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Lauren Laverne
After a 10 hour car journey with two kids I actually don't need any Halloween makeup
.@raveontoast has picked me up from work and brought me an 80s themed packed lunch (cheese and tom sandwich with salad cream) πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Glad my avatar makeup has come back around again. Cheers, @lizbmakeup!
What a week of awesome women! @haleybonar, Kiera Knightley & @lenadunham have already joined us, Anne Hathaway is next @BBC6MorningShow
NSFW! World Exclusive: Dizzee Rascal premieres "Couple Of Stacks" for Dirtee Halloween… via @garydbales
Last week I discovered that Darlene Love/The Blossoms are the backing singers on Monster Mash. MIND. BLOWN. @BBC6MorningShow @laurenlaverne
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FYI the last tweet contains a massive, NSFW walrus boner
Halloween horror (via @FloPerry) The 26 Cringiest Things That Have Ever Happened… via @FloPerry @BuzzFeed
Playing a Cult B side. I told Ian Astbury it was my fav of theirs and he responded "Good girl. That was the song that split up the Cult"
Putting together some great Halloween music for today's show.
#TBT when it was Glastonbury and hot @gemagain
One time I interviewed @chuckpalahniuk and the last thing he said was "happiness is a ticking time bomb".
I could just watch Michael K Williams act all day. He's ace.
UNACCEPTABLE RT @deepamstry I saw a blogger the other week who'd cut the bottoms off her Β£300 jeans cos she wanted a rustic look :O
Even *I* think it's ridiculous. And I spend money like (to quote my Granda) 'a man with no hands'.
People don't believe the Β£300 jean exists. IT DOES. PEOPLE ARE MAD.
SINCE YOU ASK: Optimum jean price: Β£60. Anything below this and you're looking at a flat bum due to bad lycra. The Β£300 jean is insanity.
Funny Or Die's brilliant take on the NYC Silent Walker video (via @caitlinmoran)
many will find this Cumberpicture pleasing RT @JRhodesPianist: A force for good on every imaginable level.
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Our Fears and Nightmares #PeoplesPlaylist has begun! Click here for SPOOKY FUN (brrrr)
...and I'm about to play a cheery number about life after an environmental apocalypse. Tune in!
Really excited about today's show. The Fears & Nightmares #PeoplesPlaylist will get us in the mood for #Halloween...
...anybody know how to get rid of them without accidentally annoying actual humans? Thanks!
Annoying spam accounts are cut and pasting my tweets and mentions. Making it impossible to see real tweets from humans on my replies...
Current mood: BIONIC TECHNO
Congratulations to @Youngfathers! "Dead" is a fantastic album. #mercuryprize2014
And now a gift wrapping class from @GiftFrippery! So festive! Thanks, Amanda!
Learning to make a Scandinavian Christmas wreath at It's all go!
Loved hanging out with @lenadunham today. Catch up with our chat at
.@laurenlaverne just played the world premiere of 'Letting Go [extended version]' by #Wings on @BBC6Music Details:…
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PHWOAR @ITGPresenters have arrived with the gift of cake! Thank you, ladies!
I’m a 44 year old, @BBC6Music listener and I love Taylor Swift’s new song, Shake it Off. There, I said it.
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6 Music currently have @laurenlaverne interviewing @lenadunham who is playing Taylor Swift’s β€œShake It Off.” #poweroestrogen
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Bit of info on our fabulous Wings #MPFree on @PaulMcCartney's website Thank you, Paul! X
This week's #PeoplesPlaylist is titled "Fears and Nightmares" especially for Halloween. What do you think we should play? @BBC6MorningShow
. @katetempest, @MarikaHackman, @lenadunham all on my show today. It's fine to have role models that are younger than you, right?
So excited @lenadunham @BBC6Music @laurenlaverne Girls is my absolute favourite and she is a truly inspiring lady!
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Today we/I'll be launching a #Halloween #PeoplesPlaylist, sharing a moving #MemoryTape and chatting to @lenadunham