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Lauren Laverne
No YOU booked your dinner reservation for 8.45 on Tuesday morning because you can't work a simple online calendar.
<3 Holly RT @maxbenwellreal: Hi - Holly has written a fantastic piece about the response to her review here:
At this point, @raveontoast was helping me into the car as I said "If I could make you do this, I WOULD".
Love this song. It was the first we put on after our littlest was born, four years ago tomorrow morning.…
Huzzah! The moment you've been waiting for all week has arrived: the Download has landed… @laurenlaverne
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@peterboroughtel We loved your review and would like to send our new friend a gift card. Please DM us the contact details #RandomActsOfPizza
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(Some of the best, clearest writing on addiction I have ever read)
I don't know how I missed Stephen King's excellent memoir "On Writing" until now, but I did. Thanks, @JulianSimpson1.…
Wow! This just happened. Forget politics and politicians - I believe in music. It NEVER lets me down.
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Is Glasgow cabbie @HueySilverFox the coolest or what? Playing his #DesertIslandDisco tracks out now
Morning! @laurenlaverne with you until 1pm. We'll be sending a listener to their Desert Island Disco AND chatting danger with @phlaimeaux!
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We have made a lovely show for you. Lots of gorgeous music. Join us here, from 10
Listening to @anaismitchell's extraordinary album "Xoa".
84.6% turnout. What might happen at the general election if a similar number voted?
84.6% One way to unite today would be for every Scot to wear that number as a badge of pride. An extraordinary turnout. #indyref
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Phenomenal! Skateboarders have won their battle on the South Bank. Congratulations @Long_Live_SB. Inspiring.
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Right, then. Music.
Love my Yes friends and family, love my No friends and family. Hope the energy of the #Indyref stays with all of us for the foreseeable.
Fortune cookie's a Yes, then.
...a girl in one of my books "blue-black". Still disappointed about the whole deal, tbh.
When I was little I honestly believed you could grow up to become any race you liked. I was planning on being Chinese, with hair like...
...I'm just glad England and Scotland are together for now i.e. my and @raveontoast's mams r putting the kids to bed so I can watch #C4news
Family maths: I'm 50% Scottish, with 2 Scots parents in law and 2 75% Scots children. Wonder what tomorrow will bring for us al!
I saw @timkeypoet at work today
You know, if you burn your ear and need a plaster, you might as well go to town
P.S. Consensus on #indyref drinking is a shot every time someone says "Too close to call"
Joyous RT @TheLitCritGuy @anandamide: I love linguists and their glorious takedowns of language pedants
What is the drinking protocol for staying up and watching elections? #AskingForAFriend
Sean @Manics doesn't have a mic but keeps making SIGNIFICANT eye contact with me on points he agrees with. #6Music #Sean
The @Manics are live with me next!
Drinking deep from the cup of life today. The big one (Sports Direct).
First play anywhere of a new tk by @AphexTwin coming up in mere minutes on Anybody know how to pronounce CIRCLONT6A
Yesss! @phlaimeaux's new kids' book is here! And he's on @bbc6music with me tomorrow!
Merry Refmas, you old Building and Loan!
Yet more Orwell: Apparently I'm on a rerun of #Room101 on @BBCOne. Spoiler: I get flags in. Weirdly topical!
Reread this a few days ago. Timely. "All revolutions are failures, but... not the same kind" #Indyref #Orwell…
@laurenlaverne *looks at replies* really upset with you RTing that
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Of course the biggest consequence of a Yes vote is that we'll have our first foreign Doctor.
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Just said this RT @asenseofplace1 @laurenlaverne It’s great. After years of bland #politics suddenly matters, right here, right now #Indyref
Bloody hell, even the people replying to me have started arguing with each other. Intense times. #greatbritishbreakup