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Lee Davis
Anyone that can, please just go right ahead and vote yes on this:…
Most common git screwups/questions and solutions… FML why did I not know about git branch -a already.
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.@evertp HTTP is stateless, but you can still work the concept of state into a REST API. #hateos
.@evertp great post, and solid solution. It's rare (but often necessary) we see API's break up these things into multiple transactions.
Dropbox starts using POST, and why this is poor API design.
Retweeted by Lee Davis
PHP Community: Go read @leftnode's last 10 tweets or so. Think about that next time you're tempted to to join the drama. What are we about?
Retweeted by Lee Davis
2/2 Half of one house was damaged by the fire in #Chessington and the house next door was damaged by smoke. Thankfully, no injuries.
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House #fire on #chessington road. Hope nobody is hurt. Road is closed, avoid.
We're desperately looking for a brilliant javascript/frontend developer to work on @IRCCloud with us in London or Sheffield. Know anyone?
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.@socium_hate @lisachenko am I the only picky bastard that thinks: "if you're finishing at the 9th decimal it should be: 3.141592654"
I have opened voting on the Scalar Type Declaractions proposal (dual-mode):… Cast your vote today!
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.@royalblooduk, if you can make a bass sound like a whole band, you can figure out anything. #BRITs2015
Retweeted by Lee Davis
Looks like the vote for grouping use declarations ends today, and (unless I can't count) needs one more vote to pass…
Your code is so fat it has its own gravitational pull. #YourCodeJokes
Your code is so fat it's become the eighth wonder of the world. #YourCodeJokes
Your code is so fat that when you back it up it beeps #YourCodeJokes
Your code is so fat it makes Jabba the Hut go dayyyyumm. #YourCodeJokes
Your code is so fat that a rollback makes us enter daylight saving. #YourCodeJoke
Your code is so fat that it can't fit into this joke #YourCodeJokes
Your code is so fat it has two timezones. #YourCodeJokes
PHP 7 will bring some interesting syntax changes:
In opposite land Lee loves cats and shares videos of them on the internet all the time.
Current status; filtering my filters.
Hi @e3BethT. Great to meet you @ #phpuk15. Thanks for the @codeclimate sticker, it’s front and center on my MBP.
Some great advice coming from @choult's talk on API's. Realistic, balanced business interactions.
So at 4pm I will be talking to #phpuk15 about how Your API is a UI in the Affiliate Window track
Retweeted by Lee Davis
After a stern telling off this morning I'm ready for some technical content from @JayTaph at #phpuk15
I've decided to stop wearing blue jeans so I'm not in any way affiliated with those nasty Chelsea racists. #CorrelationNotCausation.
That's right, I'm still defending ORM's…
Is the source to op_code compilation process a one-way thing in PHP, or is it possible to re-generate source from op_codes?
.@ircmaxell Also, wouldn’t requirement to be the “first” instruction in a file clash with the namespace requirement?…
It’s awesome to see @ircmaxell pick this up…. I’m in full agreement except for disallowing aliases (it's ok for cast)
"it's very important to understand that my target is to prevent the opposing group from getting what they want" #PHPInternals
Thank you Developers for all your hard work, now f*** off - Changes to the LinkedIn Developer Program #api #apise
Retweeted by Lee Davis
Hi @lisachenko, is the API you've outlined (…) intended for registered extensions to be run on ALL compiled php files?
The university graduate waitress that was just telling me about the lack of availability in academic jobs just totally fucked up my order.
Design by committee actually works quite well if the committee members aren’t total fucking babies that whine until they get it their way.
Just watched @ircmaxell's High Performance PHP talk from #phpnw14 and thoroughly enjoyed it. Check it out:…
Point I’m trying to make is that strict type hints will help users protect code from library bugs without littering it with casts/guard code
Or a better example.. $p = paginator($library->giveMeExpectedInt()); function paginator(int $x) { return \Zend_Paginator::factory($x); }
Case ’n point:… function createMyPaginator() { return \Zend_Paginator::factory($library->giveMeExpectedInt()); }
When a library accidentally uses is_integer instead of is_numeric in guarding code, strict type checks (like my previous tweet) can save us.
Imagine the bugs library implementors will find with strict type hints. function doSomethingWithInt(int $library->giveMeExpectedInt()) { }
If you weren't aware, @SaraMG is a badass!… - nothing will have changed at all UNLESS THEY EXPLICITLY ASK FOR IT