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lewis middlemiss
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Spilling red wine down Ma Fred Perry isny the highlight of Ma night so far
Tbh I think the reason Germany is showing so much altruism towards the Syrians is for them to try and redeem themselves from the nazi period
Adding five messeges to the end of a nippy text to ensure they don't take it the wrong way 😆
Mum put on 'Best of Reading' thinking it would be about books and now she's sat watching some girl with heroin teeth screaming thrash metal
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'We live in a generation where girls find running for a bus more embarrassing than getting fucked by three guys in one night'😂
Actual buzzing about it being payday tomorrow ahaha 💰
Guess what fucking idiot deosnt have a school bag for tomorrow😂
Informing the group chat you've gone to bed.
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Can't stand when folk bite ice lollies😰😰
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Who doesn't love work on a day like this... Please rain😴
When your dads being yak'd about😂8
Irish accents are actually so hot🔥
Wish T was a weekly thing🎪😓
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Coulda been worse I suppose😂H
Fuck 'green street' get yourself to Eyemouth golfclub💥
Mine when 10 o'clock was late😂😂
Hannah just face-timed me to vent her anger towards Isis and terrorism😑
Stuck up people do nothing for me, absolutely zilch0⃣🚫😳
I have about 5 millions spots on my face and its fucking HORRIFIC fuck ever getting acne ( touch wood )
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Thought I had an ulcer, nah it's my wisdom teeth 😑
See if the 75th 'herring queen' doesn't do the hunger games whistle I'll greet😂
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2 days of school consisting of 50 minutes of a movie each period is gonna be a draaaaag
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Lost my £50 wallet with my bank card and £40 in side, woohoo
Anyone 18+ looking for a job? The golf club are hiring🔞💰
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Double maths😖😖
why do lassies want six packs, haha imagine your about to pump a lassie n she's built like hulk hogan foh
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When's primark opening at the fort??😊
Camaes phones not actually broken; she's just an ignorant twat😆
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Ambulance calls have risen by 70% in the last 10 years? Yet there still facing £75,000,000 cuts later this year?... British Logic😕
I don't have tattoos for the same reason I don't put racing stripes on a Prius: I can't fucking afford it
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So drinking on the street is now banned in magaluf between 10pm and 8am... How Fun😂
Getting ready for T in the park like 😂j
It's bored, not 'board'😴
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