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Lee Nicolaou
I would like an ipad fitted into my car dashboard, ive seen it done but no idea where or how, anyone know where this can be done?
Everyone please read this, crucial that this is stopped, gaining money out of ill people how is this allowed…
Power of Twitter got people just escalating bullshit because its just that easy to do.
Just stupid really lol, what a dumb thing to be ranting about, if people don't agree with abortion why are people rubbing it in their face?
#shoutyourabortion is having an abortion really something to be shouting about? It's something to neither be proud or ashamed off
Happy Birthday to a brother I never bloody see! @CharSwatkins_ have a good day man, well try arrange something soon
"@burridge_luke: @Leenicolaou_ start barking at people" 😂😂 growling out the window
"@molejay: Just burnt a slugs eyes off " not impressed 😡
DMX can only be listened to in small doses, 4 songs in and I'm ready to fight Mayweather
DO NOT go down a414 Hertford a10 anywhere that way, awful crash been gridlock for hour and half, ended up coming back to work
cant wait to be back in sun for another week soon :)
Imagine Tupac makes a return via Twitter, just uploaded loads of selfies like yo I'm not dead lol, new mixtape on datpiff soon.
man 2pac aint dead, Suge knows where that fucker is,
Big up @LidlUK becoming the first non greedy supermarket in the UK, constantly low prices and great hourly rate for staff, killing the game.
#IStandWithAhmed fuck the Texas police racists, arrest a child for using his mind, great logic.
If you had any of them things you would not post it on Twitter or Facebook, period.
Why do people always bang on about having anxiety/panic attacks/OCD, are they trendy now?
Anyone looking for a place, fully furbished room to rent in a spacious flat, big kitchen bathroom and living room, cheap rent, get at me
Holiday no.5 this year booked 😏
who makes this shit
when in fact them images are from this article… a COMPLETELY different situation
why is there so many fake news article websites about trying to make out refugees to be ISIS lol just seen this…
Essentials for lads going uni/essentials for my brother.....
Automatic door hahahaha, room is massive though!! Wheelchair access size
So just moved my brother into university and they ran out rooms so he had the disabled room with all hand railings hahahaha
Us: Can we get 3 way FaceTime & better quality charging cables ? Apple:
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Bus, tube, street - no. of harmful particles never fell below 25,000/ cm3. 1,000 is considered clean. Often 200,000+
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Kitchen towel held for 2 seconds near bus exhaust = this
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Am measuring #AirQuality across London. Results are terrifying.
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especially mangoes, they are just 1 hunna
I love fruit man, fruit is actually sick, just grows of a plant all ready in its own little packaging, fruit impresses me
iPhone 6s, ah lord don't let me be stupid enough to get it.
Cant stand negativity towards people who are trying to better themselves just because others are too lazy and miserable to do it themselves
18 year old brats in your Fiat 500 and louis vuitton that your daddy bought, I'm sorry to break it to you but, your not a bad bitch.
It's hip-hop. You wouldn't get it. Just take the f*cking picture, Hillary
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Gunman tells judge 'suck your mum, rudeboy' after being given life sentence
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Some people's comments on social media are disgusting. God help you should you ever be a victim of war.
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7 people followed me and 10 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by
smashed 31 days in a row of detoxing only to eat half my body weight in Dominos yesterday #whatwasthepoint
Having 'The Official' in your Twitter name... only thing your official off is being a bell end.
Im very angry about the whole situation, thought you could get hash brown in the afternoon, would have been don
This whole McDonalds Breakfast all day thing is VERY FUCKING misleading, its USA only so why didn't you write that newspapers!!!
Using Twitter website and not the app is well hard, keep pressing everything 100 times, apparently I follow Taylor swift this morning
Haha jump Giants @nicolezhickman

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