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Do I give my pasta to the dog or put it in the fridge for tomorrow?
#NowPlaying Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays by *NSYNC on @Rdio:
Love is in the air & it smells like LUNCH! πŸ•
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We're premiering a brand new song from #ixora today! Stream "Erase" here....…
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Remember writing book reports by hand in elementary school? Bleck.
I'm always trying to find a nicer way to say "I've already seen that" when someone sends me something from the Internet.
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#TS1989 isn't on @Rdio yet, so I guess I'll have to bring my computer into the bathroom for a shower instead.
Aaron Paul says Barbie is worse than Breaking Bad toys:
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Dude, I slept in the woods. I had a good conversation with a beaver.
welcome to oak cliff: where the helicopters are out with spotlights
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Dallas ruins everything. Including health.
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Head cold's aren't any fun 😷😷
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Jean-Paul says: "I know people that delivered pizzas to Carl Sagan."
Writer mantra: 'I am good at writing, I am good at writing, I am useless at writing and my back hurts and I will die of stress or jealousy'.
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Listening to Thursday on a Wednesday.
Just watched the news. The world is PETRIFYING.
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Oh, you want to take a shower? You can wait your turn.
Tumblin’ at 1%. Whatever. πŸ’€
I was looking through my purse for a hair tie but all I could find was dog treats.
For the record, I think I've been able to play it cool for approximately three seconds of my entire life.
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Much love to all for your kind comments. 9 years cancer free and the anniversary of transit. Honored this day means so much to my fans!
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I think I’ve typed tswift enough while texting to not be autocorrected anymore.
I just sliced through my thumbnail so I’m really glad I washed my hair last night.
The best coffee shop music involves @andrewmcmahon forever and ever.
Attention all raspberry fans: 99cents at Kroger. 😍
I can’t stop thinking about avocado pizza.
Every person driving through Benbrook on 377: β€œWhy are there multiples of everything?!”
New birthday boots! πŸŽ‰
I apparently Googled "is there such a thing as moon-dried tomatoes?" at 2:30 a.m. last night.
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Air drums are so much better than air guitar.
This ship of fools I’m on will sink.