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Lee Nicolaou
🐱🐠 & πŸΌπŸ‘¬
I'm now @harry_hughess personal bodyguard, this is my preferred method of protection
Just met the upgraded more handsome version of myself, Peter Wickes
So fucking what, are they only allowed to date models? Β£10 p/hour ain't too shabby either. Great story here…
Guys these days focus more on trying to find good lighting and sucking their cheeks in for a 'selfie' instead of earning a living.
Imagine what we could achieve if we focused our minds on something worthwhile rather than how to get the most retweets everyday
joking man like lee working 24/7
All I ever really want is to be on holiday with Nicole doing nothing all day, everyday, might just move to Southend and sign on #goals
RFID Chips need to be bloody stopped.
Cant stand arrogant people
Man fuck Dan Bilzerian that guy is such a fucking gimp, the guy actually pays all them women to be around him lol...
My mum ordered a cake for my sisters bd n asked for a blond girl on top but it autocorrected to blind n we got this
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That fresh denim polo from day 1
Cant believe they are making a new series of The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air!
27 people followed me and 14 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by
Replace them all with machinery, then see what wage they work for.
Anyone involved in the Tube Strikes is a greedy asshole, you already get paid above average for a less than average skilled job, settle down
Listen to Groove Armada - Get Down (Walker & Royce Meltdown Remix) Best to do it πŸ‘Œ…D
It's all about hygiene and safety, floats and swimming caps are essential, stay safe and have fun guys!
It's all about hygiene and safety, floats and swimming caps are essential guys, be safe have fun
fucking trade unions got too much power
Why dont @TfL just sack all there greedy staff and replace them. Id happily drive a train for Β£47101 with a Β£200 bonus for every night shift
Comparing Mourinho's career at 3 different clubs to 1 club...?…
Fuck the media, fuck the government, fuck the police
spending there benefits on beer and fags, at least immigrants have a positive input to the economy, spending money and paying taxes.
Have you ever seen how hard foreigners labor, clean cars, any job they do, now compare that to the amount of crack heads you see up town
Anyone who posts any articles about how immigrants 'scrounge' of our country, take a long hard look at the British people who surround you.
Drake and meek giving each other beef as if it's bigger than olly Riley vs Riley69 - no m8
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Do you ever sit there sometimes and think one day you might wake up in your 70's and wish you done more with you life that just tweet?
Frank killed this one @tankvstanks
Get home and it's turned into a tattoo parlour
Snoop dizzle my nizzle fo shizzle
A 14 year old wrote this, read from top to bottom and then backwards, powerful poem
Jesus, just saw the video for House Every Weekend. Could that be the gayest video ever lol. Matey shuffling at Fabric πŸ˜‚
White Collar is by the far the best series I have ever watched and knowing i'm going to finish it soon emotionally effects me
Lord Sewell.. hes proper blown it ain't he...
Good luck to my number 1 homie on her new job today! @nicolezhickman #nomorebigmacs
Sandra Bland case, another fine example of over-egoist racist ignoramuses given too much power, she died in her cell bullshit.
Sick weekend with my partner in crime, the 1 person who can have me in laughter the entire day, @nicolezhickman 😘❀️I
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚οΏ½@forrestgxmpxm#GrowingUpWithSiblingsngs when you hit them badly & they start crying loudXzD"

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