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When the teacher is reading Dr Seuss and you realize Seuss was spitting Straight Flames 😂�
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What a lovely sunny day...oh wait I work in a bar. Forever pale.
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If your girlfriend seems to be in a bad mood for no reason, get her something to eat.
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Thinking is paradoxical, in that thoughts do not make a sound, yet they can disturb mental silence.
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Jon Snow saying his soul left his body when he smoked up 😂😂😂 like dafuq. I don't know any1 who's felt that from smoking u#drugsliveive
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Legalise it! & I'll advertise it #drugslive
Time travel already exists! It's called sleeping 😴
When you open your camera and its on the front camera
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Japanese researchers have successfully developed a device that will be able to literally playback your dreams in video sequence.
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#WhyImVotingUkip Because I saw a photo of Nigel Farage holding a pint and I drink pints so he must be alright.
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Travel. As much as you can. As far as you can. As long as you can. Life’s not meant to be lived in one place.
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Was reflecting on life & thought we should be nice to everyone we meet because were all here on the same journey 👊💕
Only smart people will understand, RT if you are Smart enough:
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Why can't you see the joy of life is right before your eyes?
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Keep smelling grade but I don't have any & my house is super fresh so someone tell me why I must be taunted with such mean behaviour😔
Been eating too much processed food on our week off college:(
"why?” “because I said so” good one mom you should be a lawyer
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Marijuana doesn't change ones personality, only ones perception
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It sounds scary outside:(
The best way to predict your future is to create it!
Forgot about this shit
I have the most fucked up dreams, come on subconscious, sort it out!
Grapefruit juice is fucking awful

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