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L-Mizzy #LDash
They don't believe until you make em... Seeing is believing!
Expect great things in the near future #Music #Grind
"@UKnoWLusive: @LDashMizzy That's Why I Stick To PC" That shh f'd my head up!
I use to bust out beats on Fruityloops like this then I found out it don't work on my mac -_- #Flatface
Do Something With Yourself, or do something with yaself !
If ya life ain't important neither should ya death be…. #Yikes
Sometimes you jus want something new
Once I settle in, I'm not settling... $o let the games begin!
Blame is not the same as responsibility
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People bottle up their feelings (with the person right in from of them) to tell it to the world... Idk what to think about that, shit I rap!
We just sitting here listening to beats, chillin and talking... #LDash & #LDashjr
That #oldschool r&b thats that oG game on records... Set the mood every time!
Haha says who lol I enjoyed my #tbt mix haha "@_itzjustshay: @LDashMizzy ur flow oldeee for real lol u went too far back #tbt"
#MoneyMan the single link in my bio #PlayThatToday peep the artwork tho "@FloydMayweather: #TheMoneyTeam"
If you want more outta life... You really have to seperate yourself from the bullshitters... All they gone do is keep bullshittin!
People from a distance can't tell who is who
What's up with Negative energy ? Take it easy and live a little. #WSGZ
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@LDashMizzy real talk bro smh sick in the head man!! NYPD = KKK
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Our only proof be that camera this shit never ending "@MicBlaque: It brought tears to my eyes to watch that video with the NYPD choking...."
God Family Music in that order brah
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Wonder what jeweler imma cop this big ass chain from...
I be right, I be wrong...
I wash my hands of these bitch niggas