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Lee Davis
I did it, I finally just coughed up and did it! I bought a Ferrari!!! …… #ignorantmedia
right, quiet now, the lot of you, I'm about to perform surgery:… #ignorantmedia
OMG, I just got kicked by a care bear. #ignorantmedia
Just yesterday I nearly got run over by a toy tank. #ignorantmedia
You wouldn't believe what happened to me today, I nearly got shot with a nerf gun. #ignorantmedia
"nearly getting shot" with blank rounds is like nearly getting punched with a pillow.
'Billion star mapper' set for launch…
About to try on my secret santa gift from @littleg_star, more pics to follow...
We've just lost one of the most amazing men to have ever graced this earth. #RIPNelsonMandela
The amount of homeless/hungry children/animal charity posters on South West trains is getting ridiculous.
Fire at Raynes Park makes for a very slow/dull journey into work :(
I'm buying a house in two days and my solicitor banks with Natwest. Should I be worried?
.@DataSift got a mention in the beebs today: "Apple buys Twitter data firm Topsy"…
Holy shit! What is wrong with people? Check out > @NeedADebitCard #StealMyMoney
I can't believe that didn't get a woot or a gratz. You lot suck.
*blur blip* Achievement unlocked: Buy a house
I'm all against radical views 'n all. But discrediting them because they wank? NSA 'plan to shame web-porn users'…
When is function call chaining going to be a thing in PHP? I want to foo()();
Who keeps stealing my nice pens!!? What's more chicken shit than fucking with a man's pens? I mean, don't fuck with another man's pens.
Ever wondered what happens to the passwords you enter incorrectly? Me too.