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Leah Culver
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So my @lyft driver just didn't pick me up but did the route and charged me anyway. @lyft support site is down. 😑
What's the next big thing in APIs? #SXSW: vote for @leahculver @thegdb @sferik @pengwynn "Secrets to Powerful APIs"…
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NPR One is very well done @nprone… 5 stars. Will listen again and again and again.
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"So are you going to hyphenate your last name?" "No, I prefer underscores."
Money is real-life sudo. "Give me that cake." "No." "Give me that cake I have money." "Okay."
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Dropbox joins the LOT network to fight patent abuse:…
Licorice, Lifesaver, Lemonhead, Laffy Taffy…? I feel like Android isn't even trying anymore.
At least with Google I/O I can watch the keynote in Chrome. LOLs.
✈ to Barcelona tomorrow to give a talk at @apidaysMedit! Anything cool I should check out?
I tweeted about @Uber to get this rad tank top. In case you were wondering.
Use my Uber promo code, q2hex, and get $10 off your first Uber ride. Redeem it at
.@github decided to open source @AtomEditor which is super exciting! I know how hard that team worked on it.…
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Hayao Miyazaki accidentally gives a perfect description of what it means to be an artist:
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Biking desk at #apidaysberlin. Hardcore. Anyone figured out the swim part of the desk triathlon yet?
First day of #apidaysberlin was great. So excited that I can't sleep. Or maybe that's just the jet lag.
Developer advocate / evangelist tools of the trade. Don't call it a d**gle. With @sferik
Just posted a photo @ Spreepark Plänterwald
Just posted a photo @ Spreepark Plänterwald
Just posted a photo @ Spreepark Plänterwald