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Can't wait to start watching hunter x hunter again
The EP is closer to completion, the excitement is at an all-time high!
I'm not a fan of umbrellas, but today I'll make an exception. This rain hates me
Sleeping schedule all messed up
"Let them adjust till they just get the gist of me" -Eminem
LOL click "like" when you see it.
"Leadership requires the courage to make decisions that will benefit the next generation." ~Alan Autry
Lost my place on the map.
People get stuck in struggle, it can make you bitter or sad. It can also make you greater.
Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.
Hopefully This year people will give him a chance.
Kobe wasn't coming back? Kobe been back!
Kobe wow that's all you can say
Good game, Blake Griffin going for MVP this year
How can you not respect Kobe Bryant as a basketball player? #LALvsLAC
Kobe Bryant! Kobe Bryant! Kobe Bryant! I don't care how old you are! Legends never die! #LALvsLAC
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Haters gone hate "I'll never understand Kobe haters. Did you see what that old man just did? He's still that dude. #LALvsLAC@monkey_baller"
This isn't even Chicago's final form that's the scary part. #bullsvscavs
Don't feel stupid if you dislike what everyone else pretends to love.
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Dion Waiters knows how Mario Chalmers used to feel...
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Kobe next up so all is good, he going for 40pts watch #LALvsLAC
Refs just wanted to see overtime that's all
The NBA and I have such different definitions of "the act of shooting."
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Wooooooowowowow refs wearing Cavs jerseys under their uniforms
Captain Kirk‼️‼️
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Happy Halloween Everyone! That dog's face xD
BINGO! Two for one! Happy Halloween
Some things take time. The quicker we can understand that, the quicker we'll receive what we've been waiting for.
Russell Bestbrook
YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! Kobe time! It's been too long.
This #NBA game too hype right now #SpursvsMavs
Can't let your past dictate your future.
Read this somewhere: "You either die a Spongebob, or live long enough to see yourself become a Squidward." ...That's deep
The people need more than a leader... They need a miracle.
Let's all take advantage and grow within.
Don't sleep on good music. Check out Timeless by C.R. Streetz!...
They ask me why I keep going
Logic's album "Under Pressure" just might be hip hop album of the year. Need to spin it a few more times and...
I can't be the only one that has done this
Something is wrong if someone believes in you more than you do
Thought about getting sick a few days ago and now I'm sick... Wonderful
I've been quiet for WAY too long
The first thing in my apartment I'd sell would be the bed. It's not like I get any sleep anyway