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Lee Davis
Google open-sourced its #deepdream neural network software for making psychedelic photos. Because science!
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.@choult @Tesco @niveauk it was this one. Dodgy batch I think, as we've used it several times before. //@aran384
We've used the factor 50 @niveauk sun lotion on our little boy for a while. New bottle from @Tesco did this.. :(
.@CalEvans @grmpyprogrammer the end goal is to get enough traction to sell t-shirts (before @philsturgeon competes and snags their sales).
.@CalEvans @grmpyprogrammer didn't you know? programming language hate and hyperbole is the new getting shit done
ProTip: To remove a Doctrine Many-To-Many relation, delete the association from BOTH sides of the relationship. #20MinutesIWontGetBAck
.@RichardDawkins what if all living things can go to heaven? I'll take eternal hell fire over 100 million years worth of mosquitoes.
I blogged about common performance traps that you should avoid when using @doctrineorm -… #Doctrine2
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Seriously @Airbnb WTF? Can I book without giving you metadata on all the files I store in my drive account?
Just use bower he said, it's easy he said.
npm install -g bower * Error, need root sudo bash npm install -g bower bower * Error, can't be root exit bower * Error, permission denied.
Stop using fucking extract!!!!!!! #php #rage
shoutout to my fellow programmers who are also Eminem fans:
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More funky generator behaviour in PHP7: vs
.@BBCNews I think it's important to distinguish the difference between a prosecution and a trial of facts here:…
// @assertchris, this also ties into what we were talking about.
Using generators for recursive functions in PHP 7....… We have @rdlowrey and @beberlei to thank for this.
Finished reading tiddler fish with Lucas tonight and thought, where the hell have I seen this before?....
Currently watching the latest #NoCapes episode. I could listen to @SaraMG babble about PHP all day. Her PHPassion is unparalleled.
Finally back after a week with no Internet on the Isle of Wight. It was sooo hard!
My answer to whether Stack Overflow should sport a rainbow logo for the day
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.@assertchris A yield statement prevents internal functional calls. It's strange that it just stops.
.@assertchris After playing with this, it appears generators aren't really suitable for recursive functions:
OH: "It's important to practice self-deprecation. I'm a fat lazy prick. See. You try". "You're a fat lazy prick". :/
.@codeguy @jeffrey_way @matthiasnoback how can "the world will literally blow up" not be a joke?
.@matt_stone so many half dressed "hot" women seem to care what I say about #php lately.
.@matt_stone Ah, spam account, get it all the time. It's annoying when I think I've said something profound and get 1 favourite from spam.
Seem to have lost your handle on my reply, hmm. //@lisachenko
It can, but the logic is something that should apply when the exception isn't rethrown. imo it shouldn't belong in the try/catch block.
If you want return/break/continue like behaviour in a try/catch block, is the use of goto acceptable? #DontJudgeMe #PHP
Someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do an American Pie / Jason Biggs mash up of this video.…
Management, risk assessment, testing, fail over. We do it with everything else. Stop blaming software for failure. Looking at you @RBS_Help.
When you get a new phone you test it works, recharge it every day (especially for a long day out) and get a spare if it's temperamental.
Don't say I didn't warn you all!…
"Girl I wanna give you carats until you feel you a rabbit" - Mase 1998 #StillOnTop #ToldYouThatWeWontStop
"TumTum" the red #laravel #elePHPant joins my boys herd today. Thanks @bretterer :)
Recursive function that needs depth knowledge. a) pass referenced var as arg b) use an object var c) use a static var d) something else? GO
Hi @SaraMG, I wanted to play with sgolemon/astkit but couldn't get it to compile. Any hints on where I'm going wrong?
This guy was pretty close to wearing a bayonet in his neck. "Buckingham Palace guard grins and bears it after fall -…"
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Recruiter: "We need someone with 5 years Java experience" Candidate: "Pfft, I been doing JavaScript for 8 years" Recruiter: "Perfect"

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