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Lee Davis
Mummy is doing well too, but, she'd kneecap me if I put a photo on here to prove it.
World, meet my son Zachary born at 10.30 this morning. #ProudDad #HereAtLast
'Your depression is evidence to your lack of faith in Allah' - some numpty
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.@nikita_ppv Awesome! Was the ??= operator (assignment if not set or not truthy) not an option in this RFC? //@AndreaFaulds #BeingGreedy
Can someone please create a #shellshock logo so I can get management to take it seriously. Thanks.
Spent the last few hours reading/testing opcodes from non-optimal PHP looping permutations. Thanks for the inspiration @igorwhiletrue #retry
.@shochdoerfer I hope you're not referring to the awesome null coalesce operator?? <- see what I did there!
.@igorwhiletrue you gutted that someone else has @igorgoto?
"Will it bind" - ZeroMQ's adaptation of "Will it blend" an impressive 45 bindings (and counting).
"Groubert faces a maximum of 20 years in prison" - I hope he gets it, the trigger happy prick.…
.@dancow I love the quote at the end: "Good design is as little design as possible." - some German motherfucker
Support Bike MS and me with $15+ and I’ll give you a free copy of my book "Build APIs You Wont Hate"…
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.@PHPTownHall Innuendos are always fine as long as they stay ambiguous. /@philsturgeon @benedmunds #ItsSoJuicyIDontWantToSwallow #WurstCon
.@mattsta @antirez Reports just in that a homicidal paperclip is using the phone book to track down and kill anyone named "Matt Stancliff"
Oh the lolz! "@triblondon: Just trying to debug an email problem but it's an absolute mimefield."
Is there any tooling built in/around sculpin that will fire changes to a github repo via PR to gh-pages branch? /@beausimensen
So there's this blank file on one of our production servers called DO_NOT_DELETE_THIS_FILE.txt #RedButtonComplex
@leedavis81 I use LightPaper for Markdown, Fantastical for Calender, Spectacle for Window Management, Airmail for Mail, Cakebrew 4 Homebrew
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@leedavis81 I use textwrangler for small/medium text editing, web mail (I hear Sparrow is good?), and native terminal
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@Beryllium9 @leedavis81 for what? @alfredapp is great. I like Eve, f.lux, homebrew, homebrew cask, macdown, shortcat...
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To be more specific I'm looking for; anything that beats native apps (mail, terminal, textedit) as well as essential dev tools
Now that I've joined the club, I'm looking to take advice on badass OS X apps for my MBPr.
Let's all pretend we didn't just hear @SammyK say 'cunt' /@PHPRoundtable
Why does @shrtwhitebldguy look like he's about to dispatch a HTTP/1.1 PUNCH request? /@PHPRoundtable
I can't think of anywhere better to put my chocolate than my in my peanut butter /@PHPRoundtable
Should I semver my REST API, or do different rules apply? How do I implement versioning? /@PHPRoundtable
What techniques do you use for throttling API traffic? Request thresholds / leaky buckets? /@PHPRoundtable
So is nobody going to mention the richardson maturity model? /@PHPRoundtable
.@jmikola PHP News at Ten with your favourite anchor @philsturgeon
The pleasure of eating a muller rice is unparalleled. #ThisIsGettingRidiculous
"The opening brace for the class MUST go on its own line" "opening brace MUST be placed together on their own line" #PSR2Conflict
Point to note, not trying to shit on PSR2, it's a great standard. Just speaking publicly about adoption concerns/issues.
Not a style, implementation could = BC break "Method arguments with default values MUST go at the end of the argument list" #PSR2SadFace
Can you use list and be PSR2 compliant? list($a, $b) = ['foo', 'bar'] "There MUST NOT be more than one property declared per statement"
Does this break PSR2 compliance? "if ($this->foo() || $this->bar())" (Expression comprising two statements on the same line)
Instead of blocking trolls/idiots; add them to a list and unfollow anyone that makes them appear on your feed. #ShotGunning #MoarEffective
Regardless of context, this is something you never say to a 4 year old girl: "Do you like older men?" #CreepyKidEntertainers
Some kind of weird dog contest :/