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Lee Davis
Well this is rare. Have we finished building PHP? #PHPInternals
.@GeeH I don't know how anyone finds the time to contribute to OS as much as @Ocramius does. Is it a full time thing?
Releasing ProxyManager 1.0.0 after almost 2 years of work! (stability schedule attached) Thanks everyone! #php
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.@Ocramius Awesome work! Amazed at the effort you've put in this great tool. Also astounded and honoured to be mentioned in contributors :)
Imagine for just a minute, PHP with no regard for BC. A beautiful thing, or dead in the water?
.@leeboynton @phphants if you zoom right into me (very far left) I appear to have the face of a baboon.
Jeff Carouth - Git and Github: Working Effectively on a Team - php[tek] 2014: via @YouTube
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. @assertchris @rdohms you're very welcome! PHP: Perpetually Helping People.
Just donated some money to help @assertchris and his father. If you can spare some, help him out #communityworks #PHP
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________ | . \ \-3 |_J_ / PHP | || | |___| | || |m| |m|
$geek++ "@kayladnls: Blog Post, as promised: Undecidable Turing-Complete Christmas Tree Automata in Practice —>…"
Blog Post, as promised: Undecidable Turing-Complete Christmas Tree Automata in Practice —>…
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Everytime you say "Post Real-Time" I'm gonna punch you.
I'm trying to spoil the crap out of my kid..… @GeeH, @choult said to tap you up for a possible red. Have any spare?
What is a "kreehatif"? Just OH some designers refer to themselves as that
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Fighting patent trolls with the LOT Network…
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Yitzchok Willroth (@coderabbi) is the most gracious face on #NoCapes to date. He’s just swell.
Just shown Lucas the kickstarter page of the black ElePHPant. He's named him "Foley" and is awaiting his arrival. No pressure @rdohms.
This weeks CV submissions comprise of several years experience with Syfomy, Symphony, Symphany and Synfony. #IsItThatHard?
"We came here looking for answers, we came here looking for the truth and all we got was more questions" - well duh!
Guy in the apple store insisted this was absolutely essential when I bought my MBP. Three months on, still unopened.
.@miss_jwo @bwaine also, this by @dshafik got me up and running really quickly with xhgui.…
Great talk at @PHPLondon tonight on @bwaine's toolbox. Just a bit confused why he used PHPStorm and a separate app for breakpoint/debugging.
Elizabeth Smith - HHVM in 2014 - php[tek] 2014: via @YouTube
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.@coderabbi @rdohms It's such a common encounter. There's a pandemic of devs saying wildly outlandish things without any attempt to explain.
one time i was interviewing a dude and there was a tear just below his shirt pocket. his nipple was just hanging out there the whole time.
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.internet-explorer { break-inside: auto; }
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.@rdohms I was taking an interview the other day... Him: "jQuery is similar to PHP" Me: "In what way?" Him: *silence* #Next
.@isamlambert @ValerieNC We need to think inside the box on this one. Come back to me by the end of play when all your ducks are in a row.
Set a candidate a test during interview today. For shits/giggles a non-techy colleague took it and scored more than the candidate. #Awkward
.@igorwhiletrue @GeeH @rdohms What's worse, always setting gc_disable() or gc_collect_cycles()? #TrickQuestion #GimmieMyCPU #GimmieMyMemory
What a steaming pile of nonsense…
Them: 'Could you fax over a copy?' Me: 'No, I can't fax because of where I live' Them: 'Where do you live?' Me: 'The 21st century'
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Don't normally dish this stuff out, but, if you have a MBP check out the hidden app sale: 90% off with code BLACK90
A safe character(s) to delimit serialized php objects (stored in a file) with?
PC Toby Rowland has begun legal proceedings against the judge that called him witless.
Currently dealing with: include('config/matts.class.php'); $matt = new matt(); Wherever you are Matt, I'll find you, and I'll cut you.
Barista: How's it going Me: Good thanks, you? Barista: Yeak ok, glad it's Friday. Do you spoil her day, or just walk away?
Lee Rigby’s killers: stopped with 8 shots - 4 leg, 1 hip, 1 stomach, 2 hand Michael Brown: stopped with 6 shots - 2 head, 4 chest #Excessive
Dear "movers and shakers", please leave me alone.
I dreamt that I broke the screen on my nexus 5, which justified ordering a nexus 6. Disappointing to wake up and see it in one piece.