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Lee Davis
Want a sneak peek at the PHP language spec the @HipHopVM team has been working on?…
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Anyone know of any drawbacks (I don't think "it's not the PHP way" counts) on scalar type hinting without casts in PHP?
Wishing a very happy birthday to the one true @matt_stone
.@SaraMG @philsturgeon @a This is the only significant argument I've heard so far. Acknowledge and respect for the efforts made on PHP 6.
.@dcousineau Surprised you missed out the obvious correlation of being spat in the face when trying to courteously reach out.
First trailer for Alan Turing biopic starring Benedict Cumberbatch. Watch:
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It would be nice to ignore php extension requirements on composer installation. Is this possible from cli? Or is "provide" the only option?
.@krakjoe This'll blow all those silly arguments out of the water... "6 is the first perfect number"… BOOM! #MicDrop
Some profoundly strong arguments there from both sides. This one's going to be close.
For those that can't be arsed to read the "Name of Next Release of PHP" RFC, here's an argument summary:
Just vote and move on. Trying to justify a decision based on which number is (un)lucky is just ridiculous. The barrel's been scrapped dry.
Often a decision is encouraged by profound reasoning eloquently put by your peers. That's not going to happen here:
That moment you realise your deployment is using gists, and is down. This is just all wrong.
Not only has he infiltrated every podcast, I can't even browse SO without seeing @philsturgeon's mug. #WebCeleb
.@krakjoe This is an amazing story. How much more before we can get you a house (or mortgage deposit) and out of the UK's "rent generation".
#php made dreams come true last night; from the bottom of my heart, I thank all of you, so freakin' much .... just ... epic #communitywon :D
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We should probably do a PHP Town Hall with some European folk while I’m still in the right timezone. Anyone you can think of?
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Off the back of my tweet (& brief discussion), I just received this in the mail. Gotta say it; well played @cineworld
Based on today's headlines fucking kids is 4.6 times worse than hacking phones. #RolfHarris got off way too light.
.@DragonBe @Inviqa Surely the 1999 Mars Climate Orbiter is a perfect candidate for this list?…
So tempted to say "Yeah, sure, it's all good".
Are #phpfig's interfaces meant only for cross f/w interop, or does it stretch to consumers (so they can swap components at the impl. level)?
Poor child, she's got no chance.
Great talk from @igorwhiletrue on abstract machines. Has a lot of depth, clear your head for this one:…
.@mgdm does this mean you're @phpbard ?
Just saw a @cineworld (Wandsworth) staff member square up to a customer and call him a 'fucking idiot'. He was frustrated with poor service
Surely the £6.4m invested by the Technology Strategy Board on @hypercatiot would have been better spent on pushing info/tools around HATEOAS