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Lee Nicolaou
Note to self: Sticking a Rizzla over an open wound is not enough to stop it becoming infected and pussing the next day.. whoops.
Just took a serious beating haha love skating
oh and the worst thing.. People who spend all day preaching about stuff they have never done..
My Twitter Feed the last year: CM's, Someones shit mix, Ass Licking, White girls from Hertfordshire who think they are 'bad bitches'.
Snooker club @nicolezhickman
Swear 80% of people my age are going backwards
Back in the sun next week... this week needs to hurry up
You can order Buzz online by the packet now, check out my companies new site we have been working on
Jump of the wagon and get a grip.
friendly mockery or insult to your mates/colleagues etc. How comes its okay to use someones sexuality as a daily insult for you guys?
Funny how everyone is creating such an uproar about Ten Walls yet I bet you all personally most days will use the phrase 'gay' as a
Casio default drum tracks is fun
Worlds most adorable child? @nicolezhickman
What I have to deal with
My mate Alexander from Belgium, top fella
What a day to be vacating
The Black Keys on ASAP Rockys new album, thats cool.
Holiday tomorrow and we ain't packed, no Euros, half my clothes are dirty, wheres my suitcase? where are we going again? @nicolezhickman
My favourite is the Flying V ukulele.....
Testing out new guitars is always dangerous
Do people not get bored of chatting copious amounts of shit on here every single day 😴
Didn't realise Steve martin is an amazing musician, what a cool, cool man.
New living room vibes 🏑
There are two things in my life that are inevitable. I am either extremely hungry or extremely full up. Never a happy medium.
RIP BB KING, legend.
Conservative have been in power for the last 5 years and the NHS hasn't gone anywhere, why all of a sudden you all acting like its gone now?
Its all good, how about you man?
Its Monday, I love my job, I feel good, I move into my new flat on Thursday and Im going on holiday with my favourite person in 2 weeks time
Yes, I'm aware I pull of an Arab too well......
Don't really know what's going on today
First new set of wheels and bearings I've bought since I was 17, can't wait to skate tomorrow 😬 @milkskateboards @kicksandcotton
of mixed views. So shut up moaning and be happy you have a roof over your head and food on the table.
To gain something you most loose another. No matter who gets in power there will be an uproar because it’s impossible to please a nation
How can people have so many wishes, free healthcare more schools,more jobs more everything. So unrealistic to expect everything.
Don't preach what you don't understand.
Twitter; A place to use other races/religions as an agenda for comedy. All in the name of making people you don't even know laugh.
My god racism is still alive and its so sad to see.
(supply and demand(basic economics))
Not to mention immigrants working means they pay tax which means more into our economy, more money being spent on goods
sitting on the doll are trying to get a job?

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