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Lauren Laverne
We have made a lovely show for you. Lots of gorgeous music. Join us here, from 10
Listening to @anaismitchell's extraordinary album "Xoa".
84.6% turnout. What might happen at the general election if a similar number voted?
84.6% One way to unite today would be for every Scot to wear that number as a badge of pride. An extraordinary turnout. #indyref
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Phenomenal! Skateboarders have won their battle on the South Bank. Congratulations @Long_Live_SB. Inspiring.
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Right, then. Music.
Love my Yes friends and family, love my No friends and family. Hope the energy of the #Indyref stays with all of us for the foreseeable.
Fortune cookie's a Yes, then.
...a girl in one of my books "blue-black". Still disappointed about the whole deal, tbh.
When I was little I honestly believed you could grow up to become any race you liked. I was planning on being Chinese, with hair like...
...I'm just glad England and Scotland are together for now i.e. my and @raveontoast's mams r putting the kids to bed so I can watch #C4news
Family maths: I'm 50% Scottish, with 2 Scots parents in law and 2 75% Scots children. Wonder what tomorrow will bring for us al!
I saw @timkeypoet at work today
You know, if you burn your ear and need a plaster, you might as well go to town
P.S. Consensus on #indyref drinking is a shot every time someone says "Too close to call"
Joyous RT @TheLitCritGuy @anandamide: I love linguists and their glorious takedowns of language pedants
What is the drinking protocol for staying up and watching elections? #AskingForAFriend
Sean @Manics doesn't have a mic but keeps making SIGNIFICANT eye contact with me on points he agrees with. #6Music #Sean
The @Manics are live with me next!
Drinking deep from the cup of life today. The big one (Sports Direct).
First play anywhere of a new tk by @AphexTwin coming up in mere minutes on Anybody know how to pronounce CIRCLONT6A
Yesss! @phlaimeaux's new kids' book is here! And he's on @bbc6music with me tomorrow!
Merry Refmas, you old Building and Loan!
Yet more Orwell: Apparently I'm on a rerun of #Room101 on @BBCOne. Spoiler: I get flags in. Weirdly topical!
Reread this a few days ago. Timely. "All revolutions are failures, but... not the same kind" #Indyref #Orwell…
@laurenlaverne *looks at replies* really upset with you RTing that
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Of course the biggest consequence of a Yes vote is that we'll have our first foreign Doctor.
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Just said this RT @asenseofplace1 @laurenlaverne It’s great. After years of bland #politics suddenly matters, right here, right now #Indyref
Bloody hell, even the people replying to me have started arguing with each other. Intense times. #greatbritishbreakup
Possible outcome: No wins, but the following day Yes starts to form a UK-wide movement.
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Ok. Ok. It's really difficult. Has Billy Connoly made a statement? (Presuming it was also hilarious)
Watching #c4 #greatbritishbreakup. What do you reckon? Mr Laverne (Scots diaspora) is shouting at the telly.
Sterling Cooper! I always wondered where #MadMen got it from! #ohyouprettythings #BBC4
Francis Rossi wearing a Loom band there. Grandkids, eh? #BBC4 #ohyouprettythings
Pauline basically looks like she was on TOTP last night #ohyouprettythings
Love all the footage & tracks but the stylish music fans are my favourite thing about this show. Heroes. #BBC4 #ohyouprettythings
I really, really want to hang out with Nigel and Jenny and be told stories #BBC4
Arthur's yurt is pretty awesome #BBC4
The greatest tweet I have ever received RT @nilerodgers I'm the proud owner of a Guinness World Record. The largest disco ball EVER!