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Tim Howard has earned a new form of respect in my book.
I can't be the only one that remembers the power of the cable!
If you fall rise back up, you only lose when you decide to quit.
Someone told me hard work isn't respected, it's smart work that's not forgotten.
That feeling you get when you've been working too hard...
@M_2_THA_DIZZOT @lecoldofficial I love what y'all did with that track... Absolutely love it. Let's get it. #NEXT #HIP-HOP #BACK2ROOTS
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CALLING ALL PRODUCERS: What kind of software do you use? Also do you recommend that software?
Why I don't go to the movies often.
Love waking up with creative thoughts in my head.
Sky ride view! High up and don't wanna come down.
On my way to 6 flags! Not much of a rollercoaster person, I really hope they have dippin dots though mmmmmm
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I would __________. If I had one million dollars. Fill in the blank.
I would __________. If I had one million dollars.
At Radio City Music Hall picturing myself on that stage... One day.
Getting ready to go see Mr. Dave Chappelle live! His past material still gets laughs out of me, comedy at its finest!
The cycle of my life! Click LIKE if you can relate.
Sometimes ya hit, sometimes ya miss... at least take the shot.
A lot of people enjoyed the beat I rapped over for my freestyle. Here's a set of beats from Elwood Sound that...
Are you spending your time creating the life you DO want, or dealing with a life you DON'T want?
Anybody else feel like this? Spent some good time job hunting, it sucks.
Everytime I go to sleep early I wake up tired. What's wrong with my body...
Heard someone talking about rappers rapping too serious... Didn't know there was such a thing.
Eating good or sleeping good...hmmm, tough decision...
People say 'hate' is such a strong word, yet they throw around 'love' like it's nothing.
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People are unhappy pretending to be people they aren't to make someone they don't even like think better of them
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I knew something was up with the Mario brothers.
The Spurs in the 2014 NBA Finals played some of the best basketball I've ever witnessed.
Now I have no reason to watch TV anymore, cool.
DO NOT SLEEP on Tim Duncan, when talking about the all-time greats.
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"@AndruWithaU: Duncan has the voice of an accountant. I'd trust that voice with my money" lol 😂
Congrats to Spurs and Pop. They overcame a mind numbing loss last year to comeback stronger physically, mentally, and spiritually
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Kawhi got MVP on Father's Day. He lost his pops 6 years ago to gun fire. I can't do nothing but congratulate and respect him
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Kawhi Leonard (17.8 PPG (61.2% FG), 6.4 RPG, 1.6 SPG) is the 2014 #NBAFinals MVP
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22 years old and a Finals MVP! Future looking bright.
Now matter how much you love the heat, you have to admit the Spurs took it to them this series. Great team, great effort.
R.I.P to all the broken friendships during this game 😔
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Tim Duncan and his kids priceless
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