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Incredible choreographed with magic
Tyson says YOUR A PEICE OF SHIT AND WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT ? Tj Walker look at the other guys smurk...
Did people forget about Steve McNair that was shot dead in his sleep last weekend by his 20 yr old girlfriend,...
I could play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the shape im in RIGHT NOW, lol wow ?
SPECIAL BULLETIN: The definition of INSANITY, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting...
You opening up for these guys Mookie Walker ?
Great program Mookie Walker to have your daughter in good job
Uh oooh, Here we go ! captain save a ____ coming out the wood work, dont forget ya cape, lol
Yo.. Battle rappers, who would win between murder mook and @Drake
Thank you most high #knowledgeispower Stay positive it just feels better
Opus Dei Xavier Mashin my exact words, i dont care if its a goal to read the a page a night of a book or 100...
So is this child abuse ? LOL
Seriously ? Tj Walker Mookie Walker Xavier Mashin…
#seattle #tacoma region thats been making moves in educational technology, medical discovery, major shipping...
QUESTION : why do some entertainers think there to big of a celebrity to comment on a post but will take the...
Thank most high THATS ALL
Mojang, Microsoft buys its fourth non U.S. based company 2014 @maryjofoley heyyyy we could make your commercials
So you really want to just give up ? While even the greatest have all had failures #LBVISIONS #KNOWLEDGEISPOWER
Really like this beat Opus Dei Tj Walker Xavier Mashin Mookie Walker...
Lee Brass there you go !
Who has the plug Jordan11's Shaunte Cannady
Thank you most high #knowledgeispower #RISEANDGRIND time to build america — at Union Pacific Rail Road
Keeping A Tampon In The Longest Without Getting Toxic Shock Syndrome @midnight #BadPageantTalents
Retweeted by LBVISIONS
Okay noooooow what the ?
Is it #Childabuse or did Bernie Mac have something by saying "We some Punk Ass Parents" Kings of Comedy tour:
Wiggle baby wiggle hahaha New Music: Tinashe ‘Feels Like Vegas’… via @RapUp
On a bigger note whats with war for religious sake ? Smh all in the name of _______?
This is smart advertising Tj Walker
Thank you most high #knowledgeispower Im just now catching up on a few trending subjects and this one about...
Phiz Goldman he's feelin it ! NICE
James Morgan tried to tell ya homie
Another day building america #grinding
O.G. my daughter's cant say nothing about me being old this cat is with it, ayeee !
Tj Walker i was talking to myself blahahahah
Im not gone lie i watched the whole thing, lol
The kid that couldnt believe his mom was pregnet video went viral all the wat to the ellen show, they are tacoma...
Some people believe war is made up to control the population ? Martin Reagan Howell your thoughts ?
I don't care what no one says I Love the Sun
Shaibi Mahmoud i challenge you
If you really think about #life is a #gamble keep taking that chance, its the hunt thats more than the reward....
I have a daughter named Christina Son that this reminds me of because shes so americanized now, lol :)
Thank you most high #knowledgeispower Whats your favorite hashtag? #hashtagfriday
Xavier Mashin How you uveitis call yourself a Christian ? Hahahaha happy thursday