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Leanne Chesser
Get your creative butt kicked into gear: http://bit-ly/OctCC14 @LindaUrsin
What's your favorite way to care for yourself? Reply & let me know.
"The key to finding your true self is to let go of excessive thinking and become still and present" Eckhart Tolle
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Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner. - Lao Tzu #quote
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Taking Care of You: 6 Self Care Rituals That Soothe
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3 essential traits to enhance your creative side
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Honesty means I can accept myself as who I am
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Hmm. Mixed feelings about this. Definitely authentic marketing:…
Connection: It’s About Waking Up to Who You Really Are [Bloom Your Online Relationships] | Molly Gordon via @shaboom
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Looking for an authentic way to connect with others AND create unique content at the same time? Catch this post...
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Authenticity: Why Being Unvarnished Matters | Project Eve
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"So many of us are waiting around for permission to be ourselves, to find ourselves, to express ourselves." ~ @LizDiAlto
How to Write an Awesome & Authentic Blog Post…
Awesome to connect with you, Tony :). Thanks for sharing! @tkoker
"Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else. ~ Judy Garland / @nicoleeboni #SheQuotes
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5 Surprising Habits of the World's Wealthiest Billionaires @larrykim… via @Inc
Excited to get started with @JessKupferman's FB Foreplay challenge! More fun in marketing! Whoo hoo!
"To breathe your own truth is your heart's most burning desire. To live your purpose is your soul's lifelong dream."
Definitely unique . . . Some Guy Is Doing Naked Handstands All Around the Globe… via @mashable
Hey, lady! How are you? Thanks for sharing :). @MelanieKissell
How to have a wild crazy meaningful life after a corporate J-O-B (podcast episode) @darlenecary
When we step into our own voice and own what we have to say, we can make an impact. via @Anne_Omland #career
When we give in to self doubt, it keeps us from being great. via @Anne_Omland #begreat #careerhelp
The hazards of mistaking what you love for work you're to do. Despite the hype, they can be different. @heathererees
3 key ingredients to raise your @moon_intuition
The October Creativity Challenge is coming up. Sign up for a month of fun creative exploration @LindaUrsin
Sameness creates comfort. Difference creates opportunity.
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No one can walk your path but you; no one can do it for you; no one can do it better. You CAN do it! #StreetSmartWealth
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Welcome to WordPress 4.0 and Google Analytics by Yoast 5.0 via @AskKim
7 Really Easy Things You Can Do To Rejuvenate, Maintain, and Increase Your Creativity!… @LindaUrsin
"The new authority in leadership today is not title or position. It's authenticity." ~ John Maxwell #quotes
Prison Break! Escape From Your Self-Created Prison of Shoulds via @LeanneChesser
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