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Laura Tveras
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Sure was! RT @thesensiblemom: It was a pleasure hanging out with you all tonight! See you at the next Mariano's party! #shop #MyMarianos
Yes! RT @AFewGoodJens: RT @thesensiblemom Yay! RT @StilettogirlTMB Q11 because they *opened* instead of closed a store near me! #MyMarianos
A special thanks to our sponsor @MarianosMarket for this fun party! Final winner coming up! #MyMarianos #shop #cbias
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@SweepTight Because everything has good quality! The produce is fresh, deli meats and cheese taste great! #MyMarianos #Shop
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Q11: It's good to show support Mariano's for their anniversary so they'll keep building more closer to home. #MyMarianos
Yes! Love bags! RT @AFewGoodJens: @LemonPeppoArt Great list - BAGGIES are always a necessity during the school year! #shop #MyMarianos
Momma always needs WINE for back to school time - is that considered a school supply?? I love my @belloboymoscato #shop #MyMarianos
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Q10: Crunch stuff like chips, baggie foods, emergency canned goods, too. #MyMarianos
RT @MarianosMarket: Love it! RT @brihigh01 @AFewGoodJens Q9. Date night with the wife. Haha. I know how to wine and dine her. #MyMarianos
That's great! I'll check those out. RT @MarianosMarket: @LemonPeppoArt There are a few stores with delivery service. #MyMarianos
Q9: I'd take weary moms, hungry kids, and people I like and savor the moment. #MyMarianos
Online menu/food choices, then delivered to homes or even businesses. I'd pay a little extra for that. #MyMarianos
I wonder if Mariano's will ever have home delivery service? I'd love that! #MyMarianos
Yes! LOL RT @JManMillerBug: @LemonPeppoArt You got the right order there;-) #shop #MyMarianos
After my Gelato, I'm heading for the pre-made meals section of Marianos! Maybe tomorrow! #MyMarianos
RT @teenybod: I'm addicted to their $6 and $10 meals. I can get 3 meals out of 1! They're saving my life right now! (8 classes) #MyMarianos
Q8: Time-saving is essential; pre-made foods are perfect for busy school/work schedules. #MyMarianos
Watching TV movies with treats and kids is relaxing, too. Good fam time. #MyMarianos
She never stops trying, great attitude! :) @teenybod @SweepTight #MyMarianos
It's even easier with digital books on readers, too. :) #MyMarianos @JManMillerBug
A7 Well, if Adam would ever step up his game, he'd be getting a phone. :/ @SweepTight #MyMarianos
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Q7: Rewards: goodies, books, expensive shoes, i-devices. LOL #MyMarianos
Someone said books and snacks ... that was always my favorite even way back in the days before video games. #MyMarianos
Absolutely! RT @teenybod: @MarianosMarket Do I see a flash cart mob in the near future?! ;) @LemonPeppoArt @thesensiblemom #MyMarianos
Q6: After school snacks and Ipod tuts is a fave of one of the little grand-tots! #MyMarianos
I've heard this about the pistachio! Will do! #MyMarianos @ILonaB1980 @thesensiblemom
Just joining in? PLEASE RETWEET: I'm tweeting w/ #MyMarianos as my #entry in #TwitterParty Sweepstakes. #shop
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Yes, we should go! We'll need many carts! #MyMarianos @teenybod @thesensiblemom
I'm going to go this week for sure to find out what I'm missing. #MyMarianos@ILonaB1980 @thesensiblemom
Q5: I always go back to Mariano's muffins. They'll make anyone cheer at any time! :) #MyMarianos
Sounds yummy! RT @teenybod: I put cucumbers with a pinch of celery salt in Ches' lunch and she LOVED it! @SweepTight #MyMarianos
Beef jerky is a popular lunchbox food for someone I know. LOL #MyMarianos
Q4: Good lunches means the kids won't give their awesome foods away. They'll eat it! :) #MyMarianos
I will do it right away! Hungry just thinking about it! @thesensiblemom @teenybod #MyMarianos
RT @teenybod I was late, too. Glad to see you. :) Ahhh! I almost didn't make it! Hi All! #MyMarianos @SweepTight
@SweepTight Yes! Must go there and stuff Gelato and buy muffins! #MyMarianos
Q3: Sandwich, fresh carrots, granola bars, fruit, crackers. #MyMarianos
@LemonPeppoArt @ChiDivaOnADime LOVE my slow cooker! Except for the yummy smell makes me ravenous all day! #MyMarianos #shop
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Chicken, fresh veggies with stewed tomatoes on the side, pasta ... fast, easy. #MyMarianos
RT @ChiDivaOnADime: @SweepTight Excellent suggestion! Q2- My best advice but a crockpot for busy fall nights #MyMarianos
Q2: It's always a challenge to feed picky eater kids. #MyMarianos
Q2: Do you face any challenges when it comes to back to school meals? Share them! #MyMarianos #shop
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