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Lauren Laverne
That's all from us for today, but join us for @laurenlaverne's return next week with @Sinkane live in session on Monday.
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FYI idiots: You don't ACTUALLY have to pour freezing cold water all over your children on social media before you donate to charity.
Someone on FB just posted a video of a toddler "doing" the ice bucket challenge. WTAF?
The man is a bloody #legend: How to dodge the ice bucket challenge | Stuart Heritage
Jon Stewart's Ferguson monologue. Excellent.…
Love @wmarybeard for this but my trolls can jog on RT Mary Beard befriended Twitter trolls following online abuse
We've all been there: "Panda May Have Faked Pregnancy For Buns" (via @salihughes)…
Just watched this. It's an hilarious, heartwarming abortion-comedy. Honestly.
Poor children are seen as worthless, as Rotherham's abuse scandal shows | @suzanne_moore via @guardian
Just voiced the first of the new #BBCMusic doc series "Oh, You Pretty Things" about #Fashion and #Music. Utterly joyous & on next month!
Staying up until 3am last night doing shouting was a great idea yesterday. It will have been a wise decision tomorrow. But today. OH, TODAY.
.@zoesqwilliams on #KateBush "When mainstream music is a male version of female creativity It loses half its genius"…
..process is later. If you get to go, you will never forget it. Enjoy! (Sorry for the multiple tweets, but honestly - it warrants them).
...placed centre-stage, first. The domestic side an artist (esp female) so often has to hide, explored w the same depth as the creative...
avant-garde but entirely unpretentious, so clever but so warm and inclusive. Also loved the way family life and the creativity therein was..
I'm going to be thinking about #KateBush for a LONG time. Too much to say about it for Twitter. Such a wonderful mix - intimate, adventurous
Spoiler-filled but perfect: @alexispetridis on #KateBush: a lithe grace and note-perfect vocals
Oh man. Got a little overexcited there. What a night! #katebush
#regram @salihughesbeauty #KateBush crew (@alexispetridis not pictured)
Got quite a few people asking what I was going to wear earlier. It turns out it's a kagoule and glasses. #Glamour #KateBush
Taxi eyeliner and Bowie jumper on, @caitlinmoran, @salihughes and @heawood heading West. BRING IT ON. #KateBush
Can't sleep because it's #KateBush tonight.
P.S. Thanks for the damson recipes! Gin AND crumble. You're the best, dudes. X
Sensational damsons c/o @emilydewey. Crumble tomorrow - anybody got a good recipe?
Heard & loved this v succinct parenting advice today "Love your kids. Keep them safe. Accept them as they are. Then get out of their way".
Heading back to London after a lush couple of days at Worthy Farm. Kids fully outraged about leaving. It's like me in June all over again.
.@garydbales this one's for you!
Today's column has stirred the Angry Men of The Internet. THE KRAKEN THAT FEARS NOT STATISTICAL EVIDENCE.
Solved! RT @Compt04 There is no "pay gap". In my experience there is only those that can do the job and those that can't.”
This week's @ObsMagazine column: Why the pay gap is balls no matter what gender you are…
...(there was an altercation with a gentleman who was using unacceptable language to address a waitress. Sharon stepped in).
Last day up at home for a bit. Caught up with Auntie Sharon who is apparently now known as "White Shaz" on the Quayside...
Fascinating stuff via @sweetbillyp How it feels to be the last generation to remember life before the internet
Mr Laverne perturbed to discover Amy's Winehouse this trip home. #Sunlun
<3 (via @graemefisher)
#regram @graemefisher Got to love a British beach...
#tbt harrowing outfit from the press shots for an early TV job with @frazzleddaddy, circa 2002
This is good: James Foley and the daily horrors of the internet: think hard before clicking - @jamesrbuk
Boy takes a selfie a day for 7 years...sometimes it seems like my kids are growing up this fast:…
"Do we? The answer is yes" haha she's doing it right now #channel4news
It's the way they ask themselves questions. "What's important? What's important is..." *Says something vague that isn't important*
The way politicians speak is unbearable #C4News
Ferguson protests: 90-year-old Holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein ‘arrested’ by police during St Louis demonstrations…
"...The following year we were struck by lightning on a chairlift"