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Re Branding | Re Starting | Re Launching | #WITS #WITSEMPiRE
Call of Warriors, it's nuts how far a good connection can get you in this game.
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Watch 3v3 S&D Tournament with OpTic NaDeSHoT! #OpTicHouse2013 on @TwitchTV
First day of high school NERVOUS!!!!!!
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Also, for all those asking, the stream grind begins once again tomorrow. Better see all you bros there, it's gonna be a fun time! #DLC4Comp
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not gonna try to stress my self out anymore when i got homework to worry about and focus on getting better to maybe go @MLG pro
all i've got to say is the buddy @WITSImage can't find an editor to do the birthday tage on my birthday then yeah starting @YouTube later
if i can't find an editor to do a quick promo for me for my birthday im just gonna say fuck it and wait until we fill the sniper team up . .
do you ever see something that just breaks your heart & you just kind of "oh" & stare at nothing cuz u wanna burst into tears & punch a wall
This time last year I was a completely different person than I am now
Being in a relationship is not about kissing, dates, taking pictures or showing off. It's about being with the person who makes you happy
Sometimes It Takes Being Away From Someone For Awhile To Realize How Much You Really Need Them In Your Life
There comes a point in your life when you have to realize who really matters, who never did, and who always will šŸ™Œ
movie trailers on @Xbox with my bro @WitsjOKER :)
I liked a @YouTube video from @joblocom Insidious 2 - Official Trailer (HD) Rose Byrne, Patrick Wilson
I liked a @YouTube video from @MOVIECLIPS Despicable Me 2 Official Trailer #3 (2013) - Steve Carell Animated
I liked a @YouTube video from @FilmTrailerZone Grown Ups 2 - Official Trailer (2013) [HD] Adam Sandler
And eww she's fucking eewwwwwwww
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Stupid girl has 450+ followers and she thinks right I'm known af
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I follow them and think why not ask for a follow back then fav it fag
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@MissManddaaa un followed because you fav to much shit like your known but in reality you have no one. K. Bye.
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People who constantly fav things you tweet at them asif they are known
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I liked a @YouTube video from @OpTicScumpii Last Team House Detail Vlog... I promise
I miss the old you. The one that cared about me.
Life is a game, play it. Life is a song, sing it. Life is a movie, enjoy it. Life is a friend, love it.
Lookin at me now I can see my past Damn I look just like my f-ckin dad
@WITSGaminG lawlzzzzzzzzzzz PLL is the only show I watch
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Oh, I see the truth in your lies I see nobody by your side but I'm with you when you re all alone And you correct me when Im lookin wrong
Look at me when Im talkin to you You looking at me but I'm lookin through you
With everything happening today You dont know whether you're coming or going But you think that you're on your way