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S Marin
I was afraid it was going to be a full panel of praise for EH, props @michcoll for adding a counter-view. Discussion > Praise. #TheView
Hey @Rosie. Here's a good read: In Iraq, I raided insurgents. In Virginia, the police raided me.… via @washingtonpost
Nice to see you've learned from your mistakes & now understand the definition of "no". Good call @VidCon @hankgreen…
My 80s heart is in heaven! @JKCorden & @PaulaAbdul remade "Opposites Attract" on @latelateshow! #OldSchool:
Mistakes like retweeting/favoriting derogatory tweets about a person who made mistakes? #JustAsking #Respect…
Hey @BikiBiki00! This sounds like the sweepstakes for you!! (50/50 if WE win ;)…
That moment when you spot a wild @BisHilarious in the @netflix Tig Notaro documentary. #Tig #RandomFind
Stop! In the Name of Love
Reason no. INFINITY why I love @aishatyler! #LoveWins--Why Love 'Is Worth Fighting For'
"We're gonna become a hashtag!"-Paranoia got me good! @chescaleigh @MTVNews #Decoded:…
.@swike YAY! Another song to scream-sing to, although @RachelPlatten's "Fight Song" has been pretty good to me! 💪🏼�…Awb
Pixels is happening. I'm done.
Never ruffle a peacocks feathers! Looks like both Love & Respect are winners this week!! @nbc @NBCUniversal 💛❤️💜�…X7YK
Some say "raccoon", I say, "ninja"! I mean, just look at her mask! ;)…
Hey @swike! Thought you might enjoy some @Disney #FunFacts :) -- via @OMGFacts
Umm..@BikiBiki00, please add to menu asap. Thx!--25 Healthy Diet Alternatives via @___Dose___
Hi @MTVNews! Just subscribed to ur @YouTube cause of #Decoded, but mostly for @chescaleigh. #Justsaying (in case someone's keeping count ;)
The Old Man and the Pool
From my Apple phone I applaud and retweet this @AppleMusic…
Catching up on @lastname_basis and literally can't stop smiling during the Reggae "theme song"! Good one @chescaleigh! 🎶😆
"My waist is little & my feet are little cause nothing grows in the shade"-@DollyParton on @Oprah #AfterTheShow, 2003
Congrats @funhomemusical on #TonyAwards wins! Can't wait 2C the show when tickets become 2 years! ;)
And best impromptu dance number also goes to...... @kelliohara! #TonyAwards…
OMG!!! @KChenoweth as E.T.? YAAAASSS! Lol #TonyAwards
Wow! Beautiful performance @funhomemusical... No. I mean handsome! ;) #TonyAwards 💛💛
The first musical I ever saw live, on an elementary school field trip no less! #ShallWeDance to the memories @KingandIBway? ;) #TonyAwards
SHE gonna get MY money! 💸 ;) Amirite@Suprskinnywhalee?! PS. I love@BBCR11's#LiveLoungee!…k
Whoa! @streamys airing LIVE @VH1 on 9/17! Thanks @dclarkp & @tubefilter. Now...who's hosting? #Streamys #TeamInternet
Jon Stewart welcomes @Caitlyn_Jenner to being a woman in America: Brave New Girl @TheDailyShow
Two Flew Over This Cuckoo's Nest
That moment when you're convinced @swike is moonlighting as a @SecretDeodorant model on @instagram... Cuz why not?!

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