It contains sexual content I defiantly saw Gino's under carriage
@lemontwittor Hello to you too. You can find your tour dates here:
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Attention all Keith Lemon fans! @lemontwittor is out and about in November, signing books:…
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