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Lee Davis
Well darn it. Scalar type hints in PHP has been canned. Again.…
Why is EVERY SINGLE HEREDOC identifier either EOT or EOD?
I'mma let you finish your twitter feed, but, @kanyewest is the biggest idiot of ALL TIME.…
.@PierreJoye @AndreaFaulds @ircmaxell Is anyone working on an RFC for handling (erroring) hints that use an invalid default?
.@PierreJoye despite how icky the word 'compromise' makes people feel, these casts make a lot of sense. Thank you @AndreaFaulds & @ircmaxell
Major wardrobe malfunction with the Colombian women cycle team #ItsNotWhatYouThink #LookCloser
Evolution of music sales: 1. Pay a lot 2. Pay a little 3. Pay anything 4. OK fine, just pay once a month 5. Fuck you, now you own a U2 album
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If male video game characters were dressed like female characters
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As… goes stable, work begins on Thanks @nikita_ppv for your colossal contribution #ASTinPHP
.@laravelphp @jwage Holy shit this is awesome! Nice work @taylorotwell.
.@TimBisley88 and I was just looking for a spotify playlist. Monkeys it is, cheers son.
.@juantreminio Nice! Although... They made Luigi a queen instead of just promoting a princess. Damn the patriarchy, damn them all to hell!
.@rosstuck 'No man controls my destiny. Especially not one who writes PHP and sticks in goto statements'
Today, is one of them days. Errgh.
Alright you shit head fan boi, it's been 2 weeks and you were right. I fucking love my Macbook Pro. #ThereISaidIt #HappyNow?
You work for Google and you can't afford a room to live in. This is very wrong.…
Spot the difference - 1st and 2nd editions of #dailymail story on literacy standards
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Red grapes. Yep, ok, red, well done. Black grapes. Not quite black, but sure, ok. White grapes. WAT!?
I just accidentally discovered @phpstorm's new 'double shift' feature. DAS IST GUT JA!
Great work from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association "peace and unity between all nations, peoples and religions"…
.@philblackman cheers for the invite my good man. It was very much enjoyed. #FirstNonLeagueFootballVisit
I wish people that built email clients would understand how I use their product and just give me a 'delete all new' button
This PSG debacle going on via my Twitter stream is fucking hilarious. I'm getting the popcorn out.
.note: the numbers will only make sense if you watch the awesome talk.
As an engineer 1 like you 2, I'm pondering 5 ways to use 4 the wad of advice 7 I got 3 watching @rosstuck's talk… 6
Here’s how blatant the name theft is. GitHub itself refers to my Markdown as “standard Markdown”:…
Retweeted by Lee Davis just announced it is rebranding itself as “Standard Twitter.”
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Apparently Twitter are looking to fuck up their shit. Maybe will get another surge.
Mad props to @asgrim for coming over to my yard (@PHPLondon) and giving his RabbitMQ talk.
We’re 22 responses away from 1000 in the Mental Health in Tech Survey. Please share w/ colleagues & friends in tech!
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Doctrine protip: When setting up a UniqueConstraint, name it differently to any other indexes. pdo_mysql allows, pdo_sqlite smites you.
My elephpant is in my pants.
Don't give anyone the benefit of the doubt when doubt can be removed.
“Hacker” is also misused. If I know your email and I try "fluffy123" then I’m no hacker, you are just a muppet with a dog called Fluffy.
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If you liked my last post on MySQL then this one is a doozy…
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No one can deny it's done incredible things throughout history, but is modern feminism now just about demonising men?
Exceptional news reporting going on in the UK. Nan in a naan, Pizza opened upside down, and the summer is warm.
Ukraine crisis? Developments in Iraq? Nope, fucking Nan in a Naan! Nice work metro… #TopNews