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Where you at, ya fruit loop dingus? @Jroddddddddd 😂
I'm so bored👎
Had fun with Connor this weekend! 🚒
Just posted a photo @ Lulu's photo booth🐬
You are my favorite ❤️ jroddddddddd
If you die, you can't eat ice cream anymore.
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So tired I want to cry😞
Kim Possible: where video chatting on a phone was high tech for spies.
I will never understand why it's okay to make fun of girls for being size 0, but then it's not ok if it's the other way around.
I know everything happens for a reason, but sometimes I wish I knew what that reason was.
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If your food is too hot to eat, wait a little bit... It'll cool down.
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I hate when people say ''excuse my ugliness'' in pictures.. Clearly you know it's not that bad or you wouldn't have posted it! 😒
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Retweet and follow for your chance to win this Snorlax beanbag! Winner will be announced on Friday.
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Girls, stop shaving part so your eyebrows off so you can draw them... It's scary 😳
Already missing Disney world 😥
I love Jarrod because he knows what to order for me at fast food resturants without me telling him.
Psychology says, when you delete the unnecessary people from your life, good things will start happening for you & it won’t be a coincidence
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Retweet if you were born on your birthday.
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#mcm still cute when I blind him with the camera flash
Got told I'm tall by a two year old. 😂
"@Reblogable: Why do girls associate their selfies with a deep yet irrelevant quote I do not understand the correlation"
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If your eyeliner is touching your eyebrow that's a problem
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These disturbing facts about Pokemon will keep you up at night. Check them out here:…
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Free kittens!! Litter box trained! Arab walmart!
Why must I love food and hate working out
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Soooo can I skip graduation practice?
The drive thru lady at Mcdonalds told Jarrod, "love you"