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Lee Davis
.@geevcookie @rdohms Shittin heck. you can't write PHP on twitter nowadays without someone replying in @philsturgeon #SixDegreesOfPhil
There's a seriously mean line up for @PHPRoundtable on Sunday; @ircmaxell @SaraMG @ramsey @auroraeosrose and @krakjoe. Shame its 3am GMT
CTO of Whisper takes to HackerNews to rebut the Guardian. It is not going well for him
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I got Ebola (or food poisoning) #manDown
.@CalEvans Also, check this one out (you don't have to read it all)…
.@CalEvans I once received a spammy job email from a london recruiter who cc'd in their entire "developer emails" list. #RageWorthy
@leedavis81 @CalEvans I just have my boss talk to the recruiter. Last time he yelled “U TRYIN 2 TAKE MY MAAAN!?” into the phone.
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Asking for $_PUT and $_DELETE on internals is the new black.
My girl is looking smoking. You wouldn't think to look at her that she was squeezing a person out of her 2 weeks ago.
Why do you ruin a perfectly good relationship? Goodbye reasonably useful tool.
Awesome!!! @github offers a student pack to get started with coding
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Received what I thought were fake flowers as a baby congrats. Thought it weird 'til I realised they're baby clothes!
Ey @TimBisley88, read this:… - good follow up on what we were discussing.
For anyone that orders a @phparch elephpant to the UK; beware of the £15 delivery charge from the postman :/
My 3yo (Lucas) is being noisy. Health Visitor has come to check new baby. HV: "Shhh" Lucas: "Don't Shhh me, it's rude!" #CantArgueWithHim
My gang is better than yours! #IFuckingLoveTribalism
Alan Turing's bombe in mechanical engineers' poll…
.@philsturgeon @pmjones they're just giving the people what they want since the ZF / Symfony people won't play ball. Go team Aura! Woooo!
That sinking feeling in your stomach when you've fixed something, but have no idea how.
.@choult genuinely gutted about missing this tonight. Although, not sure how much I'd actually absorb in my sleep deprived state. Good luck.
HOLY. SHIT! "Consensual Sex: There’s an App for That"…
Gutted to be missing @phpnwConf this year. But, this little bundle makes for some recompense. Hope u all enjoy it.
Strange fact: I was born on the same day (10/02/1981) as celebrity @hollywills, and yesterday we BOTH had little boys (29/09/2014).
Lucas meeting his little brother for the first time.
Mummy is doing well too, but, she'd kneecap me if I put a photo on here to prove it.
World, meet my son Zachary born at 10.30 this morning. #ProudDad #HereAtLast
'Your depression is evidence to your lack of faith in Allah' - some numpty
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.@nikita_ppv Awesome! Was the ??= operator (assignment if not set or not truthy) not an option in this RFC? //@AndreaFaulds #BeingGreedy
Can someone please create a #shellshock logo so I can get management to take it seriously. Thanks.
Spent the last few hours reading/testing opcodes from non-optimal PHP looping permutations. Thanks for the inspiration @igorwhiletrue #retry
.@shochdoerfer I hope you're not referring to the awesome null coalesce operator?? <- see what I did there!
.@igorwhiletrue you gutted that someone else has @igorgoto?
"Will it bind" - ZeroMQ's adaptation of "Will it blend" an impressive 45 bindings (and counting).
"Groubert faces a maximum of 20 years in prison" - I hope he gets it, the trigger happy prick.…
.@dancow I love the quote at the end: "Good design is as little design as possible." - some German motherfucker
Support Bike MS and me with $15+ and I’ll give you a free copy of my book "Build APIs You Wont Hate"…
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.@PHPTownHall Innuendos are always fine as long as they stay ambiguous. /@philsturgeon @benedmunds #ItsSoJuicyIDontWantToSwallow #WurstCon
.@mattsta @antirez Reports just in that a homicidal paperclip is using the phone book to track down and kill anyone named "Matt Stancliff"
Oh the lolz! "@triblondon: Just trying to debug an email problem but it's an absolute mimefield."
Is there any tooling built in/around sculpin that will fire changes to a github repo via PR to gh-pages branch? /@beausimensen
So there's this blank file on one of our production servers called DO_NOT_DELETE_THIS_FILE.txt #RedButtonComplex
@leedavis81 I use LightPaper for Markdown, Fantastical for Calender, Spectacle for Window Management, Airmail for Mail, Cakebrew 4 Homebrew
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@leedavis81 I use textwrangler for small/medium text editing, web mail (I hear Sparrow is good?), and native terminal
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@Beryllium9 @leedavis81 for what? @alfredapp is great. I like Eve, f.lux, homebrew, homebrew cask, macdown, shortcat...
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