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A man in the UK officially changed his name to "Emperor Spiderman Gandalf Wolverine Skywalker Optimus Prime Sonic Superman Batman Thrash."
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My doctor asked me if I smoke and I accidently said 'smoke what?' #wordvomit
Music gives me the best feeling in the world
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Got my bloodpressure and pulse checked while high today.. Didn't go well #nursewasontome
Life is a crazy thing, individuals are soo complicated its unreal
I see so many inspiring people everyday! Hopefully one day, I can be one of those people:)
Super hate it when flowers die
If people thought more freely, they would live in abundance of their own reality not confined by their own cognitive imprisonment.
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I think too deeply about life sometimes
It pisses me off how the cat is the center of my family
On the edge of my seat watching golden balls oooooo the tension
Spent 8.50 on buses today:( the moral of the story is I should have bought an all day ticket #blondemoments
Uno when you full on sprint across market square for a bus that's leaving in 7 minutes.. Now I just look like I ran for fun:(
Fucc my bro and his pre drinking seshes #goback2uni
People with higher IQ's are more likely to do drugs.
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I was gona do my english coursework #butthenigothigh
mums got a meeting with 6thform today about my bad attendence and im not even there.. This could be awkward
Male puppies will purposely let the female puppies win when playing with each other.
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Hid under my bed earlier cause my grandma broke into my house #neverbeensopara
It is proven that your pets (dogs & cats) can actually see ghosts/demons. When they stare into the air for no reason, it's paranormal.
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just painted my nails and got nail polish on my face #imnotretardedimspecial
My cats being a full on weirdo like someone put crack in her iams
When life gets hard I try to swap bodies with my cat #yettomastertelekinesis