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Looking forward to my spa weekend this weekend! Can't wait for a bit of pampering!
Can't believe I'm missing my rinis sports day! #wantcry
I hate explaining were places are to people! "Ooh where's that" "neva heard of it"! "what's it next to"..oh duno that either!....Fuck off!!
Gawdddd! I need my break to hurry up so I can put an order in with @PeachesMakeup
Seriously every time I look at hazel I just think moley moley moley! #bbuk
This new Peter Beale in #eastenders is a terrible actor!
Knew I'd get use of that blender......fruit smoothie....Amazeballs
I want a mr freeze ice pop
Luxury day two another beautiful day and I have granola in my bumbag x
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Jake buggs album is as perfect as an album can get!
Maybe the only one moaning about the weather today! BUT it's too hot! go to work,sweltering go home, like a sauna! I can't wait for winter!
Nearly Monday again! Felt like 2 minutes ago it was Friday! Where's my weekend gone......
Aww my little Louie pants I don't even rem him being so small @davesmart89
Seen as Bradley cooper and Gerard butler was at Wimbledon, next year I want to see Ryan gosling there....naked
Seems #wimbledon is a bit sexist though murrays trophy looks a lot more grand than bartolis!
If I was that umpire I'd be scared off #djokovic #wimbledon
Watching Wimbledon daves trying to explain the scoring system #stilldontgetit
I really want some strawberries!
Snuggle time, popcorn, lights off and #EvilDead time. 🙈
Wolfys bb picture! Favas that pirate from dodgeball #bbuk
Need try the new @EylureOfficial @MissFlicklash lashes! they look amazingggg
The pressure too get @Beady_Eye tickets for November, been waiting since 8 im scared! after all the priority tickets sold out! #4moreminutes
Today i have some sort of cold/flu/hay fever type illness!!! not happy!!!
Watching @JakeBugg performance at Glastonbury again,ahhh sounds amazing! Wish I could have been there!
Seriously hate that dave continues to make my coffee strong even though iv told him a million times put more milk in! #divorceisonthecards
C'mon show us your love nowwwww
Good luck Andy Murray you cheeky so and so is it ok if I watch the match from inside your bag again ? I love It in there x
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The deep and intellectual conversations we have....
I love it when @ASOS deliverys come! And I love it even more when they have free bubblegum chewys in #easilypleased
Picking some random blokes sweaty socks up and wearing them all night coz my feet was dieing was defo a #lowpoint from the weekend #ashamed
Sunday night has turned into csi New York Sunday! #spiffing
the most uncomfy coach ride! And the most uncomfy shoes!!! But an amazing day #HardRockCalling
Sea otters hold hands while sleeping so they don't drift away from each other.
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Made me stay awake watch arctic monkeys set....then 5 mins later hes off zzzzzzz!
Safe to say Roy's on a roll there! #coronationstreet
Best thing about superman #ManofSteel ......... Henry cavills body👌offttt
Nipped for a few @HardRockCalling essentials every1 needs a cupcake scented hand sanitizer..right? @NewLookFashion
I'm turning into an old lady reading every night! #kindleobsession tonight's read #gonegirl