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Lee Davis
Hi @santanderuk. Who are and why are they loading a javascript file on the personal banking logon page?
Recruitment emails listing: "In house development stack with latest technology" as a company benefit. #ItsComeToThis
Try to question your opinion when a valid refute arises, but most of all try to have an opinion.
Just bought a pair of Timberlands at a shop next to Timberlands for cheaper that they cost in Timberlands.
I disabled Dredd for a few weeks due to NPM errors and now our documentation is fuuuuuuuuuuuundamentally different.…
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We're sponsoring the PHP London Meetup next Thursday. Come along for beer, snacks and PHP!…
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Are your users uploading petabytes of data that need processing in < 1s? No? Then scale horizontally! #WebPagesAreNotASupercomputerProblem
Tidy way of filtering out expected types from an array. I would typically have no hint and an instanceof check: #php
Can all you hipsters stop using implicit transfer protocols. <script src="//"> uses file:// when run locally.
BOOMSHAKALAKA!… Let's see how long it stays that way.
This genuinely makes me sad. I really need to more about it.
Might even have a release out the door if I get the time.
After over a year of sitting still, surprised to see drest build against both php7 and hhvm without a hitch!…
Seriously though, if you haven't got the cohones to tell your boss when they're wrong, then what are you for?
In my experience this isn't a problem in tech, but in medicine!? Get your shit together! Speaking up saves lives -…
Don't work hard, work clever. Don't work hard, work clever. Don't work hard, work clever. Don't work hard, work clever. Now keep saying it!
Sharks don't tend to visit the ocean floor so why not just chain some concrete to your heels?…
Mage::getSingleton( 'catalog/layer_filter_attribute' ) ->__construct();
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Mess with my kid and his mum will punch you in the dick! // @davedevelopment don't stand for it ;)
The new one is just not an #elePHPant fan. He ignored the entire herd.
"Wait.... code gives you feels?"…
"PHP gives you enough rope to hang your whole family" - brilliant.…
Hey @phpcodemonkey, the one I had wasn't actually that bad. Best micro fiber cloth EVAR!
I absolutely did not have a dream where I was trapped inside a dependency injection container and every dependency was @MrDanack's face.
.@asgrim @MrDanack Oh jeez! Can y'all tweet more please so this isn't the last thing I see before I go to bed.
I love that this just got a favourite from a pizza / pasta restaurant. Twitter is broken //@kpschrade
.@kpschrade sorry to disappoint but that day came and went a long time ago. Copy pasta devs. They're everywhere!
For anyone that was in any doubt, programming is art. No literally. Look: // #ossart @erikaheidi @ninjagrlstuff
Cheers for the stroops @rdohms. They're Lucas approved (Also the Mrs made 4 of them disappear!).
and @seldaek of course (who kindly offered to draw a penis on @philsturgeon's page)
I'm missing the sprogs (weekend daddy) so I'm gonna shoot (hope catch them before bed). Loved #phpsc15, thanks @asgrim and all, great job.
Our good friend @leedavis81 is sponsoring the give away of our elephpants at #phpsc15! Thank him for being an awesome contributor!
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Want database version control without the pain? Urr... Basically... Tough titty. #phpsc15
Also, @GeeH Imma be hunting you down #phpsc15 // @WiseElePHPant
I spend a few hours at Portsmouth Harbour and Twitter is already asking me to rent out my boat. #CrazyAdTargetingSkillz
.@Ocramius @erikaheidi @phpsouthcoast That's the one! Now everybody, go plot yourself on it.
"Where the magic happens": GandalPHP approves @erikaheidi's theory #phpsc15 @phpsouthcoast
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Absolutely love the "where the magic happens" graph at @erikaheidi's #phpsc15 talk. Every developer should be able to plot themselves on it.
Irony is telling the audience to not be scared whilst jumping out of your skin from hitting the mic. @krakjoe at #phpsc15
\Doctrine\DBAL\Connection::ping() just saved me a shit load of time.
Just arrived in my inbox from @phpsouthcoast: "PHPSC15 - Two days to go!" So Sunday then? ;p Opps.
.@beausimensen Do it! You'll be gone by the time it tries to punch you back. #callbackHell
Feckless is not an Irish synonym for celibate.
Why does substr return false on an empty string. Why not just return an empty string? Now I gotta test for empties. #Urggh #PHP
"We've now separated our code into contracted reusable packages" "Great. How do I moosh it all together and drive everything from the db?"
One happy chappie. He's called him "Foley". Thanks @rdohms and the @AmsterdamPHP folks.

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