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Lauren Poppy
A boy on the tube has taken a serious fancy to me and is really trying to work the seductive stare. Very close to a stern "Stop it." #creepy
Worst. Morning. Ever.
The weirdest thing about having two completely unrelated torn knee ligaments has to be the complete lack of impact that staircases have.
Have to brace myself every time my mother starts a sentence with "Looks like a..."
Thrilled that Sonicare are sending a replacement after days of being haunted by a toothbrush and briefly considering a jumanji-esque burial.
Almost £460 for a return ticket from London to Manchester! Virgin are getting a bit ahead of themselves!
Today I got really mad at a taxi driver for taking more than 3 minutes to arrive. Bad Poppy! 😳
My toothbrush keeps malfunctioning. What is life?! 😩
Note: Accusing a girl of taking pictures of you in order to get her attention probably isn't the best play in ANY scenario.
Just witnessed a fight about who held a bottle of brandy on the tube, followed by an encounter somewhere between affection and intimidation!
Aah #Paula is here. Absolutely fantastic @robinthicke, you never disappoint! #GetHerBack
Reading the journal of Trauma & Orthopaedics, admittedly not my area of specialty.
Today I saved a very large (queen?) bee with several doses of a sugar/water solution. #GoodDeed #savethebees
I can't decide whether talking about how psychoanalysis discredits psychology as a science is a good move or a bad one.
Emails have been going to outbox rather than sending all morning! Disaster!
On a bad day, there is always lipstick.
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I certainly hope so! @LaurenPoppy matthew1471: @LaurenPoppy ah but does Britney love Britney?
Orthopaedic specialist asks if I have any swelling, then ironically causes swelling for the first time ever by manhandling me! Thanks?
Is it time for a Drop Dead Fred, Guest House Paradiso, The Young Ones and Bottom marathon? #RIPRickMayall
Oh ok, knee pain at an all-time high. Yikes! No more exercise. Uber everywhere. Wine for the pain. #lovinglife
Just a few weeks away from being ready for job applications. Had hoped I'd get to drink tea and lounge in Juicy Couture tracksuits forever.
I absolutely love Britney, and firmly believe that anyone who claims not to is simply lying (possibly to themselves).
Well and truly worn out after taking my sister to a 1D concert last night. Leftover Lindt bunny and new 24 on Sly Go it is.