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Lee Unkrich
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I sure hope The Babadook is as smart and scary as it looks. Many promise, most under-deliver. Fingers crossed…
“You want me to get in this cage…?” — My daughter, talking in her sleep last night.
…and super buggy. Never seen my phone crash this much. #iOS8
#ios8 is killing my battery.
A lovely example of subtle, restrained storytelling. I honestly don’t have words.…
Front row at a U2 concert. A first for me.
Excited to be attending tomorrow’s Apple event. Haven’t been to one in a while…
Ok, I’m done talking about Close Encounters.
I don’t think that thought would have crossed my mind when I saw it in a theater when I was 10.
My 10 year old son kept asking near the end, “Is it going to shoot a big laser and kill everyone?” #CE3K
I also feel like kids having seen E.T. first made CE3k less special. Like, “What’s the big deal?”
Plus, I always remembered all those volunteers leaving with the aliens at end. Is it really just Dreyfuss they choose?
BTW, I love the scene where Dreyfuss is in bathtub and family is coming apart. Who would do something is raw as that in a movie today?
Have they seen so many amazing things in movies that the innocent wonder is lost on them?
I loved Close Encounters when I was a kid. Have tried showing my kids, but they don’t get it. Something about growing up in paranoid 70s?
@DisneyPixar @leeunkrich Toy Story 3 means the world to me, so I decided to remake it. What do you think?…
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…and while we’re at it, let’s show some love for the important work of @elstreeproject and their important oral history of the studio.
.@ElstreeStudios, home of countless classic films you love, celebrates 100 years of filmmaking. How about an article, @empiremagazine ?
These behind-the-scenes images from The Shining have been in a trunk in a basement for the past 35 years. And there are HUNDREDS of them.
I’m having a moment. I’m looking at behind-the-scenes images from The Shining that have NEVER BEEN SEEN and they’re BLOWING MY MIND.
“I can do Photoshop in my head. I’m gonna put Barack Obama in front of the Eiffel Tower.” — my son
Any day that I get to see new, unpublished production photos from The Shining is a good day. Today is a good day.
I’ve been called out for accidentally calling the Monolith an Obelisk. I’m such a moron…
Anyone have a direct connection with Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas in Austin? @drafthouse @timalamo
"..your whole life shows in your face, you should be proud of that." Lauren Bacall #wcw
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I bet there’s a REALLY good story behind this sign.
@leeunkrich my 5 yr old called the Batman villain Two-Face, Toothpaste, which made oral health an issue…
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My 10-year-old son only just now realized the character in The Avengers is named “Hawkeye”, not “Hot Guy”
Is it wrong to eat a Blueberry Muffin that looks just like your dog?!
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Wow, that’s a really specific amplifier.
We would like to wish actor Joe Turkel a very Happy 87th Birthday today!
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The most shocking and surprising cinema moment of my childhood was Michael Caine kissing Christopher Reeve in ‘Deathtrap’.
I’ll be hosting “Pixar in Concert” at the San Francisco Symphony this Thursday and Sunday. Don’t miss it!…
Am I evil for loving Nathan For You so much?
The two kids from my previous tweet are my daughters, but you didn’t hear that from me.
Just heard kid accuse another kid of having farts that smelled like “the inside of a puppet.”
Always wanted Garanimals for grown-ups…
The Shining 👪🚙🗻🏣 🌚🍦🙇 🙇🚲 👦📝🎾 🙇🚲🚪 👩👦📝😡 🙇🚲👭 👦🍷👱 ☝️🙇 🌚📺 👦🚪🛀💏👵 💃🚶💃🚶👦🍷👱 👦🚽👴 🌚✈️ 👩📄📄📄📄📄📄😱 👩💥👦💤 👩🔐👦 👴🔑👦 👦🔨🚪🔪👩 🌚🚜 👦🔨🌚💀 👩👺👨 👩💀💀💀 👩🚪💉💉💉 ❄️🌳🙇🌳❄️ 🔨👦⛄️ 👦
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The kinder you are the cooler you are. They're not mutually exclusive.
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@Disco_Jesus: My impression of Roz is pretty uncanny, don't you think?